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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. Prostaglandin E2--mediated relaxation of the ductus arteriosus: effects of gestational age on g protein-coupled receptor expression, signaling, and vasomotor control.
    Waleh N; Kajino H; Marrache AM; Ginzinger D; Roman C; Seidner SR; Moss TJ; Fouron JC; Vazquez-Tello A; Chemtob S; Clyman RI
    Circulation; 2004 Oct; 110(16):2326-32. PubMed ID: 15477420
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  • 22. Fibroblasts express RANKL and support osteoclastogenesis in a COX-2-dependent manner after stimulation with titanium particles.
    Wei X; Zhang X; Zuscik MJ; Drissi MH; Schwarz EM; O'Keefe RJ
    J Bone Miner Res; 2005 Jul; 20(7):1136-48. PubMed ID: 15940366
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  • 23. Activation of prostaglandin E2-receptor EP2 and EP4 pathways induces growth inhibition in human gastric carcinoma cell lines.
    Okuyama T; Ishihara S; Sato H; Rumi MA; Kawashima K; Miyaoka Y; Suetsugu H; Kazumori H; Cava CF; Kadowaki Y; Fukuda R; Kinoshita Y
    J Lab Clin Med; 2002 Aug; 140(2):92-102. PubMed ID: 12228765
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  • 24. Prostaglandin E receptors in myometrial cells.
    Asbóth G; Phaneuf S; López Bernal AL
    Acta Physiol Hung; 1997-1998; 85(1):39-50. PubMed ID: 9530435
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  • 25. EP4 receptor mediation of prostaglandin E2-stimulated mucus secretion by rabbit gastric epithelial cells.
    Takahashi S; Takeuchi K; Okabe S
    Biochem Pharmacol; 1999 Dec; 58(12):1997-2002. PubMed ID: 10591156
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  • 26. Roles of the central prostaglandin EP3 receptors in cardiovascular regulation in rats.
    Ariumi H; Takano Y; Masumi A; Takahashi S; Hirabara Y; Honda K; Saito R; Kamiya HO
    Neurosci Lett; 2002 May; 324(1):61-4. PubMed ID: 11983295
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  • 27. Targeting COX-2 and EP4 to control tumor growth, angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis and metastasis to the lungs and lymph nodes in a breast cancer model.
    Xin X; Majumder M; Girish GV; Mohindra V; Maruyama T; Lala PK
    Lab Invest; 2012 Aug; 92(8):1115-28. PubMed ID: 22641101
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  • 28. Molecular cloning and functional characterization of the canine prostaglandin E2 receptor EP4 subtype.
    Castleberry TA; Lu B; Smock SL; Owen TA
    Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat; 2001 Jul; 65(4):167-87. PubMed ID: 11444589
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  • 29. Roles of prostaglandin E receptors in mesangial cells under high-glucose conditions.
    Ishibashi R; Tanaka I; Kotani M; Muro S; Goto M; Sugawara A; Mukoyama M; Sugimoto Y; Ichikawa A; Narumiya S; Nakao K
    Kidney Int; 1999 Aug; 56(2):589-600. PubMed ID: 10432398
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  • 30. The role of prostaglandin E and thromboxane-prostanoid receptors in the response to prostaglandin E2 in the aorta of Wistar Kyoto rats and spontaneously hypertensive rats.
    Tang EH; Jensen BL; Skott O; Leung GP; Feletou M; Man RY; Vanhoutte PM
    Cardiovasc Res; 2008 Apr; 78(1):130-8. PubMed ID: 18093985
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  • 31. Molecular and pharmacological blockade of the EP4 receptor selectively inhibits both proliferation and invasion of human inflammatory breast cancer cells.
    Robertson FM; Simeone AM; Mazumdar A; Shah AH; McMurray JS; Ghosh S; Cristofanilli M
    J Exp Ther Oncol; 2008; 7(4):299-312. PubMed ID: 19227010
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  • 32. Stimulation of PGE receptors EP2 and EP4 protects cultured neurons against oxidative stress and cell death following beta-amyloid exposure.
    Echeverria V; Clerman A; Doré S
    Eur J Neurosci; 2005 Nov; 22(9):2199-206. PubMed ID: 16262658
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  • 33. Prostaglandin E2-induced modification of tetrodotoxin-resistant Na+ currents involves activation of both EP2 and EP4 receptors in neonatal rat nodose ganglion neurones.
    Matsumoto S; Ikeda M; Yoshida S; Tanimoto T; Takeda M; Nasu M
    Br J Pharmacol; 2005 Jun; 145(4):503-13. PubMed ID: 15821755
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  • 34. [Cooperation of two subtypes of PGE2 receptor, Gi coupled EP3 and Gs coupled EP2 or EP4 subtype].
    Hatae N
    Yakugaku Zasshi; 2003 Oct; 123(10):837-43. PubMed ID: 14577329
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  • 35. Downregulation of lipopolysaccharide-induced intercellular adhesion molecule-1 expression via EP2/EP4 receptors by prostaglandin E2 in human fibroblasts.
    Noguchi K; Iwasaki K; Shitashige M; Umeda M; Izumi Y; Murota S; Ishikawa I
    Inflammation; 2001 Apr; 25(2):75-81. PubMed ID: 11321362
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  • 36. Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor enhances whereas prostaglandin E2 inhibits the production of interferon-induced protein of 10 kDa in epidermoid carcinoma A431.
    Kanda N; Watanabe S
    J Invest Dermatol; 2002 Nov; 119(5):1080-9. PubMed ID: 12445196
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  • 37. Cyclooxygenases and prostaglandin E2 receptors in growth plate chondrocytes in vitro and in situ--prostaglandin E2 dependent proliferation of growth plate chondrocytes.
    Brochhausen C; Neuland P; Kirkpatrick CJ; Nüsing RM; Klaus G
    Arthritis Res Ther; 2006; 8(3):R78. PubMed ID: 16646980
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  • 38. Differential expression of E-type prostanoid receptors 2 and 4 in microglia stimulated with lipopolysaccharide.
    Bonfill-Teixidor E; Otxoa-de-Amezaga A; Font-Nieves M; Sans-Fons MG; Planas AM
    J Neuroinflammation; 2017 Jan; 14(1):3. PubMed ID: 28086956
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  • 39. EP1 receptor-mediated migration of the first trimester human extravillous trophoblast: the role of intracellular calcium and calpain.
    Nicola C; Timoshenko AV; Dixon SJ; Lala PK; Chakraborty C
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 2005 Aug; 90(8):4736-46. PubMed ID: 15886234
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  • 40. Prostaglandin E receptor subtypes in cultured rat microglia and their role in reducing lipopolysaccharide-induced interleukin-1beta production.
    Caggiano AO; Kraig RP
    J Neurochem; 1999 Feb; 72(2):565-75. PubMed ID: 9930728
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