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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. The use of protein array to identify targetable receptor tyrosine kinases for treatment of human colon cancer.
    Morishita A; Gong J; Nomura T; Yoshida H; Izuishi K; Suzuki Y; Kushida Y; Haba R; D'Armiento J; Masaki T
    Int J Oncol; 2010 Oct; 37(4):829-35. PubMed ID: 20811704
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  • 2. Blockade of EGFR and ErbB2 by the novel dual EGFR and ErbB2 tyrosine kinase inhibitor GW572016 sensitizes human colon carcinoma GEO cells to apoptosis.
    Zhou Y; Li S; Hu YP; Wang J; Hauser J; Conway AN; Vinci MA; Humphrey L; Zborowska E; Willson JK; Brattain MG
    Cancer Res; 2006 Jan; 66(1):404-11. PubMed ID: 16397255
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  • 3. Concurrent biological targeting therapy of squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus with cetuximab and trastuzumab.
    Yamazaki M; Yamashita Y; Kubo N; Yashiro M; Ohira M; Ako E; Tanaka H; Muguruma K; Sawada T; Hirakawa K
    Oncol Rep; 2012 Jul; 28(1):49-54. PubMed ID: 22562413
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  • 4. Use of protein array to investigate receptor tyrosine kinases activated in gastric cancer.
    Gong J; Morishita A; Kurokohchi K; Tani J; Kato K; Miyoshi H; Inoue H; Kobayashi M; Liu S; Murota M; Muramatsu A; Izuishi K; Suzuki Y; Yoshida H; Uchida N; Deguchi K; Iwama H; Ishimaru I; Masaki T
    Int J Oncol; 2010 Jan; 36(1):101-6. PubMed ID: 19956838
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  • 5. Broad RTK-targeted therapy overcomes molecular heterogeneity-driven resistance to cetuximab via vectored immunoprophylaxis in colorectal cancer.
    Hu S; Dai H; Li T; Tang Y; Fu W; Yuan Q; Wang F; Lv G; Lv Y; Fan X; Zhang S; Jin R; Shen Y; Lin F; Ye X; Ding M; Yang Y; Lei C
    Cancer Lett; 2016 Nov; 382(1):32-43. PubMed ID: 27569653
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  • 6. The anti-erbB3 antibody MM-121/SAR256212 in combination with trastuzumab exerts potent antitumor activity against trastuzumab-resistant breast cancer cells.
    Huang J; Wang S; Lyu H; Cai B; Yang X; Wang J; Liu B
    Mol Cancer; 2013 Nov; 12(1):134. PubMed ID: 24215614
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  • 7. Chidamide and 5-flurouracil show a synergistic antitumor effect on human colon cancer xenografts in nude mice.
    Liu L; Qiu S; Liu Y; Liu Z; Zheng Y; Su X; Chen B; Chen H
    Neoplasma; 2016; 63(2):193-200. PubMed ID: 26774139
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  • 8. Curcumin synergizes with 5-fluorouracil by impairing AMPK/ULK1-dependent autophagy, AKT activity and enhancing apoptosis in colon cancer cells with tumor growth inhibition in xenograft mice.
    Zhang P; Lai ZL; Chen HF; Zhang M; Wang A; Jia T; Sun WQ; Zhu XM; Chen XF; Zhao Z; Zhang J
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2017 Dec; 36(1):190. PubMed ID: 29273065
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  • 9. Perifosine enhances the potential antitumor effect of 5-fluorourasil and oxaliplatin in colon cancer cells harboring the PIK3CA mutation.
    Morii Y; Tsubaki M; Takeda T; Otubo R; Seki S; Yamatomo Y; Imano M; Satou T; Shimomura K; Nishida S
    Eur J Pharmacol; 2021 May; 898():173957. PubMed ID: 33662352
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  • 10. Effects of the combined blockade of EGFR and ErbB-2 on signal transduction and regulation of cell cycle regulatory proteins in breast cancer cells.
    D'Alessio A; De Luca A; Maiello MR; Lamura L; Rachiglio AM; Napolitano M; Gallo M; Normanno N
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2010 Sep; 123(2):387-96. PubMed ID: 19946741
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  • 11. Targeting of super-enhancers and mutant BRAF can suppress growth of BRAF-mutant colon cancer cells via repression of MAPK signaling pathway.
    Nakamura Y; Hattori N; Iida N; Yamashita S; Mori A; Kimura K; Yoshino T; Ushijima T
    Cancer Lett; 2017 Aug; 402():100-109. PubMed ID: 28576751
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  • 12. Targeting promiscuous heterodimerization overcomes innate resistance to ERBB2 dimerization inhibitors in breast cancer.
    Kennedy SP; Han JZR; Portman N; Nobis M; Hastings JF; Murphy KJ; Latham SL; Cadell AL; Miladinovic D; Marriott GR; O'Donnell YEI; Shearer RF; Williams JT; Munoz AG; Cox TR; Watkins DN; Saunders DN; Timpson P; Lim E; Kolch W; Croucher DR
    Breast Cancer Res; 2019 Mar; 21(1):43. PubMed ID: 30898150
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  • 13. Anticancer activity of Celastrol in combination with ErbB2-targeted therapeutics for treatment of ErbB2-overexpressing breast cancers.
    Raja SM; Clubb RJ; Ortega-Cava C; Williams SH; Bailey TA; Duan L; Zhao X; Reddi AL; Nyong AM; Natarajan A; Band V; Band H
    Cancer Biol Ther; 2011 Jan; 11(2):263-76. PubMed ID: 21088503
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  • 14. Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Phosphorylation Pattern-Based Multidrug Combination Is an Effective Approach for Personalized Cancer Treatment.
    Sun X; Song Q; He L; Yan L; Liu J; Zhang Q; Yu Q
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2016 Oct; 15(10):2508-2520. PubMed ID: 27458140
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  • 15. Melatonin synergizes the chemotherapeutic effect of 5-fluorouracil in colon cancer by suppressing PI3K/AKT and NF-κB/iNOS signaling pathways.
    Gao Y; Xiao X; Zhang C; Yu W; Guo W; Zhang Z; Li Z; Feng X; Hao J; Zhang K; Xiao B; Chen M; Huang W; Xiong S; Wu X; Deng W
    J Pineal Res; 2017 Mar; 62(2):. PubMed ID: 27865009
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  • 16. Increased erbB3 promotes erbB2/neu-driven mammary tumor proliferation and co-targeting of erbB2/erbB3 receptors exhibits potent inhibitory effects on breast cancer cells.
    Lyu H; Huang J; Edgerton SM; Thor AD; He Z; Liu B
    Int J Clin Exp Pathol; 2015; 8(6):6143-56. PubMed ID: 26261492
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  • 17. The ErbB2-targeting antibody trastuzumab and the small-molecule SRC inhibitor saracatinib synergistically inhibit ErbB2-overexpressing gastric cancer.
    Han S; Meng Y; Tong Q; Li G; Zhang X; Chen Y; Hu S; Zheng L; Tan W; Li H; Chen Y; Zhang G; Li B; Guo Y
    MAbs; 2014; 6(2):403-8. PubMed ID: 24492292
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  • 18. Activation and function of receptor tyrosine kinases in human clear cell renal cell carcinomas.
    Zhang Q; Liu JH; Liu JL; Qi CT; Yan L; Chen Y; Yu Q
    BMC Cancer; 2019 Nov; 19(1):1044. PubMed ID: 31690270
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  • 19. In vivo activity of novel anti-ErbB2 antibody chA21 alone and with Paclitaxel or Trastuzumab in breast and ovarian cancer xenograft models.
    Shen G; Huang H; Zhang A; Zhao T; Hu S; Cheng L; Liu J; Xiao W; Ling B; Wu Q; Song L; Wei W
    Cancer Immunol Immunother; 2011 Mar; 60(3):339-48. PubMed ID: 21086124
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  • 20. Functional profiling of receptor tyrosine kinases and downstream signaling in human chondrosarcomas identifies pathways for rational targeted therapy.
    Zhang YX; van Oosterwijk JG; Sicinska E; Moss S; Remillard SP; van Wezel T; Bühnemann C; Hassan AB; Demetri GD; Bovée JV; Wagner AJ
    Clin Cancer Res; 2013 Jul; 19(14):3796-807. PubMed ID: 23714727
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