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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. β-Catenin and p120 mediate PPARδ-dependent proliferation induced by Helicobacter pylori in human and rodent epithelia.
    Nagy TA; Wroblewski LE; Wang D; Piazuelo MB; Delgado A; Romero-Gallo J; Noto J; Israel DA; Ogden SR; Correa P; Cover TL; Peek RM
    Gastroenterology; 2011 Aug; 141(2):553-64. PubMed ID: 21704622
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  • 2. Activation of beta-catenin by carcinogenic Helicobacter pylori.
    Franco AT; Israel DA; Washington MK; Krishna U; Fox JG; Rogers AB; Neish AS; Collier-Hyams L; Perez-Perez GI; Hatakeyama M; Whitehead R; Gaus K; O'Brien DP; Romero-Gallo J; Peek RM
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2005 Jul; 102(30):10646-51. PubMed ID: 16027366
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  • 3. p120 and Kaiso regulate Helicobacter pylori-induced expression of matrix metalloproteinase-7.
    Ogden SR; Wroblewski LE; Weydig C; Romero-Gallo J; O'Brien DP; Israel DA; Krishna US; Fingleton B; Reynolds AB; Wessler S; Peek RM
    Mol Biol Cell; 2008 Oct; 19(10):4110-21. PubMed ID: 18653469
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  • 4. Helicobacter pylori promotes the expression of Krüppel-like factor 5, a mediator of carcinogenesis, in vitro and in vivo.
    Noto JM; Khizanishvili T; Chaturvedi R; Piazuelo MB; Romero-Gallo J; Delgado AG; Khurana SS; Sierra JC; Krishna US; Suarez G; Powell AE; Goldenring JR; Coffey RJ; Yang VW; Correa P; Mills JC; Wilson KT; Peek RM
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(1):e54344. PubMed ID: 23372710
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  • 5. Regulation of gastric carcinogenesis by Helicobacter pylori virulence factors.
    Franco AT; Johnston E; Krishna U; Yamaoka Y; Israel DA; Nagy TA; Wroblewski LE; Piazuelo MB; Correa P; Peek RM
    Cancer Res; 2008 Jan; 68(2):379-87. PubMed ID: 18199531
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  • 6. Lycopene treatment inhibits activation of Jak1/Stat3 and Wnt/β-catenin signaling and attenuates hyperproliferation in gastric epithelial cells.
    Park B; Lim JW; Kim H
    Nutr Res; 2019 Oct; 70():70-81. PubMed ID: 30098838
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  • 7. Loss of TFF1 promotes Helicobacter pylori-induced β-catenin activation and gastric tumorigenesis.
    Soutto M; Romero-Gallo J; Krishna U; Piazuelo MB; Washington MK; Belkhiri A; Peek RM; El-Rifai W
    Oncotarget; 2015 Jul; 6(20):17911-22. PubMed ID: 25980439
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  • 8. Helicobacter pylori targets cancer-associated apical-junctional constituents in gastroids and gastric epithelial cells.
    Wroblewski LE; Piazuelo MB; Chaturvedi R; Schumacher M; Aihara E; Feng R; Noto JM; Delgado A; Israel DA; Zavros Y; Montrose MH; Shroyer N; Correa P; Wilson KT; Peek RM
    Gut; 2015 May; 64(5):720-30. PubMed ID: 25123931
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  • 9. Helicobacter pylori upregulates Nanog and Oct4 via Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway to promote cancer stem cell-like properties in human gastric cancer.
    Yong X; Tang B; Xiao YF; Xie R; Qin Y; Luo G; Hu CJ; Dong H; Yang SM
    Cancer Lett; 2016 May; 374(2):292-303. PubMed ID: 26940070
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  • 10. Helicobacter pylori CagA interacts with E-cadherin and deregulates the beta-catenin signal that promotes intestinal transdifferentiation in gastric epithelial cells.
    Murata-Kamiya N; Kurashima Y; Teishikata Y; Yamahashi Y; Saito Y; Higashi H; Aburatani H; Akiyama T; Peek RM; Azuma T; Hatakeyama M
    Oncogene; 2007 Jul; 26(32):4617-26. PubMed ID: 17237808
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  • 11. CagA tyrosine phosphorylation in gastric epithelial cells caused by Helicobacter pylori in patients with gastric adenocarcinoma.
    Lai YP; Yang JC; Lin TZ; Wang JT; Lin JT
    Helicobacter; 2003 Jun; 8(3):235-43. PubMed ID: 12752736
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  • 12. Helicobacter pylori Depletes Cholesterol in Gastric Glands to Prevent Interferon Gamma Signaling and Escape the Inflammatory Response.
    Morey P; Pfannkuch L; Pang E; Boccellato F; Sigal M; Imai-Matsushima A; Dyer V; Koch M; Mollenkopf HJ; Schlaermann P; Meyer TF
    Gastroenterology; 2018 Apr; 154(5):1391-1404.e9. PubMed ID: 29273450
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  • 13. Helicobacter pylori CagA promotes epithelial mesenchymal transition in gastric carcinogenesis via triggering oncogenic YAP pathway.
    Li N; Feng Y; Hu Y; He C; Xie C; Ouyang Y; Artim SC; Huang D; Zhu Y; Luo Z; Ge Z; Lu N
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2018 Nov; 37(1):280. PubMed ID: 30466467
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  • 14. Spermine oxidase mediates the gastric cancer risk associated with Helicobacter pylori CagA.
    Chaturvedi R; Asim M; Romero-Gallo J; Barry DP; Hoge S; de Sablet T; Delgado AG; Wroblewski LE; Piazuelo MB; Yan F; Israel DA; Casero RA; Correa P; Gobert AP; Polk DB; Peek RM; Wilson KT
    Gastroenterology; 2011 Nov; 141(5):1696-708.e1-2. PubMed ID: 21839041
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  • 15. Rebamipide attenuates Helicobacter pylori CagA-induced self-renewal capacity via modulation of β-catenin signaling axis in gastric cancer-initiating cells.
    Kang DW; Noh YN; Hwang WC; Choi KY; Min do S
    Biochem Pharmacol; 2016 Aug; 113():36-44. PubMed ID: 27265143
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  • 16. Modification of the Gastric Mucosal Microbiota by a Strain-Specific Helicobacter pylori Oncoprotein and Carcinogenic Histologic Phenotype.
    Noto JM; Zackular JP; Varga MG; Delgado A; Romero-Gallo J; Scholz MB; Piazuelo MB; Skaar EP; Peek RM
    mBio; 2019 May; 10(3):. PubMed ID: 31138752
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  • 17. Strain-specific suppression of microRNA-320 by carcinogenic Helicobacter pylori promotes expression of the antiapoptotic protein Mcl-1.
    Noto JM; Piazuelo MB; Chaturvedi R; Bartel CA; Thatcher EJ; Delgado A; Romero-Gallo J; Wilson KT; Correa P; Patton JG; Peek RM
    Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol; 2013 Dec; 305(11):G786-96. PubMed ID: 24136787
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  • 18. Bacterial Energetic Requirements for Helicobacter pylori Cag Type IV Secretion System-Dependent Alterations in Gastric Epithelial Cells.
    Lin AS; Dooyema SDR; Frick-Cheng AE; Harvey ML; Suarez G; Loh JT; McDonald WH; McClain MS; Peek RM; Cover TL
    Infect Immun; 2020 Jan; 88(2):. PubMed ID: 31712269
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  • 19. Targeted mobilization of Lrig1
    Wroblewski LE; Choi E; Petersen C; Delgado AG; Piazuelo MB; Romero-Gallo J; Lantz TL; Zavros Y; Coffey RJ; Goldenring JR; Zemper AE; Peek RM
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2019 Sep; 116(39):19652-19658. PubMed ID: 31488717
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  • 20. Interaction of MUC1 with beta-catenin modulates the Wnt target gene cyclinD1 in H. pylori-induced gastric cancer.
    Udhayakumar G; Jayanthi V; Devaraj N; Devaraj H
    Mol Carcinog; 2007 Sep; 46(9):807-17. PubMed ID: 17393422
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