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  • 1. Fatigue and functional impairment in early-stage non-small cell lung cancer survivors.
    Hung R; Krebs P; Coups EJ; Feinstein MB; Park BJ; Burkhalter J; Ostroff JS
    J Pain Symptom Manage; 2011 Feb; 41(2):426-35. PubMed ID: 21216563
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  • 2. Comparison of fatigue, depression, and anxiety as factors affecting posttreatment health-related quality of life in lung cancer survivors.
    Jung JY; Lee JM; Kim MS; Shim YM; Zo JI; Yun YH
    Psychooncology; 2018 Feb; 27(2):465-470. PubMed ID: 28755492
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  • 3. Women with lung cancer: quality of life after thoracotomy: a 6-month prospective study.
    Sarna L; Cooley ME; Brown JK; Chernecky C; Padilla G; Danao L; Chakravarty D; Elashoff D
    Cancer Nurs; 2010; 33(2):85-92. PubMed ID: 20142740
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  • 4. Symptom clusters and quality of life in survivors of lung cancer.
    Fox SW; Lyon DE
    Oncol Nurs Forum; 2006 Sep; 33(5):931-6. PubMed ID: 16955121
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  • 5. Impact of symptom burden in post-surgical non-small cell lung cancer survivors.
    Lowery AE; Krebs P; Coups EJ; Feinstein MB; Burkhalter JE; Park BJ; Ostroff JS
    Support Care Cancer; 2014 Jan; 22(1):173-80. PubMed ID: 24018910
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  • 6. Depression in patients with lung cancer: prevalence and risk factors derived from quality-of-life data.
    Hopwood P; Stephens RJ
    J Clin Oncol; 2000 Feb; 18(4):893-903. PubMed ID: 10673533
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  • 7. Current dyspnea among long-term survivors of early-stage non-small cell lung cancer.
    Feinstein MB; Krebs P; Coups EJ; Park BJ; Steingart RM; Burkhalter J; Logue A; Ostroff JS
    J Thorac Oncol; 2010 Aug; 5(8):1221-6. PubMed ID: 20592631
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  • 8. Clinically relevant fatigue in recurrence-free prostate cancer survivors.
    Storey DJ; McLaren DB; Atkinson MA; Butcher I; Liggatt S; O'Dea R; Smyth JF; Sharpe M
    Ann Oncol; 2012 Jan; 23(1):65-72. PubMed ID: 21436185
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  • 9. Quality of life of long-term survivors of non-small-cell lung cancer.
    Sarna L; Padilla G; Holmes C; Tashkin D; Brecht ML; Evangelista L
    J Clin Oncol; 2002 Jul; 20(13):2920-9. PubMed ID: 12089220
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  • 10. Assessing the psychosocial needs of newly diagnosed patients with nonsmall cell lung cancer: Identifying factors associated with distress.
    Leung B; Laskin J; Wu J; Bates A; Ho C
    Psychooncology; 2019 Apr; 28(4):815-821. PubMed ID: 30758101
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  • 11. Health-related quality of life among early-stage, non-small cell, lung cancer survivors.
    Ostroff JS; Krebs P; Coups EJ; Burkhalter JE; Feinstein MB; Steingart RM; Logue AE; Park BJ
    Lung Cancer; 2011 Jan; 71(1):103-8. PubMed ID: 20462654
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  • 12. Features of fatigue in patients with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer.
    Huang X; Zhou W; Zhang Y
    J Res Med Sci; 2015 Mar; 20(3):268-72. PubMed ID: 26109974
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  • 13. Factors related to clinically relevant fatigue in disease-free stomach cancer survivors and expectation-outcome consistency.
    Hwang IC; Yun YH; Kim YW; Ryu KW; Kim YA; Kim S; Bae JM; Noh JH; Sohn TS
    Support Care Cancer; 2014 Jun; 22(6):1453-60. PubMed ID: 24402414
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  • 14. Fatigue in breast cancer survivors: occurrence, correlates, and impact on quality of life.
    Bower JE; Ganz PA; Desmond KA; Rowland JH; Meyerowitz BE; Belin TR
    J Clin Oncol; 2000 Feb; 18(4):743-53. PubMed ID: 10673515
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  • 15. Serum tumor necrosis factor-α, interleukin-1β, interleukin-6, and interleukin-17 relate to anxiety and depression risks to some extent in non-small cell lung cancer survivor.
    Liu M; Li Y; Liu X
    Clin Respir J; 2022 Feb; 16(2):105-115. PubMed ID: 34697903
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  • 16. An Exploratory Study of Fatigue and Physical Activity in Canadian Thyroid Cancer Patients.
    Alhashemi A; Jones JM; Goldstein DP; Mina DS; Thabane L; Sabiston CM; Chang EK; Brierley JD; Sawka AM
    Thyroid; 2017 Sep; 27(9):1156-1163. PubMed ID: 28712348
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  • 17. A study to investigate the prevalence, severity and correlates of fatigue among patients with cancer in comparison with a control group of volunteers without cancer.
    Stone P; Richards M; A'Hern R; Hardy J
    Ann Oncol; 2000 May; 11(5):561-7. PubMed ID: 10907949
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  • 18. Fatigue Symptoms During the First Year Following ARDS.
    Neufeld KJ; Leoutsakos JS; Yan H; Lin S; Zabinski JS; Dinglas VD; Hosey MM; Parker AM; Hopkins RO; Needham DM
    Chest; 2020 Sep; 158(3):999-1007. PubMed ID: 32304774
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  • 19. Comparison of health-related quality of life and exercise capacity according to stages in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
    Yılmaz E; Özalevli S; Ersöz H; Yeğin A; Önen A; Akkoçlu A
    Tuberk Toraks; 2013; 61(2):131-9. PubMed ID: 23875591
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  • 20. Prevalence and characteristics of moderate to severe fatigue: a multicenter study in cancer patients and survivors.
    Wang XS; Zhao F; Fisch MJ; O'Mara AM; Cella D; Mendoza TR; Cleeland CS
    Cancer; 2014 Feb; 120(3):425-32. PubMed ID: 24436136
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