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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 41. The lethal response to Cdk1 inhibition depends on sister chromatid alignment errors generated by KIF4 and isoform 1 of PRC1.
    Voets E; Marsman J; Demmers J; Beijersbergen R; Wolthuis R
    Sci Rep; 2015 Oct; 5():14798. PubMed ID: 26423135
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  • 42. Chromosome Dynamics during Mitosis.
    Hirano T
    Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol; 2015 Feb; 7(6):. PubMed ID: 25722466
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  • 43. Condensin in Chromatid Cohesion and Segregation.
    Uchiyama S; Fukui K
    Cytogenet Genome Res; 2015; 147(4):212-6. PubMed ID: 26998746
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  • 44. Condensin is required for chromosome arm cohesion during mitosis.
    Lam WW; Peterson EA; Yeung M; Lavoie BD
    Genes Dev; 2006 Nov; 20(21):2973-84. PubMed ID: 17079686
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  • 45. Condensin-dependent localisation of topoisomerase II to an axial chromosomal structure is required for sister chromatid resolution during mitosis.
    Coelho PA; Queiroz-Machado J; Sunkel CE
    J Cell Sci; 2003 Dec; 116(Pt 23):4763-76. PubMed ID: 14600262
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  • 46. LAB-1 antagonizes the Aurora B kinase in C. elegans.
    de Carvalho CE; Zaaijer S; Smolikov S; Gu Y; Schumacher JM; Colaiácovo MP
    Genes Dev; 2008 Oct; 22(20):2869-85. PubMed ID: 18923084
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  • 47. Human Bub1 defines the persistent cohesion site along the mitotic chromosome by affecting Shugoshin localization.
    Kitajima TS; Hauf S; Ohsugi M; Yamamoto T; Watanabe Y
    Curr Biol; 2005 Feb; 15(4):353-9. PubMed ID: 15723797
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  • 48. Pds5p regulates the maintenance of sister chromatid cohesion and is sumoylated to promote the dissolution of cohesion.
    Stead K; Aguilar C; Hartman T; Drexel M; Meluh P; Guacci V
    J Cell Biol; 2003 Nov; 163(4):729-41. PubMed ID: 14623866
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  • 49. Cohesion between sister chromatids must be established during DNA replication.
    Uhlmann F; Nasmyth K
    Curr Biol; 1998 Oct; 8(20):1095-101. PubMed ID: 9778527
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  • 50. Scc2 couples replication licensing to sister chromatid cohesion in Xenopus egg extracts.
    Gillespie PJ; Hirano T
    Curr Biol; 2004 Sep; 14(17):1598-603. PubMed ID: 15341749
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  • 51. Sister chromatid cohesion control and aneuploidy.
    Barbero JL
    Cytogenet Genome Res; 2011; 133(2-4):223-33. PubMed ID: 21252490
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  • 52. Haploinsufficiency of SGO1 results in deregulated centrosome dynamics, enhanced chromosomal instability and colon tumorigenesis.
    Yamada HY; Yao Y; Wang X; Zhang Y; Huang Y; Dai W; Rao CV
    Cell Cycle; 2012 Feb; 11(3):479-88. PubMed ID: 22262168
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  • 53. Reduced Expression of Genes Regulating Cohesion Induces Chromosome Instability that May Promote Cancer and Impact Patient Outcomes.
    Leylek TR; Jeusset LM; Lichtensztejn Z; McManus KJ
    Sci Rep; 2020 Jan; 10(1):592. PubMed ID: 31953484
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  • 54. Chromosome instability induced by a single defined sister chromatid fusion.
    Kagaya K; Noma-Takayasu N; Yamamoto I; Tashiro S; Ishikawa F; Hayashi MT
    Life Sci Alliance; 2020 Dec; 3(12):. PubMed ID: 33106324
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  • 55. Identification and validation of a potential key gene SGOL1 for poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma based on a bioinformatics approach.
    Fei X; Liu S; Liu P; Wang X; Zhu C; Hou J; Cai J; Pan Y
    Front Oncol; 2022; 12():1043161. PubMed ID: 36439418
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  • 56. Mutations in SGOL1 cause a novel cohesinopathy affecting heart and gut rhythm.
    Chetaille P; Preuss C; Burkhard S; Côté JM; Houde C; Castilloux J; Piché J; Gosset N; Leclerc S; Wünnemann F; Thibeault M; Gagnon C; Galli A; Tuck E; Hickson GR; El Amine N; Boufaied I; Lemyre E; de Santa Barbara P; Faure S; Jonzon A; Cameron M; Dietz HC; Gallo-McFarlane E; Benson DW; Moreau C; Labuda D; ; Zhan SH; Shen Y; Jomphe M; Jones SJ; Bakkers J; Andelfinger G
    Nat Genet; 2014 Nov; 46(11):1245-9. PubMed ID: 25282101
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  • 57. Differential expression of centrosome regulators in Her2+ breast cancer cells versus non-tumorigenic MCF10A cells.
    Lee MY; Marina M; King JL; Saavedra HI
    Cell Div; 2014; 9():3. PubMed ID: 25278993
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  • 58. Sgo1 as a guardian of chromosome stability.
    Díaz-Martínez LA; Yu H
    Cell Cycle; 2012 Feb; 11(4):650-1. PubMed ID: 22374669
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  • 59. Sgo1 as a "guardian spirit" for preventing colon tumorigenesis.
    Ricke RM; van Deursen JM
    Cell Cycle; 2012 Feb; 11(4):649. PubMed ID: 22374668
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  • 60. Partition of protein (mass) to sister cell pairs at mitosis: a re-evaluation.
    Sennerstam R
    J Cell Sci; 1988 Jun; 90 ( Pt 2)():301-6. PubMed ID: 3246522
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