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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. A novel mechanism by which thiazolidinediones facilitate the proteasomal degradation of cyclin D1 in cancer cells.
    Wei S; Yang HC; Chuang HC; Yang J; Kulp SK; Lu PJ; Lai MD; Chen CS
    J Biol Chem; 2008 Sep; 283(39):26759-70. PubMed ID: 18650423
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  • 2. Thiazolidinediones modulate the expression of beta-catenin and other cell-cycle regulatory proteins by targeting the F-box proteins of Skp1-Cul1-F-box protein E3 ubiquitin ligase independently of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma.
    Wei S; Lin LF; Yang CC; Wang YC; Chang GD; Chen H; Chen CS
    Mol Pharmacol; 2007 Sep; 72(3):725-33. PubMed ID: 17569795
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  • 3. Thiazolidinediones mimic glucose starvation in facilitating Sp1 degradation through the up-regulation of beta-transducin repeat-containing protein.
    Wei S; Chuang HC; Tsai WC; Yang HC; Ho SR; Paterson AJ; Kulp SK; Chen CS
    Mol Pharmacol; 2009 Jul; 76(1):47-57. PubMed ID: 19372209
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  • 4. Regulation of GATA-binding protein 2 levels via ubiquitin-dependent degradation by Fbw7: involvement of cyclin B-cyclin-dependent kinase 1-mediated phosphorylation of THR176 in GATA-binding protein 2.
    Nakajima T; Kitagawa K; Ohhata T; Sakai S; Uchida C; Shibata K; Minegishi N; Yumimoto K; Nakayama KI; Masumoto K; Katou F; Niida H; Kitagawa M
    J Biol Chem; 2015 Apr; 290(16):10368-81. PubMed ID: 25670854
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  • 5. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma-independent suppression of androgen receptor expression by troglitazone mechanism and pharmacologic exploitation.
    Yang CC; Wang YC; Wei S; Lin LF; Chen CS; Lee CC; Lin CC; Chen CS
    Cancer Res; 2007 Apr; 67(7):3229-38. PubMed ID: 17409431
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  • 6. UV-induced degradation of securin is mediated by SKP1-CUL1-beta TrCP E3 ubiquitin ligase.
    Limón-Mortés MC; Mora-Santos M; Espina A; Pintor-Toro JA; López-Román A; Tortolero M; Romero F
    J Cell Sci; 2008 Jun; 121(11):1825-31. PubMed ID: 18460583
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  • 7. A colon cancer-derived mutant of Krüppel-like factor 5 (KLF5) is resistant to degradation by glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK3β) and the E3 ubiquitin ligase F-box and WD repeat domain-containing 7α (FBW7α).
    Bialkowska AB; Liu Y; Nandan MO; Yang VW
    J Biol Chem; 2014 Feb; 289(9):5997-6005. PubMed ID: 24398687
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  • 8. Development of small-molecule cyclin D1-ablative agents.
    Huang JW; Shiau CW; Yang J; Wang DS; Chiu HC; Chen CY; Chen CS
    J Med Chem; 2006 Jul; 49(15):4684-9. PubMed ID: 16854074
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  • 9. LPS impairs phospholipid synthesis by triggering beta-transducin repeat-containing protein (beta-TrCP)-mediated polyubiquitination and degradation of the surfactant enzyme acyl-CoA:lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase I (LPCAT1).
    Zou C; Butler PL; Coon TA; Smith RM; Hammen G; Zhao Y; Chen BB; Mallampalli RK
    J Biol Chem; 2011 Jan; 286(4):2719-27. PubMed ID: 21068446
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  • 10. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma-independent ablation of cyclin D1 by thiazolidinediones and their derivatives in breast cancer cells.
    Huang JW; Shiau CW; Yang YT; Kulp SK; Chen KF; Brueggemeier RW; Shapiro CL; Chen CS
    Mol Pharmacol; 2005 Apr; 67(4):1342-8. PubMed ID: 15653552
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  • 11. Targeting the oncogenic E3 ligase Skp2 in prostate and breast cancer cells with a novel energy restriction-mimetic agent.
    Wei S; Chu PC; Chuang HC; Hung WC; Kulp SK; Chen CS
    PLoS One; 2012; 7(10):e47298. PubMed ID: 23071779
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  • 12. The mRNA-stabilizing factor HuR protein is targeted by β-TrCP protein for degradation in response to glycolysis inhibition.
    Chu PC; Chuang HC; Kulp SK; Chen CS
    J Biol Chem; 2012 Dec; 287(52):43639-50. PubMed ID: 23115237
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  • 13. Genetic reevaluation of the role of F-box proteins in cyclin D1 degradation.
    Kanie T; Onoyama I; Matsumoto A; Yamada M; Nakatsumi H; Tateishi Y; Yamamura S; Tsunematsu R; Matsumoto M; Nakayama KI
    Mol Cell Biol; 2012 Feb; 32(3):590-605. PubMed ID: 22124152
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  • 14. Stringent Control of NFE2L3 (Nuclear Factor, Erythroid 2-Like 3; NRF3) Protein Degradation by FBW7 (F-box/WD Repeat-containing Protein 7) and Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 (GSK3).
    Kannan MB; Dodard-Friedman I; Blank V
    J Biol Chem; 2015 Oct; 290(43):26292-302. PubMed ID: 26306035
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  • 15. A C-terminal fragment of Cyclin E, generated by caspase-mediated cleavage, is degraded in the absence of a recognizable phosphodegron.
    Plesca D; Mazumder S; Gama V; Matsuyama S; Almasan A
    J Biol Chem; 2008 Nov; 283(45):30796-803. PubMed ID: 18784078
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  • 16. NSs Virulence Factor of Rift Valley Fever Virus Engages the F-Box Proteins FBXW11 and β-TRCP1 To Degrade the Antiviral Protein Kinase PKR.
    Kainulainen M; Lau S; Samuel CE; Hornung V; Weber F
    J Virol; 2016 Jul; 90(13):6140-7. PubMed ID: 27122577
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  • 17. The E3 ubiquitin ligases β-TrCP and FBXW7 cooperatively mediates GSK3-dependent Mcl-1 degradation induced by the Akt inhibitor API-1, resulting in apoptosis.
    Ren H; Koo J; Guan B; Yue P; Deng X; Chen M; Khuri FR; Sun SY
    Mol Cancer; 2013 Nov; 12():146. PubMed ID: 24261825
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  • 18. Berberine Suppresses Cyclin D1 Expression through Proteasomal Degradation in Human Hepatoma Cells.
    Wang N; Wang X; Tan HY; Li S; Tsang CM; Tsao SW; Feng Y
    Int J Mol Sci; 2016 Nov; 17(11):. PubMed ID: 27854312
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  • 19. Rotavirus NSP1 Requires Casein Kinase II-Mediated Phosphorylation for Hijacking of Cullin-RING Ligases.
    Davis KA; Morelli M; Patton JT
    mBio; 2017 Aug; 8(4):. PubMed ID: 28851847
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  • 20. Role of SKP1-CUL1-F-box-protein (SCF) E3 ubiquitin ligases in skin cancer.
    Xie CM; Wei W; Sun Y
    J Genet Genomics; 2013 Mar; 40(3):97-106. PubMed ID: 23522382
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