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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. Single copies of mutant KRAS and mutant PIK3CA cooperate in immortalized human epithelial cells to induce tumor formation.
    Wang GM; Wong HY; Konishi H; Blair BG; Abukhdeir AM; Gustin JP; Rosen DM; Denmeade SR; Rasheed Z; Matsui W; Garay JP; Mohseni M; Higgins MJ; Cidado J; Jelovac D; Croessmann S; Cochran RL; Karnan S; Konishi Y; Ota A; Hosokawa Y; Argani P; Lauring J; Park BH
    Cancer Res; 2013 Jun; 73(11):3248-61. PubMed ID: 23580570
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  • 22. Breast cancer-associated PIK3CA mutations are oncogenic in mammary epithelial cells.
    Isakoff SJ; Engelman JA; Irie HY; Luo J; Brachmann SM; Pearline RV; Cantley LC; Brugge JS
    Cancer Res; 2005 Dec; 65(23):10992-1000. PubMed ID: 16322248
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  • 23. PIK3CA hotspot mutations differentially impact responses to MET targeting in MET-driven and non-driven preclinical cancer models.
    Nisa L; Häfliger P; Poliaková M; Giger R; Francica P; Aebersold DM; Charles RP; Zimmer Y; Medová M
    Mol Cancer; 2017 May; 16(1):93. PubMed ID: 28532501
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  • 24. Gain of interaction with IRS1 by p110α-helical domain mutants is crucial for their oncogenic functions.
    Hao Y; Wang C; Cao B; Hirsch BM; Song J; Markowitz SD; Ewing RM; Sedwick D; Liu L; Zheng W; Wang Z
    Cancer Cell; 2013 May; 23(5):583-93. PubMed ID: 23643389
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  • 25. p110α Hot Spot Mutations E545K and H1047R Exert Metabolic Reprogramming Independently of p110α Kinase Activity.
    Chaudhari A; Krumlinde D; Lundqvist A; Akyürek LM; Bandaru S; Skålén K; Ståhlman M; Borén J; Wettergren Y; Ejeskär K; Rotter Sopasakis V
    Mol Cell Biol; 2015 Oct; 35(19):3258-73. PubMed ID: 26169833
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  • 26. Mutation-Associated Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Novel and Canonical PIK3CA Helical and Kinase Domain Mutants.
    Ghodsinia AA; Lego JMT; Garcia RL
    Cells; 2020 Apr; 9(5):. PubMed ID: 32365913
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  • 27. Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase mutations identified in human cancer are oncogenic.
    Kang S; Bader AG; Vogt PK
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2005 Jan; 102(3):802-7. PubMed ID: 15647370
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  • 28. Genetic deregulation of the PIK3CA oncogene in oral cancer.
    Murugan AK; Munirajan AK; Tsuchida N
    Cancer Lett; 2013 Sep; 338(2):193-203. PubMed ID: 23597702
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  • 29. Rare cancer-specific mutations in PIK3CA show gain of function.
    Gymnopoulos M; Elsliger MA; Vogt PK
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2007 Mar; 104(13):5569-74. PubMed ID: 17376864
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  • 30. Activated mutant forms of PIK3CA cooperate with RasV12 or c-Met to induce liver tumour formation in mice via AKT2/mTORC1 cascade.
    Wang C; Che L; Hu J; Zhang S; Jiang L; Latte G; Demartis MI; Tao J; Gui B; Pilo MG; Ribback S; Dombrowski F; Evert M; Calvisi DF; Chen X
    Liver Int; 2016 Aug; 36(8):1176-86. PubMed ID: 26716908
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  • 31. Characterization of Lipid Alterations by Oncogenic
    Jung JH; Yang DQ; Song H; Wang X; Wu X; Kim KP; Pandey A; Byeon SK
    OMICS; 2023 Jul; 27(7):327-335. PubMed ID: 37463468
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  • 32. Oncogenic mutations mimic and enhance dynamic events in the natural activation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase p110α (PIK3CA).
    Burke JE; Perisic O; Masson GR; Vadas O; Williams RL
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2012 Sep; 109(38):15259-64. PubMed ID: 22949682
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  • 33. AKT1(E17K) in human solid tumours.
    Bleeker FE; Felicioni L; Buttitta F; Lamba S; Cardone L; Rodolfo M; Scarpa A; Leenstra S; Frattini M; Barbareschi M; Grammastro MD; Sciarrotta MG; Zanon C; Marchetti A; Bardelli A
    Oncogene; 2008 Sep; 27(42):5648-50. PubMed ID: 18504432
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  • 34. Ubiquitous expression of the Pik3caH1047R mutation promotes hypoglycemia, hypoinsulinemia, and organomegaly.
    Kinross KM; Montgomery KG; Mangiafico SP; Hare LM; Kleinschmidt M; Bywater MJ; Poulton IJ; Vrahnas C; Henneicke H; Malaterre J; Waring PM; Cullinane C; Sims NA; McArthur GA; Andrikopoulos S; Phillips WA
    FASEB J; 2015 Apr; 29(4):1426-34. PubMed ID: 25550458
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  • 35. Mouse models of PIK3CA mutations: one mutation initiates heterogeneous mammary tumors.
    Koren S; Bentires-Alj M
    FEBS J; 2013 Jun; 280(12):2758-65. PubMed ID: 23384338
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  • 36. Differential enhancement of breast cancer cell motility and metastasis by helical and kinase domain mutations of class IA phosphoinositide 3-kinase.
    Pang H; Flinn R; Patsialou A; Wyckoff J; Roussos ET; Wu H; Pozzuto M; Goswami S; Condeelis JS; Bresnick AR; Segall JE; Backer JM
    Cancer Res; 2009 Dec; 69(23):8868-76. PubMed ID: 19903845
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  • 37. Functional characterization of PI3K C2 domain mutations detected in breast cancer circulating tumor cells and metastatic cells.
    Smit DJ; Brauer H; Horn S; Yigit G; Haider MT; Pogenberg V; Schumacher U; Pantel K; Jücker M
    Cell Signal; 2024 Jun; 121():111270. PubMed ID: 38909932
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  • 38. Heterozygous expression of the oncogenic Pik3ca(H1047R) mutation during murine development results in fatal embryonic and extraembryonic defects.
    Hare LM; Schwarz Q; Wiszniak S; Gurung R; Montgomery KG; Mitchell CA; Phillips WA
    Dev Biol; 2015 Aug; 404(1):14-26. PubMed ID: 25958091
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  • 39. Comprehensive analysis of oncogenic effects of PIK3CA mutations in human mammary epithelial cells.
    Zhang H; Liu G; Dziubinski M; Yang Z; Ethier SP; Wu G
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2008 Nov; 112(2):217-27. PubMed ID: 18074223
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  • 40. Biophysical aspect of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and role of oncogenic mutants (E542K & E545K).
    Kalsi N; Gopalakrishnan C; Rajendran V; Purohit R
    J Biomol Struct Dyn; 2016 Dec; 34(12):2711-2721. PubMed ID: 26646651
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