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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Significance of beta-catenin and pRB pathway components in malignant ovarian germ cell tumours: INK4A promoter CpG island methylation is associated with cell proliferation.
    Kawauchi S; Liu XP; Kawasaki K; Hirakawa T; Amada S; Furuya T; Oga A; Sasaki K
    J Pathol; 2004 Nov; 204(3):268-76. PubMed ID: 15476271
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  • 2. Tumor progression through epigenetic gene silencing of O(6)-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase in human biliary tract cancers.
    Koga Y; Kitajima Y; Miyoshi A; Sato K; Kitahara K; Soejima H; Miyazaki K
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2005 May; 12(5):354-63. PubMed ID: 15915369
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  • 3. Mutational analysis of selected genes in the TGFbeta, Wnt, pRb, and p53 pathways in primary uveal melanoma.
    Edmunds SC; Kelsell DP; Hungerford JL; Cree IA
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci; 2002 Sep; 43(9):2845-51. PubMed ID: 12202501
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  • 4. beta-catenin nuclear expression correlates with cyclin D1 overexpression in sporadic desmoid tumours.
    Saito T; Oda Y; Tanaka K; Matsuda S; Tamiya S; Iwamoto Y; Tsuneyoshi M
    J Pathol; 2001 Sep; 195(2):222-8. PubMed ID: 11592102
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  • 5. Significance of aberrant (cytoplasmic/nuclear) expression of beta-catenin in pancreatoblastoma.
    Tanaka Y; Kato K; Notohara K; Nakatani Y; Miyake T; Ijiri R; Nishimata S; Ishida Y; Kigasawa H; Ohama Y; Tsukayama C; Kobayashi Y; Horie H
    J Pathol; 2003 Feb; 199(2):185-90. PubMed ID: 12533831
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  • 6. Alterations of the p16/Rb/cyclin-D1 pathway in vulvar carcinoma, vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia, and lichen sclerosus.
    Lerma E; Esteller M; Herman JG; Prat J
    Hum Pathol; 2002 Nov; 33(11):1120-5. PubMed ID: 12454817
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  • 7. Abnormal beta-catenin expression in oral cancer with no gene mutation: correlation with expression of cyclin D1 and epidermal growth factor receptor, Ki-67 labeling index, and clinicopathological features.
    Odajima T; Sasaki Y; Tanaka N; Kato-Mori Y; Asanuma H; Ikeda T; Satoh M; Hiratsuka H; Tokino T; Sawada N
    Hum Pathol; 2005 Mar; 36(3):234-41. PubMed ID: 15791567
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  • 8. Distinct promoter hypermethylation of p16INK4a, CDH1, and RAR-beta in intestinal, diffuse-adherent, and diffuse-scattered type gastric carcinomas.
    Oue N; Motoshita J; Yokozaki H; Hayashi K; Tahara E; Taniyama K; Matsusaki K; Yasui W
    J Pathol; 2002 Sep; 198(1):55-9. PubMed ID: 12210063
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  • 9. Mechanisms of inactivation of the p16INK4a gene in leiomyosarcoma of soft tissue: decreased p16 expression correlates with promoter methylation and poor prognosis.
    Kawaguchi K; Oda Y; Saito T; Yamamoto H; Tamiya S; Takahira T; Miyajima K; Iwamoto Y; Tsuneyoshi M
    J Pathol; 2003 Nov; 201(3):487-95. PubMed ID: 14595762
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  • 10. beta-catenin (CTNNB1) gene amplification: a new mechanism of protein overexpression in cancer.
    Suriano G; Vrcelj N; Senz J; Ferreira P; Masoudi H; Cox K; Nabais S; Lopes C; Machado JC; Seruca R; Carneiro F; Huntsman DG
    Genes Chromosomes Cancer; 2005 Mar; 42(3):238-46. PubMed ID: 15609344
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  • 11. Alterations of the INK4a-ARF gene locus in pleomorphic adenoma of the parotid gland.
    Weber A; Langhanki L; Sch├╝tz A; Wittekind C; Bootz F; Tannapfel A
    J Pathol; 2002 Nov; 198(3):326-34. PubMed ID: 12375265
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  • 12. Relationship between expression and methylation status of p16INK4a and the proliferative activity of different areas' tumour cells in human colorectal cancer.
    Jie G; Zhixiang S; Lei S; Hesheng L; Xiaojun T
    Int J Clin Pract; 2007 Sep; 61(9):1523-9. PubMed ID: 17537196
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  • 13. Genetic and epigenetic alterations in lung tumors from bitransgenic Ki-rasG12C expressing mice.
    Floyd HS; Jennings-Gee JE; Kock ND; Miller MS
    Mol Carcinog; 2006 Jul; 45(7):506-17. PubMed ID: 16482519
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  • 14. [The methylation locus and frequency pattern on p16 INK4a gene promoter CpG in epidermis of patients with psoriasis].
    Chen M; Cui PG; Yao X; Cao YH; Gong JQ; Li AS; Chen ZQ
    Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi; 2007 Dec; 24(6):674-6. PubMed ID: 18067081
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  • 15. Beta-catenin and cyclin D1 expression in human hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Ueta T; Ikeguchi M; Hirooka Y; Kaibara N; Terada T
    Oncol Rep; 2002; 9(6):1197-203. PubMed ID: 12375019
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  • 16. Frequent alteration of p16(INK4a)/p14(ARF) and p53 pathways in the round cell component of myxoid/round cell liposarcoma: p53 gene alterations and reduced p14(ARF) expression both correlate with poor prognosis.
    Oda Y; Yamamoto H; Takahira T; Kobayashi C; Kawaguchi K; Tateishi N; Nozuka Y; Tamiya S; Tanaka K; Matsuda S; Yokoyama R; Iwamoto Y; Tsuneyoshi M
    J Pathol; 2005 Dec; 207(4):410-21. PubMed ID: 16177957
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  • 17. Methylation of CpG islands of p16(INK4a) and cyclinD1 overexpression associated with progression of intraductal proliferative lesions of the breast.
    Liu T; Niu Y; Feng Y; Niu R; Yu Y; Lv A; Yang Y
    Hum Pathol; 2008 Nov; 39(11):1637-46. PubMed ID: 18657295
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  • 18. Nuclear accumulation of beta-catenin protein in Wilms' tumours.
    Koesters R; Niggli F; von Knebel Doeberitz M; Stallmach T
    J Pathol; 2003 Jan; 199(1):68-76. PubMed ID: 12474228
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  • 19. Frequent deletions and mutations of the beta-catenin gene are associated with overexpression of cyclin D1 and fibronectin and poorly differentiated histology in childhood hepatoblastoma.
    Takayasu H; Horie H; Hiyama E; Matsunaga T; Hayashi Y; Watanabe Y; Suita S; Kaneko M; Sasaki F; Hashizume K; Ozaki T; Furuuchi K; Tada M; Ohnuma N; Nakagawara A
    Clin Cancer Res; 2001 Apr; 7(4):901-8. PubMed ID: 11309340
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  • 20. The role of p16-cyclin d/CDK-pRb pathway in the tumorigenesis of endometrioid-type endometrial carcinoma.
    Tsuda H; Yamamoto K; Inoue T; Uchiyama I; Umesaki N
    Br J Cancer; 2000 Feb; 82(3):675-82. PubMed ID: 10682682
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