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  • 1. Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein-1 activates CD25 expression in lymphoma cells involving the NFkappaB pathway.
    Vockerodt M; Tesch H; Kube D
    Genes Immun; 2001 Dec; 2(8):433-41. PubMed ID: 11781710
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  • 2. The Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 induces interleukin-10 in Burkitt's lymphoma cells but not in Hodgkin's cells involving the p38/SAPK2 pathway.
    Vockerodt M; Haier B; Buttgereit P; Tesch H; Kube D
    Virology; 2001 Feb; 280(2):183-98. PubMed ID: 11162833
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  • 3. Restoration of endogenous antigen processing in Burkitt's lymphoma cells by Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein-1: coordinate up-regulation of peptide transporters and HLA-class I antigen expression.
    Rowe M; Khanna R; Jacob CA; Argaet V; Kelly A; Powis S; Belich M; Croom-Carter D; Lee S; Burrows SR
    Eur J Immunol; 1995 May; 25(5):1374-84. PubMed ID: 7774641
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  • 4. Resveratrol inhibits proliferation and survival of Epstein Barr virus-infected Burkitt's lymphoma cells depending on viral latency program.
    De Leo A; Arena G; Stecca C; Raciti M; Mattia E
    Mol Cancer Res; 2011 Oct; 9(10):1346-55. PubMed ID: 21856773
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  • 5. Induction of IκB-ζ by Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein-1 and CD30.
    Ishikawa C; Senba M; Mori N
    Int J Oncol; 2015 Dec; 47(6):2197-207. PubMed ID: 26498461
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  • 6. RelB nuclear translocation mediated by C-terminal activator regions of Epstein-Barr virus-encoded latent membrane protein 1 and its effect on antigen-presenting function in B cells.
    Pai S; O'Sullivan BJ; Cooper L; Thomas R; Khanna R
    J Virol; 2002 Feb; 76(4):1914-21. PubMed ID: 11799186
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  • 7. Heterogeneous expression of Epstein-Barr virus latent proteins in endemic Burkitt's lymphoma.
    Niedobitek G; Agathanggelou A; Rowe M; Jones EL; Jones DB; Turyaguma P; Oryema J; Wright DH; Young LS
    Blood; 1995 Jul; 86(2):659-65. PubMed ID: 7605996
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  • 8. Epstein-Barr virus-encoded latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1) induces the expression of the cellular microRNA miR-146a.
    Motsch N; Pfuhl T; Mrazek J; Barth S; Grässer FA
    RNA Biol; 2007 Nov; 4(3):131-7. PubMed ID: 18347435
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  • 9. Epstein-Barr virus and a cellular signaling pathway in lymphomas from immunosuppressed patients.
    Liebowitz D
    N Engl J Med; 1998 May; 338(20):1413-21. PubMed ID: 9580648
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  • 10. Autocrine lymphotoxin production in Epstein-Barr virus-immortalized B cells: induction via NF-kappaB activation mediated by EBV-derived latent membrane protein 1.
    Thompson MP; Aggarwal BB; Shishodia S; Estrov Z; Kurzrock R
    Leukemia; 2003 Nov; 17(11):2196-201. PubMed ID: 14523478
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  • 11. The Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein-1 (LMP1) induces interleukin-10 production in Burkitt lymphoma lines.
    Nakagomi H; Dolcetti R; Bejarano MT; Pisa P; Kiessling R; Masucci MG
    Int J Cancer; 1994 Apr; 57(2):240-4. PubMed ID: 8157362
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  • 12. Latent membrane protein 1 associated signaling pathways are important in tumor cells of Epstein-Barr virus negative Hodgkin's disease.
    Knecht H; Berger C; McQuain C; Rothenberger S; Bachmann E; Martin J; Esslinger C; Drexler HG; Cai YC; Quesenberry PJ; Odermatt BF
    Oncogene; 1999 Nov; 18(50):7161-7. PubMed ID: 10597317
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  • 13. Induction of CD44 expression by the Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein LMP1 is associated with lymphoma dissemination.
    Walter J; Schirrmacher V; Mosier D
    Int J Cancer; 1995 May; 61(3):363-9. PubMed ID: 7537255
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  • 14. NF-kappaB only partially mediates Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 activation of B cells.
    Liljeholm S; Hughes K; Grundström T; Brodin P
    J Gen Virol; 1998 Sep; 79 ( Pt 9)():2117-25. PubMed ID: 9747720
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  • 15. Epstein-Barr virus encoded latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1) and TNF receptor associated factors (TRAF): colocalisation of LMP1 and TRAF1 in primary EBV infection and in EBV associated Hodgkin lymphoma.
    Siegler G; Kremmer E; Gonnella R; Niedobitek G
    Mol Pathol; 2003 Jun; 56(3):156-61. PubMed ID: 12782762
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  • 16. Expression of the Epstein-Barr virus protein LMP1 mediates tumor regression in vivo.
    Cherney BW; Sgadari C; Kanegane C; Wang F; Tosato G
    Blood; 1998 Apr; 91(7):2491-500. PubMed ID: 9516150
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  • 17. Nuclear factor kappa B-dependent activation of the antiapoptotic bfl-1 gene by the Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 and activated CD40 receptor.
    D'Souza BN; Edelstein LC; Pegman PM; Smith SM; Loughran ST; Clarke A; Mehl A; Rowe M; Gélinas C; Walls D
    J Virol; 2004 Feb; 78(4):1800-16. PubMed ID: 14747545
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  • 18. CpG methylation of the major Epstein-Barr virus latency promoter in Burkitt's lymphoma and Hodgkin's disease.
    Robertson KD; Manns A; Swinnen LJ; Zong JC; Gulley ML; Ambinder RF
    Blood; 1996 Oct; 88(8):3129-36. PubMed ID: 8874213
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  • 19. Expression of the LMP1 oncoprotein in the EBV negative Hodgkin's disease cell line L-428 is associated with Reed-Sternberg cell morphology.
    Knecht H; McQuain C; Martin J; Rothenberger S; Drexler HG; Berger C; Bachmann E; Kittler EL; Odermatt BF; Quesenberry PJ
    Oncogene; 1996 Sep; 13(5):947-53. PubMed ID: 8806684
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  • 20. Antiviral agent cidofovir decreases Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) oncoproteins and enhances the radiosensitivity in EBV-related malignancies.
    Abdulkarim B; Sabri S; Zelenika D; Deutsch E; Frascogna V; Klijanienko J; Vainchenker W; Joab I; Bourhis J
    Oncogene; 2003 Apr; 22(15):2260-71. PubMed ID: 12700662
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