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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. A miR-200 microRNA cluster as prognostic marker in advanced ovarian cancer.
    Hu X; Macdonald DM; Huettner PC; Feng Z; El Naqa IM; Schwarz JK; Mutch DG; Grigsby PW; Powell SN; Wang X
    Gynecol Oncol; 2009 Sep; 114(3):457-64. PubMed ID: 19501389
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  • 2. Evaluation of microRNA expression profiles that may predict recurrence of localized stage I non-small cell lung cancer after surgical resection.
    Patnaik SK; Kannisto E; Knudsen S; Yendamuri S
    Cancer Res; 2010 Jan; 70(1):36-45. PubMed ID: 20028859
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  • 3. Role of microRNAs in drug-resistant ovarian cancer cells.
    Sorrentino A; Liu CG; Addario A; Peschle C; Scambia G; Ferlini C
    Gynecol Oncol; 2008 Dec; 111(3):478-86. PubMed ID: 18823650
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  • 4. Characterization of B- and T-lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia by integrated analysis of MicroRNA and mRNA expression profiles.
    Fulci V; Colombo T; Chiaretti S; Messina M; Citarella F; Tavolaro S; Guarini A; Foà R; Macino G
    Genes Chromosomes Cancer; 2009 Dec; 48(12):1069-82. PubMed ID: 19760605
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  • 5. Tumor microRNA expression patterns associated with resistance to platinum based chemotherapy and survival in ovarian cancer patients.
    Eitan R; Kushnir M; Lithwick-Yanai G; David MB; Hoshen M; Glezerman M; Hod M; Sabah G; Rosenwald S; Levavi H
    Gynecol Oncol; 2009 Aug; 114(2):253-9. PubMed ID: 19446316
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  • 6. Regulation of ovarian cancer progression by microRNA-187 through targeting Disabled homolog-2.
    Chao A; Lin CY; Lee YS; Tsai CL; Wei PC; Hsueh S; Wu TI; Tsai CN; Wang CJ; Chao AS; Wang TH; Lai CH
    Oncogene; 2012 Feb; 31(6):764-75. PubMed ID: 21725366
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  • 7. MicroRNA-34b and MicroRNA-34c are targets of p53 and cooperate in control of cell proliferation and adhesion-independent growth.
    Corney DC; Flesken-Nikitin A; Godwin AK; Wang W; Nikitin AY
    Cancer Res; 2007 Sep; 67(18):8433-8. PubMed ID: 17823410
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  • 8. miR-34a as a prognostic marker of relapse in surgically resected non-small-cell lung cancer.
    Gallardo E; Navarro A; Viñolas N; Marrades RM; Diaz T; Gel B; Quera A; Bandres E; Garcia-Foncillas J; Ramirez J; Monzo M
    Carcinogenesis; 2009 Nov; 30(11):1903-9. PubMed ID: 19736307
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  • 9. MicroRNA classifiers for predicting prognosis of squamous cell lung cancer.
    Raponi M; Dossey L; Jatkoe T; Wu X; Chen G; Fan H; Beer DG
    Cancer Res; 2009 Jul; 69(14):5776-83. PubMed ID: 19584273
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  • 10. 5-Fluorouracil and oxaliplatin modify the expression profiles of microRNAs in human colon cancer cells in vitro.
    Zhou J; Zhou Y; Yin B; Hao W; Zhao L; Ju W; Bai C
    Oncol Rep; 2010 Jan; 23(1):121-8. PubMed ID: 19956872
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  • 11. CDKN2A, NF2, and JUN are dysregulated among other genes by miRNAs in malignant mesothelioma -A miRNA microarray analysis.
    Guled M; Lahti L; Lindholm PM; Salmenkivi K; Bagwan I; Nicholson AG; Knuutila S
    Genes Chromosomes Cancer; 2009 Jul; 48(7):615-23. PubMed ID: 19396864
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  • 12. The miR-200 family controls beta-tubulin III expression and is associated with paclitaxel-based treatment response and progression-free survival in ovarian cancer patients.
    Leskelä S; Leandro-García LJ; Mendiola M; Barriuso J; Inglada-Pérez L; Muñoz I; Martínez-Delgado B; Redondo A; de Santiago J; Robledo M; Hardisson D; Rodríguez-Antona C
    Endocr Relat Cancer; 2011 Feb; 18(1):85-95. PubMed ID: 21051560
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  • 13. microRNA expression profile in undifferentiated gastric cancer.
    Katada T; Ishiguro H; Kuwabara Y; Kimura M; Mitui A; Mori Y; Ogawa R; Harata K; Fujii Y
    Int J Oncol; 2009 Feb; 34(2):537-42. PubMed ID: 19148490
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  • 14. The detection of differentially expressed microRNAs from the serum of ovarian cancer patients using a novel real-time PCR platform.
    Resnick KE; Alder H; Hagan JP; Richardson DL; Croce CM; Cohn DE
    Gynecol Oncol; 2009 Jan; 112(1):55-9. PubMed ID: 18954897
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  • 15. [Cloning and identification of microRNA from human osteosarcoma cell line SOSP-9607].
    Gao J; Yang TT; Qiu XC; Yu B; Han JW; Fan QY; Ma BA
    Ai Zheng; 2007 Jun; 26(6):561-5. PubMed ID: 17562257
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  • 16. microRNA-451 regulates macrophage migration inhibitory factor production and proliferation of gastrointestinal cancer cells.
    Bandres E; Bitarte N; Arias F; Agorreta J; Fortes P; Agirre X; Zarate R; Diaz-Gonzalez JA; Ramirez N; Sola JJ; Jimenez P; Rodriguez J; Garcia-Foncillas J
    Clin Cancer Res; 2009 Apr; 15(7):2281-90. PubMed ID: 19318487
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  • 17. microRNA-146b inhibits glioma cell migration and invasion by targeting MMPs.
    Xia H; Qi Y; Ng SS; Chen X; Li D; Chen S; Ge R; Jiang S; Li G; Chen Y; He ML; Kung HF; Lai L; Lin MC
    Brain Res; 2009 May; 1269():158-65. PubMed ID: 19265686
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  • 18. The miR-17-92 cluster is over expressed in and has an oncogenic effect on renal cell carcinoma.
    Chow TF; Mankaruos M; Scorilas A; Youssef Y; Girgis A; Mossad S; Metias S; Rofael Y; Honey RJ; Stewart R; Pace KT; Yousef GM
    J Urol; 2010 Feb; 183(2):743-51. PubMed ID: 20022054
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  • 19. Restoration of tumour suppressor hsa-miR-145 inhibits cancer cell growth in lung adenocarcinoma patients with epidermal growth factor receptor mutation.
    Cho WC; Chow AS; Au JS
    Eur J Cancer; 2009 Aug; 45(12):2197-206. PubMed ID: 19493678
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  • 20. MicroRNA-9 inhibits ovarian cancer cell growth through regulation of NF-kappaB1.
    Guo LM; Pu Y; Han Z; Liu T; Li YX; Liu M; Li X; Tang H
    FEBS J; 2009 Oct; 276(19):5537-46. PubMed ID: 19702828
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