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  • 1. Effects of ritonavir-boosted darunavir vs. ritonavir-boosted atazanavir on lipid and glucose parameters in HIV-negative, healthy volunteers.
    Tomaka F; Lefebvre E; Sekar V; Van Baelen B; Vangeneugden T; Vandevoorde A; Diego Miralles G
    HIV Med; 2009 May; 10(5):318-27. PubMed ID: 19210693
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  • 2. The effect of different meal types on the pharmacokinetics of darunavir (TMC114)/ritonavir in HIV-negative healthy volunteers.
    Sekar V; Kestens D; Spinosa-Guzman S; De Pauw M; De Paepe E; Vangeneugden T; Lefebvre E; Hoetelmans RM
    J Clin Pharmacol; 2007 Apr; 47(4):479-84. PubMed ID: 17389557
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  • 3. Early lipid changes with atazanavir/ritonavir or darunavir/ritonavir.
    Martinez E; Gonzalez-Cordon A; Ferrer E; Domingo P; Negredo E; Gutierrez F; Portilla J; Curran A; Podzamczer D; Murillas J; Bernardino JI; Santos I; Carton JA; Peraire J; Pich J; Perez I; Gatell JM;
    HIV Med; 2014 Jul; 15(6):330-8. PubMed ID: 24417772
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  • 4. Pharmacokinetics of concurrent administration of fosamprenavir and atazanavir without ritonavir in human immunodeficiency virus-negative subjects.
    McRae M; Clay PG; Anderson PL; Glaros AG
    Pharmacotherapy; 2009 Aug; 29(8):937-42. PubMed ID: 19637947
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  • 5. Ritonavir boosting dose reduction from 100 to 50 mg does not change the atazanavir steady-state exposure in healthy volunteers.
    Estévez JA; Moltó J; Tuneu L; Cedeño S; Antonijoan RM; Mangues MA; Clotet B; Domingo P; Puntes M; Barbanoj MJ; Valle M
    J Antimicrob Chemother; 2012 Aug; 67(8):2013-9. PubMed ID: 22566588
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  • 6. Pharmacokinetics of darunavir (TMC114) and atazanavir during coadministration in HIV-negative, healthy volunteers.
    Sekar VJ; Lefebvre E; De Marez T; Spinosa-Guzman S; De Pauw M; De Paepe E; Vangeneugden T; Hoetelmans RM
    Drugs R D; 2007; 8(4):241-8. PubMed ID: 17596110
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  • 7. Pharmacokinetics of atazanavir/ritonavir once daily and lopinavir/ritonavir twice and once daily over 72 h following drug cessation.
    Boffito M; Else L; Back D; Taylor J; Khoo S; Sousa M; Pozniak A; Gazzard B; Moyle G
    Antivir Ther; 2008; 13(7):901-7. PubMed ID: 19043924
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  • 8. Ritonavir-boosted atazanavir-lopinavir combination: a pharmacokinetic interaction study of total, unbound plasma and cellular exposures.
    Colombo S; Buclin T; Franc C; Guignard N; Khonkarly M; Tarr PE; Rochat B; Biollaz J; Telenti A; Decosterd LA; Cavassini M
    Antivir Ther; 2006; 11(1):53-62. PubMed ID: 16518960
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  • 9. Safety and exposure of once-daily ritonavir-boosted atazanavir in HIV-infected pregnant women.
    Conradie F; Zorrilla C; Josipovic D; Botes M; Osiyemi O; Vandeloise E; Eley T; Child M; Bertz R; Hu W; Wirtz V; McGrath D
    HIV Med; 2011 Oct; 12(9):570-9. PubMed ID: 21569187
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  • 10. Pharmacokinetic interactions between the hepatitis C virus protease inhibitor boceprevir and ritonavir-boosted HIV-1 protease inhibitors atazanavir, darunavir, and lopinavir.
    Hulskotte EG; Feng HP; Xuan F; van Zutven MG; Treitel MA; Hughes EA; O'Mara E; Youngberg SP; Wagner JA; Butterton JR
    Clin Infect Dis; 2013 Mar; 56(5):718-26. PubMed ID: 23155151
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  • 11. Efficacy and safety of replacing lopinavir with atazanavir in HIV-infected patients with undetectable plasma viraemia: final results of the SLOAT trial.
    Soriano V; García-Gasco P; Vispo E; Ruiz-Sancho A; Blanco F; Martín-Carbonero L; Rodríguez-Novoa S; Morello J; de Mendoza C; Rivas P; Barreiro P; González-Lahoz J
    J Antimicrob Chemother; 2008 Jan; 61(1):200-5. PubMed ID: 17999977
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  • 12. Pharmacokinetic interaction between darunavir and saquinavir in HIV-negative volunteers.
    Sekar VJ; Lefebvre E; Mariën K; De Pauw M; Vangeneugden T; Hoetelmans RM
    Ther Drug Monit; 2007 Dec; 29(6):795-801. PubMed ID: 18043478
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  • 13. The effect of low-dose ritonavir monotherapy on fasting serum lipid concentrations.
    Shafran SD; Mashinter LD; Roberts SE
    HIV Med; 2005 Nov; 6(6):421-5. PubMed ID: 16268824
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  • 14. Long-term (120-Week) antiviral efficacy and tolerability of fosamprenavir/ritonavir once daily in therapy-naive patients with HIV-1 infection: an uncontrolled, open-label, single-arm follow-on study.
    Gathe JC; Wood R; Sanne I; DeJesus E; Schürmann D; Gladysz A; Garris C; Givens N; Elston R; Yeo J
    Clin Ther; 2006 May; 28(5):745-54. PubMed ID: 16861096
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  • 15. Effect of rifampin on steady-state pharmacokinetics of atazanavir with ritonavir in healthy volunteers.
    Burger DM; Agarwala S; Child M; Been-Tiktak A; Wang Y; Bertz R
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother; 2006 Oct; 50(10):3336-42. PubMed ID: 17005814
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  • 16. Effects of ritonavir-boosted darunavir, atazanavir and lopinavir on adipose functions and insulin sensitivity in murine and human adipocytes.
    Capel E; Auclair M; Caron-Debarle M; Capeau J
    Antivir Ther; 2012; 17(3):549-56. PubMed ID: 22293506
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  • 17. Similar efficacy and tolerability of atazanavir compared with atazanavir/ritonavir, each with abacavir/lamivudine after initial suppression with abacavir/lamivudine plus ritonavir-boosted atazanavir in HIV-infected patients.
    Squires KE; Young B; Dejesus E; Bellos N; Murphy D; Zhao HH; Patel LG; Ross LL; Wannamaker PG; Shaefer MS;
    AIDS; 2010 Aug; 24(13):2019-27. PubMed ID: 20613461
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  • 18. Efficacy and safety of atazanavir-based highly active antiretroviral therapy in patients with virologic suppression switched from a stable, boosted or unboosted protease inhibitor treatment regimen: the SWAN Study (AI424-097) 48-week results.
    Gatell J; Salmon-Ceron D; Lazzarin A; Van Wijngaerden E; Antunes F; Leen C; Horban A; Wirtz V; Odeshoo L; Van den Dungen M; Gruber C; Ledesma E;
    Clin Infect Dis; 2007 Jun; 44(11):1484-92. PubMed ID: 17479947
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  • 19. A randomised comparison of safety and efficacy of nevirapine vs. atazanavir/ritonavir combined with tenofovir/emtricitabine in treatment-naïve patients.
    Dejesus E; Mills A; Bhatti L; Conner C; Storfer S
    Int J Clin Pract; 2011 Dec; 65(12):1240-9. PubMed ID: 21999631
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  • 20. Metabolic effects of darunavir/ritonavir versus atazanavir/ritonavir in treatment-naive, HIV type 1-infected subjects over 48 weeks.
    Aberg JA; Tebas P; Overton ET; Gupta SK; Sax PE; Landay A; Falcon R; Ryan R; De La Rosa G
    AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses; 2012 Oct; 28(10):1184-95. PubMed ID: 22352336
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