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  • 1. Clinical pharmacokinetics and summary of efficacy and tolerability of atazanavir.
    Le Tiec C; Barrail A; Goujard C; Taburet AM
    Clin Pharmacokinet; 2005; 44(10):1035-50. PubMed ID: 16176117
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  • 2. Tenofovir comedication does not impair the steady-state pharmacokinetics of ritonavir-boosted atazanavir in HIV-1-infected adults.
    von Hentig N; Dauer B; Haberl A; Klauke S; Lutz T; Staszewski S; Harder S
    Eur J Clin Pharmacol; 2007 Oct; 63(10):935-40. PubMed ID: 17665183
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  • 3. Lopinavir/ritonavir: a review of its use in the management of HIV infection.
    Cvetkovic RS; Goa KL
    Drugs; 2003; 63(8):769-802. PubMed ID: 12662125
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  • 4. Influence of tenofovir, nevirapine and efavirenz on ritonavir-boosted atazanavir pharmacokinetics in HIV-infected patients.
    Dailly E; Tribut O; Tattevin P; Arvieux C; Perré P; Raffi F; Jolliet P
    Eur J Clin Pharmacol; 2006 Jul; 62(7):523-6. PubMed ID: 16763827
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  • 5. Atazanavir/ritonavir: a review of its use in HIV therapy.
    von Hentig N
    Drugs Today (Barc); 2008 Feb; 44(2):103-32. PubMed ID: 18389089
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  • 6. Pharmacokinetics of antiretroviral regimens containing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and atazanavir-ritonavir in adolescents and young adults with human immunodeficiency virus infection.
    Kiser JJ; Fletcher CV; Flynn PM; Cunningham CK; Wilson CM; Kapogiannis BG; Major-Wilson H; Viani RM; Liu NX; Muenz LR; Harris DR; Havens PL;
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother; 2008 Feb; 52(2):631-7. PubMed ID: 18025112
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  • 7. Pharmacokinetics of an increased atazanavir dose with and without tenofovir during the third trimester of pregnancy.
    Kreitchmann R; Best BM; Wang J; Stek A; Caparelli E; Watts DH; Smith E; Shapiro DE; Rossi S; Burchett SK; Hawkins E; Byroads M; Cressey TR; Mirochnick M
    J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr; 2013 May; 63(1):59-66. PubMed ID: 23392467
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  • 8. Effects of the H2-receptor antagonist famotidine on the pharmacokinetics of atazanavir-ritonavir with or without tenofovir in HIV-infected patients.
    Wang X; Boffito M; Zhang J; Chung E; Zhu L; Wu Y; Patterson K; Kashuba A; Tebas P; Child M; Mahnke L; Bertz R
    AIDS Patient Care STDS; 2011 Sep; 25(9):509-15. PubMed ID: 21770762
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  • 9. Atazanavir pharmacokinetics with and without tenofovir during pregnancy.
    Mirochnick M; Best BM; Stek AM; Capparelli EV; Hu C; Burchett SK; Rossi SS; Hawkins E; Basar M; Smith E; Read JS;
    J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr; 2011 Apr; 56(5):412-9. PubMed ID: 21283017
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  • 10. Pharmacokinetic interaction between rifampicin and ritonavir-boosted atazanavir in HIV-infected patients.
    Mallolas J; Sarasa M; Nomdedeu M; Soriano A; López-Púa Y; Blanco JL; Martínez E; Gatell JM
    HIV Med; 2007 Mar; 8(2):131-4. PubMed ID: 17352770
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  • 11. Abacavir plasma pharmacokinetics in the absence and presence of atazanavir/ritonavir or lopinavir/ritonavir and vice versa in HIV-infected patients.
    Waters LJ; Moyle G; Bonora S; D'Avolio A; Else L; Mandalia S; Pozniak A; Nelson M; Gazzard B; Back D; Boffito M
    Antivir Ther; 2007; 12(5):825-30. PubMed ID: 17713166
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  • 12. Efficacy and tolerability of 3 nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-sparing antiretroviral regimens for treatment-naive volunteers infected with HIV-1: a randomized, controlled equivalence trial.
    Lennox JL; Landovitz RJ; Ribaudo HJ; Ofotokun I; Na LH; Godfrey C; Kuritzkes DR; Sagar M; Brown TT; Cohn SE; McComsey GA; Aweeka F; Fichtenbaum CJ; Presti RM; Koletar SL; Haas DW; Patterson KB; Benson CA; Baugh BP; Leavitt RY; Rooney JF; Seekins D; Currier JS;
    Ann Intern Med; 2014 Oct; 161(7):461-71. PubMed ID: 25285539
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  • 13. Cobicistat: a review of its use as a pharmacokinetic enhancer of atazanavir and darunavir in patients with HIV-1 infection.
    Deeks ED
    Drugs; 2014 Feb; 74(2):195-206. PubMed ID: 24343782
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  • 14. Darunavir: a review of its use in the management of HIV infection in adults.
    McKeage K; Perry CM; Keam SJ
    Drugs; 2009; 69(4):477-503. PubMed ID: 19323590
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  • 15. Effects of hepatitis C virus infection on the pharmacokinetics of ritonavir-boosted atazanavir in HIV-1-infected patients.
    Di Biagio A; Rosso R; Loregian A; Pagni S; Sormani MP; Cenderello G; Palù G; Viscoli C
    J Infect Chemother; 2012 Aug; 18(4):587-90. PubMed ID: 22422300
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  • 16. The relation between treatment outcome and efavirenz, atazanavir or lopinavir exposure in the NORTHIV trial of treatment-naïve HIV-1 infected patients.
    Josephson F; Andersson MC; Flamholc L; Gisslén M; Hagberg L; Ormaasen V; Sönnerborg A; Vesterbacka J; Böttiger Y
    Eur J Clin Pharmacol; 2010 Apr; 66(4):349-57. PubMed ID: 19967342
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  • 17. Atazanavir plus ritonavir or efavirenz as part of a 3-drug regimen for initial treatment of HIV-1.
    Daar ES; Tierney C; Fischl MA; Sax PE; Mollan K; Budhathoki C; Godfrey C; Jahed NC; Myers L; Katzenstein D; Farajallah A; Rooney JF; Pappa KA; Woodward WC; Patterson K; Bolivar H; Benson CA; Collier AC;
    Ann Intern Med; 2011 Apr; 154(7):445-56. PubMed ID: 21320923
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  • 18. Regimen simplification to atazanavir-ritonavir alone as maintenance antiretroviral therapy after sustained virologic suppression.
    Swindells S; DiRienzo AG; Wilkin T; Fletcher CV; Margolis DM; Thal GD; Godfrey C; Bastow B; Ray MG; Wang H; Coombs RW; McKinnon J; Mellors JW;
    JAMA; 2006 Aug; 296(7):806-14. PubMed ID: 16905786
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  • 19. Pharmacokinetics of saquinavir, atazanavir, and ritonavir in a twice-daily boosted double-protease inhibitor regimen.
    von Hentig N; Müller A; Rottmann C; Wolf T; Lutz T; Klauke S; Kurowski M; Oertel B; Dauer B; Harder S; Staszewski S
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother; 2007 Apr; 51(4):1431-9. PubMed ID: 17296738
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  • 20. Evaluation of efficacy, safety, pharmacokinetics, and adherence in HIV-1-infected, antiretroviral-naïve patients treated with ritonavir-boosted atazanavir plus fixed-dose tenofovir DF/emtricitabine given once daily.
    Elion R; Cohen C; Ward D; Ruane P; Ortiz R; Reddy YS; Ebrahimi R; McColl D; Kearney B; Fisher A; Flaherty J;
    HIV Clin Trials; 2008; 9(4):213-24. PubMed ID: 18753116
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