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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Simvastatin induces derepression of PTEN expression via NFkappaB to inhibit breast cancer cell growth.
    Ghosh-Choudhury N; Mandal CC; Ghosh-Choudhury N; Ghosh Choudhury G
    Cell Signal; 2010 May; 22(5):749-58. PubMed ID: 20060890
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  • 2. Fish oil targets PTEN to regulate NFkappaB for downregulation of anti-apoptotic genes in breast tumor growth.
    Ghosh-Choudhury T; Mandal CC; Woodruff K; St Clair P; Fernandes G; Choudhury GG; Ghosh-Choudhury N
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2009 Nov; 118(1):213-28. PubMed ID: 18953692
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  • 3. 17betaE2 promotes cell proliferation in endometriosis by decreasing PTEN via NFkappaB-dependent pathway.
    Zhang H; Zhao X; Liu S; Li J; Wen Z; Li M
    Mol Cell Endocrinol; 2010 Apr; 317(1-2):31-43. PubMed ID: 19932734
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  • 4. NFκB-mediated cyclin D1 expression by microRNA-21 influences renal cancer cell proliferation.
    Bera A; Ghosh-Choudhury N; Dey N; Das F; Kasinath BS; Abboud HE; Choudhury GG
    Cell Signal; 2013 Dec; 25(12):2575-86. PubMed ID: 23981302
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  • 5. miR-221/222 promote cancer stem-like cell properties and tumor growth of breast cancer via targeting PTEN and sustained Akt/NF-κB/COX-2 activation.
    Li B; Lu Y; Yu L; Han X; Wang H; Mao J; Shen J; Wang B; Tang J; Li C; Song B
    Chem Biol Interact; 2017 Nov; 277():33-42. PubMed ID: 28844858
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  • 6. Indole-3-carbinol inhibits protein kinase B/Akt and induces apoptosis in the human breast tumor cell line MDA MB468 but not in the nontumorigenic HBL100 line.
    Howells LM; Gallacher-Horley B; Houghton CE; Manson MM; Hudson EA
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2002 Nov; 1(13):1161-72. PubMed ID: 12479697
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  • 7. Simvastatin induces apoptosis in human breast cancer cells in a NFkappaB-dependent manner and abolishes the anti-apoptotic signaling of TF/FVIIa and TF/FVIIa/FXa.
    Aberg M; Wickström M; Siegbahn A
    Thromb Res; 2008; 122(2):191-202. PubMed ID: 18031796
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  • 8. Simvastatin induces apoptosis in human colon cancer cells and in tumor xenografts, and attenuates colitis-associated colon cancer in mice.
    Cho SJ; Kim JS; Kim JM; Lee JY; Jung HC; Song IS
    Int J Cancer; 2008 Aug; 123(4):951-7. PubMed ID: 18521906
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  • 9. Statin induces inhibition of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) cells via PI3K pathway.
    Park YH; Jung HH; Ahn JS; Im YH
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2013 Sep; 439(2):275-9. PubMed ID: 23973711
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  • 10. MDA-7 regulates cell growth and radiosensitivity in vitro of primary (non-established) human glioma cells.
    Yacoub A; Mitchell C; Hong Y; Gopalkrishnan RV; Su ZZ; Gupta P; Sauane M; Lebedeva IV; Curiel DT; Mahasreshti PJ; Rosenfeld MR; Broaddus WC; James CD; Grant S; Fisher PB; Dent P
    Cancer Biol Ther; 2004 Aug; 3(8):739-51. PubMed ID: 15197348
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  • 11. PTEN sensitizes MDA-MB-468 cells to inhibition of MEK/Erk signaling for the blockade of cell proliferation.
    Jang K; Kim M; Seo HS; Shin I
    Oncol Rep; 2010 Sep; 24(3):787-93. PubMed ID: 20664988
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  • 12. Hyaluronan-mediated CD44 interaction with p300 and SIRT1 regulates beta-catenin signaling and NFkappaB-specific transcription activity leading to MDR1 and Bcl-xL gene expression and chemoresistance in breast tumor cells.
    Bourguignon LYW; Xia W; Wong G
    J Biol Chem; 2009 Jan; 284(5):2657-2671. PubMed ID: 19047049
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  • 13. Anticancer efficacy of simvastatin on prostate cancer cells and tumor xenografts is associated with inhibition of Akt and reduced prostate-specific antigen expression.
    Kochuparambil ST; Al-Husein B; Goc A; Soliman S; Somanath PR
    J Pharmacol Exp Ther; 2011 Feb; 336(2):496-505. PubMed ID: 21059805
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  • 14. GATA2 negatively regulates PTEN by preventing nuclear translocation of androgen receptor and by androgen-independent suppression of PTEN transcription in breast cancer.
    Wang Y; He X; Ngeow J; Eng C
    Hum Mol Genet; 2012 Feb; 21(3):569-76. PubMed ID: 22021428
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  • 15. The LXR-623-induced long non-coding RNA LINC01125 suppresses the proliferation of breast cancer cells via PTEN/AKT/p53 signaling pathway.
    Wan W; Hou Y; Wang K; Cheng Y; Pu X; Ye X
    Cell Death Dis; 2019 Mar; 10(3):248. PubMed ID: 30867411
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  • 16. Combined targeting of mTOR and AKT is an effective strategy for basal-like breast cancer in patient-derived xenograft models.
    Xu S; Li S; Guo Z; Luo J; Ellis MJ; Ma CX
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2013 Aug; 12(8):1665-75. PubMed ID: 23689832
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  • 17. Molecular mechanism underlying the anticancer effect of simvastatin on MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells.
    Shen YY; Yuan Y; Du YY; Pan YY
    Mol Med Rep; 2015 Jul; 12(1):623-30. PubMed ID: 25738368
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  • 18. Hexamethylene bisacetamide (HMBA) simultaneously targets AKT and MAPK pathway and represses NF kappaB activity: implications for cancer therapy.
    Dey A; Wong E; Kua N; Teo HL; Tergaonkar V; Lane D
    Cell Cycle; 2008 Dec; 7(23):3759-67. PubMed ID: 19029824
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  • 19. Profilin-1 overexpression upregulates PTEN and suppresses AKT activation in breast cancer cells.
    Das T; Bae YH; Wells A; Roy P
    J Cell Physiol; 2009 Feb; 218(2):436-43. PubMed ID: 18937284
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  • 20. The AKT1/NF-kappaB/Notch1/PTEN axis has an important role in chemoresistance of gastric cancer cells.
    Zhou W; Fu XQ; Zhang LL; Zhang J; Huang X; Lu XH; Shen L; Liu BN; Liu J; Luo HS; Yu JP; Yu HG
    Cell Death Dis; 2013 Oct; 4(10):e847. PubMed ID: 24113181
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