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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Targeted nanoparticle-aptamer bioconjugates for cancer chemotherapy in vivo.
    Farokhzad OC; Cheng J; Teply BA; Sherifi I; Jon S; Kantoff PW; Richie JP; Langer R
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2006 Apr; 103(16):6315-20. PubMed ID: 16606824
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  • 2. Targeted delivery of cisplatin to prostate cancer cells by aptamer functionalized Pt(IV) prodrug-PLGA-PEG nanoparticles.
    Dhar S; Gu FX; Langer R; Farokhzad OC; Lippard SJ
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2008 Nov; 105(45):17356-61. PubMed ID: 18978032
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  • 3. Aptamer-modified PLGA nanoparticle delivery of triplex forming oligonucleotide for targeted prostate cancer therapy.
    Jiao J; Zou Q; Zou MH; Guo RM; Zhu S; Zhang Y
    Neoplasma; 2016; 63(4):569-75. PubMed ID: 27268920
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  • 4. Aptamer-mediated delivery of docetaxel to prostate cancer through polymeric nanoparticles for enhancement of antitumor efficacy.
    Chen Z; Tai Z; Gu F; Hu C; Zhu Q; Gao S
    Eur J Pharm Biopharm; 2016 Oct; 107():130-41. PubMed ID: 27393562
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  • 5. Paclitaxel-loaded and A10-3.2 aptamer-targeted poly(lactide-
    Wu M; Wang Y; Wang Y; Zhang M; Luo Y; Tang J; Wang Z; Wang D; Hao L; Wang Z
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2017; 12():5313-5330. PubMed ID: 28794625
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  • 6. Formulation of functionalized PLGA-PEG nanoparticles for in vivo targeted drug delivery.
    Cheng J; Teply BA; Sherifi I; Sung J; Luther G; Gu FX; Levy-Nissenbaum E; Radovic-Moreno AF; Langer R; Farokhzad OC
    Biomaterials; 2007 Feb; 28(5):869-76. PubMed ID: 17055572
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  • 7. Nanoparticle-aptamer bioconjugates: a new approach for targeting prostate cancer cells.
    Farokhzad OC; Jon S; Khademhosseini A; Tran TN; Lavan DA; Langer R
    Cancer Res; 2004 Nov; 64(21):7668-72. PubMed ID: 15520166
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  • 8. Engineering of self-assembled nanoparticle platform for precisely controlled combination drug therapy.
    Kolishetti N; Dhar S; Valencia PM; Lin LQ; Karnik R; Lippard SJ; Langer R; Farokhzad OC
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2010 Oct; 107(42):17939-44. PubMed ID: 20921363
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  • 9. In vitro and in vivo evaluation of therapy targeting epithelial-cell adhesion-molecule aptamers for non-small cell lung cancer.
    Alibolandi M; Ramezani M; Abnous K; Sadeghi F; Atyabi F; Asouri M; Ahmadi AA; Hadizadeh F
    J Control Release; 2015 Jul; 209():88-100. PubMed ID: 25912964
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  • 10. Folate-targeted polymeric nanoparticle formulation of docetaxel is an effective molecularly targeted radiosensitizer with efficacy dependent on the timing of radiotherapy.
    Werner ME; Copp JA; Karve S; Cummings ND; Sukumar R; Li C; Napier ME; Chen RC; Cox AD; Wang AZ
    ACS Nano; 2011 Nov; 5(11):8990-8. PubMed ID: 22011071
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  • 11. Epithelial cell adhesion molecule aptamer functionalized PLGA-lecithin-curcumin-PEG nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery to human colorectal adenocarcinoma cells.
    Li L; Xiang D; Shigdar S; Yang W; Li Q; Lin J; Liu K; Duan W
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2014; 9():1083-96. PubMed ID: 24591829
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  • 12. Formulation/preparation of functionalized nanoparticles for in vivo targeted drug delivery.
    Gu F; Langer R; Farokhzad OC
    Methods Mol Biol; 2009; 544():589-98. PubMed ID: 19488725
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  • 13. Targeted delivery of a cisplatin prodrug for safer and more effective prostate cancer therapy in vivo.
    Dhar S; Kolishetti N; Lippard SJ; Farokhzad OC
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2011 Feb; 108(5):1850-5. PubMed ID: 21233423
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  • 14. RNA aptamer-conjugated liposome as an efficient anticancer drug delivery vehicle targeting cancer cells in vivo.
    Baek SE; Lee KH; Park YS; Oh DK; Oh S; Kim KS; Kim DE
    J Control Release; 2014 Dec; 196():234-42. PubMed ID: 25450401
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  • 15. Glutamate-urea-based PSMA-targeted PLGA nanoparticles for prostate cancer delivery of docetaxel.
    Saniee F; Shabani Ravari N; Goodarzi N; Amini M; Atyabi F; Saeedian Moghadam E; Dinarvand R
    Pharm Dev Technol; 2021 Apr; 26(4):381-389. PubMed ID: 33538232
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  • 16. PSMA targeted docetaxel-loaded superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for prostate cancer.
    Nagesh PKB; Johnson NR; Boya VKN; Chowdhury P; Othman SF; Khalilzad-Sharghi V; Hafeez BB; Ganju A; Khan S; Behrman SW; Zafar N; Chauhan SC; Jaggi M; Yallapu MM
    Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces; 2016 Aug; 144():8-20. PubMed ID: 27058278
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  • 17. Polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery.
    Chan JM; Valencia PM; Zhang L; Langer R; Farokhzad OC
    Methods Mol Biol; 2010; 624():163-75. PubMed ID: 20217595
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  • 18. Plumbagin-loaded aptamer-targeted poly D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid-b-polyethylene glycol nanoparticles for prostate cancer therapy.
    Pan M; Li W; Yang J; Li Z; Zhao J; Xiao Y; Xing Y; Zhang X; Ju W
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2017 Jul; 96(30):e7405. PubMed ID: 28746182
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  • 19. Codelivery of GRP78 siRNA and docetaxel via RGD-PEG-DSPE/DOPA/CaP nanoparticles for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer.
    Zhang X; He Z; Xiang L; Li L; Zhang H; Lin F; Cao H
    Drug Des Devel Ther; 2019; 13():1357-1372. PubMed ID: 31118572
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  • 20. Second-generation aptamer-conjugated PSMA-targeted delivery system for prostate cancer therapy.
    Wu X; Ding B; Gao J; Wang H; Fan W; Wang X; Zhang W; Wang X; Ye L; Zhang M; Ding X; Liu J; Zhu Q; Gao S
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2011; 6():1747-56. PubMed ID: 21980237
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