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  • 1. Macrophage paraoxonase 2 (PON2) expression is up-regulated by pomegranate juice phenolic anti-oxidants via PPAR gamma and AP-1 pathway activation.
    Shiner M; Fuhrman B; Aviram M
    Atherosclerosis; 2007 Dec; 195(2):313-21. PubMed ID: 17292903
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  • 2. Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) expression in hepatocytes is upregulated by pomegranate polyphenols: a role for PPAR-gamma pathway.
    Khateeb J; Gantman A; Kreitenberg AJ; Aviram M; Fuhrman B
    Atherosclerosis; 2010 Jan; 208(1):119-25. PubMed ID: 19783251
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  • 3. Pomegranate juice sugar fraction reduces macrophage oxidative state, whereas white grape juice sugar fraction increases it.
    Rozenberg O; Howell A; Aviram M
    Atherosclerosis; 2006 Sep; 188(1):68-76. PubMed ID: 16332370
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  • 4. In vitro antiproliferative, apoptotic and antioxidant activities of punicalagin, ellagic acid and a total pomegranate tannin extract are enhanced in combination with other polyphenols as found in pomegranate juice.
    Seeram NP; Adams LS; Henning SM; Niu Y; Zhang Y; Nair MG; Heber D
    J Nutr Biochem; 2005 Jun; 16(6):360-7. PubMed ID: 15936648
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  • 5. Pomegranate juice (PJ) consumption antioxidative properties on mouse macrophages, but not PJ beneficial effects on macrophage cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism, are mediated via PJ-induced stimulation of macrophage PON2.
    Rosenblat M; Volkova N; Aviram M
    Atherosclerosis; 2010 Sep; 212(1):86-92. PubMed ID: 20537330
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  • 6. Paraoxsonase2 (PON2) and oxidative stress involvement in pomegranate juice protection against cigarette smoke-induced macrophage cholesterol accumulation.
    Rom O; Aviram M
    Chem Biol Interact; 2016 Nov; 259(Pt B):394-400. PubMed ID: 27163848
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  • 7. Pomegranate juice polyphenols increase recombinant paraoxonase-1 binding to high-density lipoprotein: studies in vitro and in diabetic patients.
    Fuhrman B; Volkova N; Aviram M
    Nutrition; 2010 Apr; 26(4):359-66. PubMed ID: 19762215
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  • 8. Urokinase plasminogen activator upregulates paraoxonase 2 expression in macrophages via an NADPH oxidase-dependent mechanism.
    Fuhrman B; Khateeb J; Shiner M; Nitzan O; Karry R; Volkova N; Aviram M
    Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol; 2008 Jul; 28(7):1361-7. PubMed ID: 18436804
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  • 9. Paraoxonase 2 (PON2) expression is upregulated via a reduced-nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide-phosphate (NADPH)-oxidase-dependent mechanism during monocytes differentiation into macrophages.
    Shiner M; Fuhrman B; Aviram M
    Free Radic Biol Med; 2004 Dec; 37(12):2052-63. PubMed ID: 15544923
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  • 10. Pomegranate juice polyphenols induce a phenotypic switch in macrophage polarization favoring a M2 anti-inflammatory state.
    Aharoni S; Lati Y; Aviram M; Fuhrman B
    Biofactors; 2015; 41(1):44-51. PubMed ID: 25650983
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  • 11. A biphasic U-shape effect of cellular oxidative stress on the macrophage anti-oxidant paraoxonase 2 (PON2) enzymatic activity.
    Shiner M; Fuhrman B; Aviram M
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2006 Oct; 349(3):1094-9. PubMed ID: 16970920
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  • 12. Pomegranate phenolics from the peels, arils, and flowers are antiatherogenic: studies in vivo in atherosclerotic apolipoprotein e-deficient (E 0) mice and in vitro in cultured macrophages and lipoproteins.
    Aviram M; Volkova N; Coleman R; Dreher M; Reddy MK; Ferreira D; Rosenblat M
    J Agric Food Chem; 2008 Feb; 56(3):1148-57. PubMed ID: 18173244
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  • 13. Pomegranate juice protects macrophages from triglyceride accumulation: inhibitory effect on DGAT1 activity and on triglyceride biosynthesis.
    Rosenblat M; Aviram M
    Ann Nutr Metab; 2011; 58(1):1-9. PubMed ID: 21212659
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  • 14. Anti-oxidative effects of pomegranate juice (PJ) consumption by diabetic patients on serum and on macrophages.
    Rosenblat M; Hayek T; Aviram M
    Atherosclerosis; 2006 Aug; 187(2):363-71. PubMed ID: 16226266
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  • 15. Pomegranate Juice Polyphenols Induce Macrophage Death via Apoptosis as Opposed to Necrosis Induced by Free Radical Generation: A Central Role for Oxidative Stress.
    Rom O; Volkova N; Nandi S; Jelinek R; Aviram M
    J Cardiovasc Pharmacol; 2016 Aug; 68(2):106-14. PubMed ID: 27010808
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  • 16. Anti-atherogenic properties of date vs. pomegranate polyphenols: the benefits of the combination.
    Rosenblat M; Volkova N; Borochov-Neori H; Judeinstein S; Aviram M
    Food Funct; 2015 May; 6(5):1496-509. PubMed ID: 25811166
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  • 17. Selective oxidative stress and cholesterol metabolism in lipid-metabolizing cell classes: Distinct regulatory roles for pro-oxidants and antioxidants.
    Rosenblat M; Volkova N; Aviram M
    Biofactors; 2015; 41(4):273-88. PubMed ID: 26228307
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  • 18. Monocyte-macrophage membrane possesses free radicals scavenging activity: stimulation by polyphenols or by paraoxonase 1 (PON1).
    Rosenblat M; Elias A; Volkova N; Aviram M
    Free Radic Res; 2013 Apr; 47(4):257-67. PubMed ID: 23316782
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  • 19. [Addition of pomegranate juice to statin inhibits cholesterol accumulation in macrophages: protective role for the phytosterol beta-sitosterol and for the polyphenolic antioxidant punicalagin].
    Rosenblat M; Volkova N; Aviram M
    Harefuah; 2013 Sep; 152(9):513-5, 565. PubMed ID: 24364088
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  • 20. Pomegranate juice consumption for 3 years by patients with carotid artery stenosis reduces common carotid intima-media thickness, blood pressure and LDL oxidation.
    Aviram M; Rosenblat M; Gaitini D; Nitecki S; Hoffman A; Dornfeld L; Volkova N; Presser D; Attias J; Liker H; Hayek T
    Clin Nutr; 2004 Jun; 23(3):423-33. PubMed ID: 15158307
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