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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Assessment of the pre-clinical immunogenicity of a new VEGF receptor Fc-fusion protein FP3 with ELISA and BIACORE.
    Wang H; Shi J; Wang Q; Li H; Cai K; Hou X; Li T; Zhong Q; Yu D
    Cancer Immunol Immunother; 2010 Feb; 59(2):239-46. PubMed ID: 19633845
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  • 2. Soluble vascular endothelial growth factor decoy receptor FP3 exerts potent antiangiogenic effects.
    Yu DC; Lee JS; Yoo JY; Shin H; Deng H; Wei Y; Yun CO
    Mol Ther; 2012 May; 20(5):938-47. PubMed ID: 22273580
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  • 3. Preclinical immunogenicity testing using anti-drug antibody analysis of GX-G3, Fc-fused recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, in rat and monkey models.
    Kim YJ; Koh EM; Song CH; Byun MS; Choi YR; Jeon EJ; Hwang K; Kim SK; Yang SI; Jung KJ
    Sci Rep; 2021 Jun; 11(1):12004. PubMed ID: 34099775
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  • 4. Antitumor effect of FP3 in combination with cetuximab on patient-derived tumor tissue xenograft models of primary colon carcinoma and related lymphatic and hepatic metastases.
    Dong X; Jin K; Hu X; Du F; Lan H; Han N; Ma Z; Xie B; Cui B; Teng L; Cao F
    Int J Mol Med; 2012 Jul; 30(1):126-32. PubMed ID: 22505231
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  • 5. An HIV Envelope gp120-Fc Fusion Protein Elicits Effector Antibody Responses in Rhesus Macaques.
    Shubin Z; Li W; Poonia B; Ferrari G; LaBranche C; Montefiori D; Zhu X; Pauza CD
    Clin Vaccine Immunol; 2017 Jun; 24(6):. PubMed ID: 28404572
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  • 6. Antitumor effects of FP3 in combination with capecitabine on PDTT xenograft models of primary colon carcinoma and related lymphatic and hepatic metastases.
    Jin K; Lan H; Xie B; He K; Xu Z; Li G; Han N; Teng L; Cao F
    Cancer Biol Ther; 2012 Jul; 13(9):737-44. PubMed ID: 22617773
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  • 7. Evaluation of an immunoassay for human-specific quantitation of therapeutic antibodies in serum samples from non-human primates.
    Stubenrauch K; Wessels U; Lenz H
    J Pharm Biomed Anal; 2009 May; 49(4):1003-8. PubMed ID: 19250787
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  • 8. Antitumor effect of FP3 on a patient-derived tumor tissue xenograft model of rectal carcinoma.
    Bi T; Bi T; Lan H; Hu X; Zhu M; Xu Z; Hu J; Teng L; Jin K
    Hepatogastroenterology; 2013; 60(128):1950-4. PubMed ID: 24719933
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  • 9. Assessment of immunogenicity of romiplostim in clinical studies with ITP subjects.
    Jawa V; Hokom M; Hu Z; El-Abaadi N; Zhuang Y; Berger D; Gupta S; Swanson SJ; Chirmule N
    Ann Hematol; 2010 Jul; 89 Suppl 1(Suppl 1):75-85. PubMed ID: 20155267
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  • 10. Enhanced elicitation of potent neutralizing antibodies by the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor binding domain Fc fusion protein in mice.
    Liu X; Drelich A; Li W; Chen C; Sun Z; Shi M; Adams C; Mellors JW; Tseng CT; Dimitrov DS
    Vaccine; 2020 Oct; 38(46):7205-7212. PubMed ID: 33010978
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  • 11. Recombinant anti-vascular endothelial growth factor fusion protein efficiently suppresses choridal neovasularization in monkeys.
    Zhang M; Zhang J; Yan M; Li H; Yang C; Yu D
    Mol Vis; 2008 Jan; 14():37-49. PubMed ID: 18246030
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  • 12. The pharmacology study of a new recombinant human VEGF receptor-fc fusion protein on experimental choroidal neovascularization.
    Zhang M; Yu D; Yang C; Xia Q; Li W; Liu B; Li H
    Pharm Res; 2009 Jan; 26(1):204-10. PubMed ID: 18854954
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  • 13. Pharmacology study of a chimeric decoy receptor trap fusion protein on retina neovascularization by dual blockage of VEGF and FGF-2.
    Jiang J; Xu K; Wang L; Xin W; Zhao G; Huang M; Li S; Luan X; Fang J
    Eur J Pharm Sci; 2018 Aug; 121():251-259. PubMed ID: 29715501
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  • 14. Changes in systemic vascular endothelial growth factor levels after intravitreal injection of aflibercept in infants with retinopathy of prematurity.
    Huang CY; Lien R; Wang NK; Chao AN; Chen KJ; Chen TL; Hwang YS; Lai CC; Wu WC
    Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol; 2018 Mar; 256(3):479-487. PubMed ID: 29290015
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  • 15. Immunogenicity screening assay development for a novel human-mouse chimeric anti-CD147 monoclonal antibody (Metuzumab).
    Mi L; Li W; Li M; Chen T; Wang M; Sun L; Chen Z
    J Immunol Methods; 2016 Jun; 433():38-43. PubMed ID: 26944771
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  • 16. IgG-enzyme fusion protein: pharmacokinetics and anti-drug antibody response in rhesus monkeys.
    Boado RJ; Hui EK; Lu JZ; Pardridge WM
    Bioconjug Chem; 2013 Jan; 24(1):97-104. PubMed ID: 23249376
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  • 17. IBI302, a promising candidate for AMD treatment, targeting both the VEGF and complement system with high binding affinity in vitro and effective targeting of the ocular tissue in healthy rhesus monkeys.
    Ren X; Li J; Xu X; Wang C; Cheng Y
    Exp Eye Res; 2016 Apr; 145():352-358. PubMed ID: 26919788
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  • 18. Modulating immunogenicity of factor IX by fusion to an immunoglobulin Fc domain: a study using a hemophilia B mouse model.
    Levin D; Lagassé HA; Burch E; Strome S; Tan S; Jiang H; Sauna ZE; Golding B
    J Thromb Haemost; 2017 Apr; 15(4):721-734. PubMed ID: 28166609
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  • 19. FP3: a novel VEGF blocker with anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor effects.
    Gao W; Jin K; Lan H; Han N; Cao F; Teng L
    Hepatogastroenterology; 2012; 59(120):2543-7. PubMed ID: 22534543
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  • 20. [Immunogenicity of recombinant adeno-asscociated virus type 1 expressing HIV-1 gp120 gene in mice and Rhesus macaques].
    Yu SQ; Feng X; Liu HM; Yang HR; Li HX; Zeng Y
    Bing Du Xue Bao; 2010 Mar; 26(2):115-20. PubMed ID: 20480640
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