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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Radiation therapy induced changes in apoptosis and its major regulatory proteins, Bcl-2, Bcl-XL, and Bax, in locally advanced invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix.
    Adhya AK; Srinivasan R; Patel FD
    Int J Gynecol Pathol; 2006 Jul; 25(3):281-7. PubMed ID: 16810067
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  • 2. Expression of p53 protein and the apoptotic regulatory molecules Bcl-2, Bcl-XL, and Bax in locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the lung.
    Shabnam MS; Srinivasan R; Wali A; Majumdar S; Joshi K; Behera D
    Lung Cancer; 2004 Aug; 45(2):181-8. PubMed ID: 15246189
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  • 3. Transient increases of apoptosis and Bax expression occurring during radiotherapy in patients with invasive cervical carcinoma.
    Kokawa K; Shikone T; Otani T; Nakano R
    Cancer; 1999 Jul; 86(1):79-87. PubMed ID: 10391567
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  • 4. Bax and Bcl-2 protein expression following radiation therapy versus radiation plus thermoradiotherapy in stage IIIB cervical carcinoma.
    Harima Y; Nagata K; Harima K; Oka A; Ostapenko VV; Shikata N; Ohnishi T; Tanaka Y
    Cancer; 2000 Jan; 88(1):132-8. PubMed ID: 10618615
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  • 5. Apoptosis and the expression of Bax and Bcl-2 in squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix.
    Kokawa K; Shikone T; Otani T; Nakano R
    Cancer; 1999 Apr; 85(8):1799-809. PubMed ID: 10223575
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  • 6. Bax protein expression correlates with radiation-induced apoptosis in radiation therapy for cervical carcinoma.
    Ohno T; Nakano T; Niibe Y; Tsujii H; Oka K
    Cancer; 1998 Jul; 83(1):103-10. PubMed ID: 9655299
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  • 7. [Apoptotic characteristics of spleen lymphocyte in mice irradiated by lethal dose and its relationship to the expression of Bax and Bcl-XL proteins].
    Cui YF; Ding YQ; Zhang Y; Xu H; Jin W; Liu XL; Dong B; Mao JP; Mao BZ
    Zhongguo Wei Zhong Bing Ji Jiu Yi Xue; 2005 Feb; 17(2):109-12. PubMed ID: 15698498
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  • 8. Expression of bcl-2, bax-xL, and bcl-xS in endometrial and cervical tissues.
    Mozzetti S; Ferrandina G; Marone M; D'Ingiullo F; Fruscella E; De Pasqua A; Mancuso S; Scambia G
    Cancer Detect Prev; 2000; 24(6):536-41. PubMed ID: 11198267
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  • 9. Expression of apoptosis-related proteins in advanced uterine cervical cancer after balloon-occluded arterial infusion chemotherapy as an indicator of the efficiency of this therapy.
    Okamoto E; Sumi T; Misugi F; Nobeyama H; Hattori K; Yoshida H; Matsumoto Y; Yasui T; Honda K; Ishiko O
    Int J Mol Med; 2005 Jan; 15(1):41-7. PubMed ID: 15583826
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  • 10. Spontaneous apoptosis in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma is independent of bcl-2 and bax protein expression.
    Jäckel MC; Dorudian MA; Marx D; Brinck U; Schauer A; Steiner W
    Cancer; 1999 Feb; 85(3):591-9. PubMed ID: 10091732
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  • 11. Apoptosis in prostate cancer: bax correlation with stage.
    Amirghofran Z; Monabati A; Gholijani N
    Int J Urol; 2005 Apr; 12(4):340-5. PubMed ID: 15948719
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  • 12. Combined evaluation of expression of telomerase, survivin, and anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family members in relation to loss of differentiation and apoptosis in human head and neck cancers.
    Sharma H; Sen S; Mathur M; Bahadur S; Singh N
    Head Neck; 2004 Aug; 26(8):733-40. PubMed ID: 15287041
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  • 13. Ganoderma spore lipid inhibits N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-induced retinal photoreceptor apoptosis in vivo.
    Gao Y; Deng XG; Sun QN; Zhong ZQ
    Exp Eye Res; 2010 Mar; 90(3):397-404. PubMed ID: 20003911
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  • 14. ERK- and Akt-dependent neuroprotection by erythropoietin (EPO) against glyoxal-AGEs via modulation of Bcl-xL, Bax, and BAD.
    Shen J; Wu Y; Xu JY; Zhang J; Sinclair SH; Yanoff M; Xu G; Li W; Xu GT
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci; 2010 Jan; 51(1):35-46. PubMed ID: 19628748
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  • 15. Expression of Bcl-xL, Bax, and p53 in primary tumors and lymph node metastases in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
    Baltaziak M; Duraj E; Koda M; Wincewicz A; Musiatowicz M; Kanczuga-Koda L; Szymanska M; Lesniewicz T; Musiatowicz B
    Ann N Y Acad Sci; 2006 Dec; 1090():18-25. PubMed ID: 17384243
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  • 16. [Correlation between prognosis and cell proliferation, apoptosis in squamous cell carcinoma of tongue].
    Yang YP; Qing HY; Cao Y
    Zhonghua Kou Qiang Yi Xue Za Zhi; 2003 Jan; 38(1):31-4. PubMed ID: 12760773
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  • 17. Apoptosis-associated markers and clinical outcome in human oral squamous cell carcinomas.
    Kato K; Kawashiri S; Yoshizawa K; Kitahara H; Yamamoto E
    J Oral Pathol Med; 2008 Jul; 37(6):364-71. PubMed ID: 18410312
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  • 18. Expression of pro- and antiapoptotic proteins in circulating CD8+ T cells of patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.
    Kim JW; Tsukishiro T; Johnson JT; Whiteside TL
    Clin Cancer Res; 2004 Aug; 10(15):5101-10. PubMed ID: 15297413
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  • 19. Expression of Bcl-2 but not Bax has a prognostic significance in tongue carcinoma.
    de Vicente JC; Olay S; Lequerica-Fernandez P; Sánchez-Mayoral J; Junquera LM; Fresno MF
    J Oral Pathol Med; 2006 Mar; 35(3):140-5. PubMed ID: 16454809
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  • 20. Hepatocyte growth factor suppresses tumor cell apoptosis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma by upregulating Bcl-2 protein expression.
    Li-juan B; Bing L; Zhi L; Yang L; Ying-jie L
    Pathol Res Pract; 2009; 205(12):828-37. PubMed ID: 19625133
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