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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. In vivo validation of 3'deoxy-3'-[(18)F]fluorothymidine ([(18)F]FLT) as a proliferation imaging tracer in humans: correlation of [(18)F]FLT uptake by positron emission tomography with Ki-67 immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry in human lung tumors.
    Vesselle H; Grierson J; Muzi M; Pugsley JM; Schmidt RA; Rabinowitz P; Peterson LM; Vallières E; Wood DE
    Clin Cancer Res; 2002 Nov; 8(11):3315-23. PubMed ID: 12429617
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  • 2. Lung cancer proliferation correlates with [F-18]fluorodeoxyglucose uptake by positron emission tomography.
    Vesselle H; Schmidt RA; Pugsley JM; Li M; Kohlmyer SG; Vallires E; Wood DE
    Clin Cancer Res; 2000 Oct; 6(10):3837-44. PubMed ID: 11051227
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  • 3. Tumor 3'-deoxy-3'-(18)F-fluorothymidine ((18)F-FLT) uptake by PET correlates with thymidine kinase 1 expression: static and kinetic analysis of (18)F-FLT PET studies in lung tumors.
    Brockenbrough JS; Souquet T; Morihara JK; Stern JE; Hawes SE; Rasey JS; Leblond A; Wiens LW; Feng Q; Grierson J; Vesselle H
    J Nucl Med; 2011 Aug; 52(8):1181-8. PubMed ID: 21764789
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  • 4. Evaluation of thoracic tumors with 18F-fluorothymidine and 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography.
    Yap CS; Czernin J; Fishbein MC; Cameron RB; Schiepers C; Phelps ME; Weber WA
    Chest; 2006 Feb; 129(2):393-401. PubMed ID: 16478857
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  • 5. Imaging proliferation in lung tumors with PET: 18F-FLT versus 18F-FDG.
    Buck AK; Halter G; Schirrmeister H; Kotzerke J; Wurziger I; Glatting G; Mattfeldt T; Neumaier B; Reske SN; Hetzel M
    J Nucl Med; 2003 Sep; 44(9):1426-31. PubMed ID: 12960187
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  • 6. FDG uptake, glucose transporter type 1, and Ki-67 expressions in non-small-cell lung cancer: correlations and prognostic values.
    Nguyen XC; Lee WW; Chung JH; Park SY; Sung SW; Kim YK; So Y; Lee DS; Chung JK; Lee MC; Kim SE
    Eur J Radiol; 2007 May; 62(2):214-9. PubMed ID: 17239556
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  • 7. Imaging proliferation in brain tumors with 18F-FLT PET: comparison with 18F-FDG.
    Chen W; Cloughesy T; Kamdar N; Satyamurthy N; Bergsneider M; Liau L; Mischel P; Czernin J; Phelps ME; Silverman DH
    J Nucl Med; 2005 Jun; 46(6):945-52. PubMed ID: 15937304
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  • 8. Glioma proliferation as assessed by 3'-fluoro-3'-deoxy-L-thymidine positron emission tomography in patients with newly diagnosed high-grade glioma.
    Ullrich R; Backes H; Li H; Kracht L; Miletic H; Kesper K; Neumaier B; Heiss WD; Wienhard K; Jacobs AH
    Clin Cancer Res; 2008 Apr; 14(7):2049-55. PubMed ID: 18381944
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  • 9. Histopathologic validation of 3'-deoxy-3'-18F-fluorothymidine PET in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity.
    Troost EG; Bussink J; Slootweg PJ; Peeters WJ; Merkx MA; van der Kogel AJ; Oyen WJ; Kaanders JH
    J Nucl Med; 2010 May; 51(5):713-9. PubMed ID: 20395329
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  • 10. Relationship between non-small cell lung cancer fluorodeoxyglucose uptake at positron emission tomography and surgical stage with relevance to patient prognosis.
    Vesselle H; Turcotte E; Wiens L; Schmidt R; Takasugi JE; Lalani T; Vallières E; Wood DE
    Clin Cancer Res; 2004 Jul; 10(14):4709-16. PubMed ID: 15269143
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  • 11. Quantitative analysis of response to treatment with erlotinib in advanced non-small cell lung cancer using 18F-FDG and 3'-deoxy-3'-18F-fluorothymidine PET.
    Kahraman D; Scheffler M; Zander T; Nogova L; Lammertsma AA; Boellaard R; Neumaier B; Ullrich RT; Holstein A; Dietlein M; Wolf J; Kobe C
    J Nucl Med; 2011 Dec; 52(12):1871-7. PubMed ID: 22065872
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  • 12. A Phase II Study of 3'-Deoxy-3'-18F-Fluorothymidine PET in the Assessment of Early Response of Breast Cancer to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Results from ACRIN 6688.
    Kostakoglu L; Duan F; Idowu MO; Jolles PR; Bear HD; Muzi M; Cormack J; Muzi JP; Pryma DA; Specht JM; Hovanessian-Larsen L; Miliziano J; Mallett S; Shields AF; Mankoff DA;
    J Nucl Med; 2015 Nov; 56(11):1681-9. PubMed ID: 26359256
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  • 13. Fluorodeoxyglucose uptake of primary non-small cell lung cancer at positron emission tomography: new contrary data on prognostic role.
    Vesselle H; Freeman JD; Wiens L; Stern J; Nguyen HQ; Hawes SE; Bastian P; Salskov A; Vallières E; Wood DE
    Clin Cancer Res; 2007 Jun; 13(11):3255-63. PubMed ID: 17545531
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  • 14. Correlation of the standardized uptake value in FDG-PET with the expression level of cell-cycle-related molecular biomarkers in resected non-small cell lung cancers.
    Nakamura H; Hirata T; Kitamura H; Nishikawa J
    Ann Thorac Cardiovasc Surg; 2009 Oct; 15(5):304-10. PubMed ID: 19901884
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  • 15. Correlation of 18F-FLT and 18F-FDG uptake on PET with Ki-67 immunohistochemistry in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Yamamoto Y; Nishiyama Y; Ishikawa S; Nakano J; Chang SS; Bandoh S; Kanaji N; Haba R; Kushida Y; Ohkawa M
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging; 2007 Oct; 34(10):1610-6. PubMed ID: 17530250
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  • 16. 3-deoxy-3-[(18)F]fluorothymidine-positron emission tomography for noninvasive assessment of proliferation in pulmonary nodules.
    Buck AK; Schirrmeister H; Hetzel M; Von Der Heide M; Halter G; Glatting G; Mattfeldt T; Liewald F; Reske SN; Neumaier B
    Cancer Res; 2002 Jun; 62(12):3331-4. PubMed ID: 12067968
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  • 17. Correlations of (18)F-fluorothymidine uptake with pathological tumour size, Ki-67 and thymidine kinase 1 expressions in primary and metastatic lymph node colorectal cancer foci.
    Nakajo M; Nakajo M; Kajiya Y; Goto Y; Jinguji M; Tanaka S; Fukukura Y; Tani A; Higashi M
    Eur Radiol; 2014 Dec; 24(12):3199-209. PubMed ID: 25120206
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  • 18. Imaging cellular proliferation during chemo-radiotherapy: a pilot study of serial 18F-FLT positron emission tomography/computed tomography imaging for non-small-cell lung cancer.
    Everitt S; Hicks RJ; Ball D; Kron T; Schneider-Kolsky M; Walter T; Binns D; Mac Manus M
    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys; 2009 Nov; 75(4):1098-104. PubMed ID: 19386444
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  • 19. Correlation between Ki-67 immunohistochemistry and 18F-fluorothymidine uptake in patients with cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Chalkidou A; Landau DB; Odell EW; Cornelius VR; O'Doherty MJ; Marsden PK
    Eur J Cancer; 2012 Dec; 48(18):3499-513. PubMed ID: 22658807
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  • 20. Assessment of simplified methods to measure 18F-FLT uptake changes in EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer patients undergoing EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment.
    Frings V; Yaqub M; Hoyng LL; Golla SS; Windhorst AD; Schuit RC; Lammertsma AA; Hoekstra OS; Smit EF; Boellaard R;
    J Nucl Med; 2014 Sep; 55(9):1417-23. PubMed ID: 24970910
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