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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Anti-proliferative activity of the quassinoid NBT-272 in childhood medulloblastoma cells.
    von Bueren AO; Shalaby T; Rajtarova J; Stearns D; Eberhart CG; Helson L; Arcaro A; Grotzer MA
    BMC Cancer; 2007 Jan; 7():19. PubMed ID: 17254356
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  • 2. RNA interference-mediated c-MYC inhibition prevents cell growth and decreases sensitivity to radio- and chemotherapy in childhood medulloblastoma cells.
    von Bueren AO; Shalaby T; Oehler-Jänne C; Arnold L; Stearns D; Eberhart CG; Arcaro A; Pruschy M; Grotzer MA
    BMC Cancer; 2009 Jan; 9():10. PubMed ID: 19134217
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  • 3. Curcumin (diferuloylmethane) induces apoptosis and blocks migration of human medulloblastoma cells.
    Bangaru ML; Chen S; Woodliff J; Kansra S
    Anticancer Res; 2010 Feb; 30(2):499-504. PubMed ID: 20332461
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  • 4. c-myc overexpression causes anaplasia in medulloblastoma.
    Stearns D; Chaudhry A; Abel TW; Burger PC; Dang CV; Eberhart CG
    Cancer Res; 2006 Jan; 66(2):673-81. PubMed ID: 16423996
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  • 5. All-trans-retinoic acid-induced apoptosis in human medulloblastoma: activation of caspase-3/poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 pathway.
    Gumireddy K; Sutton LN; Phillips PC; Reddy CD
    Clin Cancer Res; 2003 Sep; 9(11):4052-9. PubMed ID: 14519626
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  • 6. Interferon-gamma mediated up-regulation of caspase-8 sensitizes medulloblastoma cells to radio- and chemotherapy.
    Meister N; Shalaby T; von Bueren AO; Rivera P; Patti R; Oehler C; Pruschy M; Grotzer MA
    Eur J Cancer; 2007 Aug; 43(12):1833-41. PubMed ID: 17627812
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  • 7. Antiproliferation and radiosensitization of caffeic acid phenethyl ester on human medulloblastoma cells.
    Lin YH; Chiu JH; Tseng WS; Wong TT; Chiou SH; Yen SH
    Cancer Chemother Pharmacol; 2006 Apr; 57(4):525-32. PubMed ID: 16172905
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  • 8. Antitumor activity of CEP-751 (KT-6587) on human neuroblastoma and medulloblastoma xenografts.
    Evans AE; Kisselbach KD; Yamashiro DJ; Ikegaki N; Camoratto AM; Dionne CA; Brodeur GM
    Clin Cancer Res; 1999 Nov; 5(11):3594-602. PubMed ID: 10589776
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  • 9. Anticancer effects of fenretinide in human medulloblastoma.
    Damodar Reddy C; Guttapalli A; Adamson PC; Vemuri MC; O'Rourke D; Sutton LN; Phillips PC
    Cancer Lett; 2006 Jan; 231(2):262-9. PubMed ID: 16399227
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  • 10. Antitumor activity of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) for medulloblastoma may correlate with FGF receptor expression and tumor variant.
    Duplan SM; Théorêt Y; Kenigsberg RL
    Clin Cancer Res; 2002 Jan; 8(1):246-57. PubMed ID: 11801566
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  • 11. Large cell/anaplastic medulloblastoma: outcome according to myc status, histopathological, and clinical risk factors.
    von Hoff K; Hartmann W; von Bueren AO; Gerber NU; Grotzer MA; Pietsch T; Rutkowski S
    Pediatr Blood Cancer; 2010 Mar; 54(3):369-76. PubMed ID: 19908297
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  • 12. Musashi1 modulates cell proliferation genes in the medulloblastoma cell line Daoy.
    Sanchez-Diaz PC; Burton TL; Burns SC; Hung JY; Penalva LO
    BMC Cancer; 2008 Sep; 8():280. PubMed ID: 18826648
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  • 13. MYC messenger RNA expression predicts survival outcome in childhood primitive neuroectodermal tumor/medulloblastoma.
    Grotzer MA; Hogarty MD; Janss AJ; Liu X; Zhao H; Eggert A; Sutton LN; Rorke LB; Brodeur GM; Phillips PC
    Clin Cancer Res; 2001 Aug; 7(8):2425-33. PubMed ID: 11489822
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  • 14. [Construction of antisense c-myc recombinant adenovirus and its anti-tumor effects on osteosarcoma cell lines MG-63 and U2OS].
    Xie XK; Yang DS; Ye ZM; Tao HM
    Ai Zheng; 2005 Mar; 24(3):292-7. PubMed ID: 15757529
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  • 15. All-trans-retinoic acid induces cell growth arrest in a human medulloblastoma cell line.
    Chang Q; Chen Z; You J; McNutt MA; Zhang T; Han Z; Zhang X; Gong E; Gu J
    J Neurooncol; 2007 Sep; 84(3):263-7. PubMed ID: 17453147
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  • 16. Minichromosome maintenance proteins 2, 3 and 7 in medulloblastoma: overexpression and involvement in regulation of cell migration and invasion.
    Lau KM; Chan QK; Pang JC; Li KK; Yeung WW; Chung NY; Lui PC; Tam YS; Li HM; Zhou L; Wang Y; Mao Y; Ng HK
    Oncogene; 2010 Oct; 29(40):5475-89. PubMed ID: 20661220
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  • 17. Neurotrophin receptors and heparanase: a functional axis in human medulloblastoma invasion.
    Marchetti D; Mrak RE; Paulsen DD; Sinnappah-Kang ND
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2007 Mar; 26(1):5-23. PubMed ID: 17550129
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  • 18. Overexpression of HMGA1 deregulates tumor growth via cdc25A and alters migration/invasion through a cdc25A-independent pathway in medulloblastoma.
    Lau KM; Chan QK; Pang JC; Ma FM; Li KK; Yeung WW; Cheng AS; Feng H; Chung NY; Li HM; Zhou L; Wang Y; Mao Y; Ng HK
    Acta Neuropathol; 2012 Apr; 123(4):553-71. PubMed ID: 22249617
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  • 19. c-Met activation in medulloblastoma induces tissue factor expression and activity: effects on cell migration.
    Provençal M; Labbé D; Veitch R; Boivin D; Rivard GE; Sartelet H; Robitaille Y; Gingras D; Béliveau R
    Carcinogenesis; 2009 Jul; 30(7):1089-96. PubMed ID: 19359592
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  • 20. Cyclophosphamide resistance in medulloblastoma.
    Friedman HS; Colvin OM; Kaufmann SH; Ludeman SM; Bullock N; Bigner DD; Griffith OW
    Cancer Res; 1992 Oct; 52(19):5373-8. PubMed ID: 1356617
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