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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Shared reactivity of V{delta}2(neg) {gamma}{delta} T cells against cytomegalovirus-infected cells and tumor intestinal epithelial cells.
    Halary F; Pitard V; Dlubek D; Krzysiek R; de la Salle H; Merville P; Dromer C; Emilie D; Moreau JF; Déchanet-Merville J
    J Exp Med; 2005 May; 201(10):1567-78. PubMed ID: 15897274
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  • 2. Antitumor activity of gammadelta T cells reactive against cytomegalovirus-infected cells in a mouse xenograft tumor model.
    Devaud C; Bilhere E; Loizon S; Pitard V; Behr C; Moreau JF; Dechanet-Merville J; Capone M
    Cancer Res; 2009 May; 69(9):3971-8. PubMed ID: 19383918
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  • 3. Cytomegalovirus drives Vδ2neg γδ T cell inflation in many healthy virus carriers with increasing age.
    Alejenef A; Pachnio A; Halawi M; Christmas SE; Moss PA; Khan N
    Clin Exp Immunol; 2014 Jun; 176(3):418-28. PubMed ID: 24547915
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  • 4. Expansion of effector memory Vδ2
    Huang Y; Jiang C; Zhu J; Lin L; Mao M; Yin T; Cai G
    Front Immunol; 2024; 15():1397483. PubMed ID: 38915409
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  • 5. Differential impact of age and cytomegalovirus infection on the γδ T cell compartment.
    Roux A; Mourin G; Larsen M; Fastenackels S; Urrutia A; Gorochov G; Autran B; Donner C; Sidi D; Sibony-Prat J; Marchant A; Stern M; Sauce D; Appay V
    J Immunol; 2013 Aug; 191(3):1300-6. PubMed ID: 23817410
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  • 6. Immune response of human propagated gammadelta-T-cells to neuroblastoma recommend the Vdelta1+ subset for gammadelta-T-cell-based immunotherapy.
    Schilbach K; Frommer K; Meier S; Handgretinger R; Eyrich M
    J Immunother; 2008; 31(9):896-905. PubMed ID: 18832998
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  • 7. Implication of gammadelta T cells in the human immune response to cytomegalovirus.
    Déchanet J; Merville P; Lim A; Retière C; Pitard V; Lafarge X; Michelson S; Méric C; Hallet MM; Kourilsky P; Potaux L; Bonneville M; Moreau JF
    J Clin Invest; 1999 May; 103(10):1437-49. PubMed ID: 10330426
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  • 8. CMV-independent lysis of glioblastoma by ex vivo expanded/activated Vδ1+ γδ T cells.
    Knight A; Arnouk H; Britt W; Gillespie GY; Cloud GA; Harkins L; Su Y; Lowdell MW; Lamb LS
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(8):e68729. PubMed ID: 23950874
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  • 9. CD94/NKG2 inhibitory receptor complex modulates both anti-viral and anti-tumoral responses of polyclonal phosphoantigen-reactive V gamma 9V delta 2 T lymphocytes.
    Poccia F; Cipriani B; Vendetti S; Colizzi V; Poquet Y; Battistini L; López-Botet M; Fournié JJ; Gougeon ML
    J Immunol; 1997 Dec; 159(12):6009-17. PubMed ID: 9550399
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  • 10. Direct and Indirect Effects of Cytomegalovirus-Induced γδ T Cells after Kidney Transplantation.
    Couzi L; Pitard V; Moreau JF; Merville P; Déchanet-Merville J
    Front Immunol; 2015; 6():3. PubMed ID: 25653652
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  • 11. Surveillance of γδ T Cells Predicts Cytomegalovirus Infection Resolution in Kidney Transplants.
    Kaminski H; Garrigue I; Couzi L; Taton B; Bachelet T; Moreau JF; Déchanet-Merville J; Thiébaut R; Merville P
    J Am Soc Nephrol; 2016 Feb; 27(2):637-45. PubMed ID: 26054538
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  • 12. PGE2 inhibits natural killer and gamma delta T cell cytotoxicity triggered by NKR and TCR through a cAMP-mediated PKA type I-dependent signaling.
    Martinet L; Jean C; Dietrich G; Fournié JJ; Poupot R
    Biochem Pharmacol; 2010 Sep; 80(6):838-45. PubMed ID: 20470757
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  • 13. Cytomegalovirus infection in transplant recipients resolves when circulating gammadelta T lymphocytes expand, suggesting a protective antiviral role.
    Lafarge X; Merville P; Cazin MC; Bergé F; Potaux L; Moreau JF; Déchanet-Merville J
    J Infect Dis; 2001 Sep; 184(5):533-41. PubMed ID: 11494158
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  • 14. Skewed T cell receptor repertoire of Vdelta1(+) gammadelta T lymphocytes after human allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation and the potential role for Epstein-Barr virus-infected B cells in clonal restriction.
    Fujishima N; Hirokawa M; Fujishima M; Yamashita J; Saitoh H; Ichikawa Y; Horiuchi T; Kawabata Y; Sawada KI
    Clin Exp Immunol; 2007 Jul; 149(1):70-9. PubMed ID: 17425654
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  • 15. The role of Vδ2-negative γδ T cells during cytomegalovirus reactivation in recipients of allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
    Knight A; Madrigal AJ; Grace S; Sivakumaran J; Kottaridis P; Mackinnon S; Travers PJ; Lowdell MW
    Blood; 2010 Sep; 116(12):2164-72. PubMed ID: 20576814
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  • 16. Toll-like receptor expression and function in subsets of human gammadelta T lymphocytes.
    Pietschmann K; Beetz S; Welte S; Martens I; Gruen J; Oberg HH; Wesch D; Kabelitz D
    Scand J Immunol; 2009 Sep; 70(3):245-55. PubMed ID: 19703014
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  • 17. Major expansion of gammadelta T lymphocytes following cytomegalovirus infection in kidney allograft recipients.
    Déchanet J; Merville P; Bergé F; Bone-Mane G; Taupin JL; Michel P; Joly P; Bonneville M; Potaux L; Moreau JF
    J Infect Dis; 1999 Jan; 179(1):1-8. PubMed ID: 9841815
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  • 18. Human TCR-gamma/delta alloreactive response to HLA-DR molecules. Comparison with response of TCR-alpha/beta.
    Flament C; Benmerah A; Bonneville M; Triebel F; Mami-Chouaib F
    J Immunol; 1994 Oct; 153(7):2890-904. PubMed ID: 8089476
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  • 19. Perspectives of gammadelta T cells in tumor immunology.
    Kabelitz D; Wesch D; He W
    Cancer Res; 2007 Jan; 67(1):5-8. PubMed ID: 17210676
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  • 20. Lysis of a broad range of epithelial tumour cells by human gamma delta T cells: involvement of NKG2D ligands and T-cell receptor- versus NKG2D-dependent recognition.
    Wrobel P; Shojaei H; Schittek B; Gieseler F; Wollenberg B; Kalthoff H; Kabelitz D; Wesch D
    Scand J Immunol; 2007; 66(2-3):320-8. PubMed ID: 17635809
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