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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Resveratrol enhances the therapeutic effect of temozolomide against malignant glioma in vitro and in vivo by inhibiting autophagy.
    Lin CJ; Lee CC; Shih YL; Lin TY; Wang SH; Lin YF; Shih CM
    Free Radic Biol Med; 2012 Jan; 52(2):377-91. PubMed ID: 22094224
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  • 2. NVP-BEZ235, a novel dual PI3K-mTOR inhibitor displays anti-glioma activity and reduces chemoresistance to temozolomide in human glioma cells.
    Yu Z; Xie G; Zhou G; Cheng Y; Zhang G; Yao G; Chen Y; Li Y; Zhao G
    Cancer Lett; 2015 Oct; 367(1):58-68. PubMed ID: 26188279
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  • 3. Therapeutic effect of TMZ-POH on human nasopharyngeal carcinoma depends on reactive oxygen species accumulation.
    Xie L; Song X; Guo W; Wang X; Wei L; Li Y; Lv L; Wang W; Chen TC; Song X
    Oncotarget; 2016 Jan; 7(2):1651-62. PubMed ID: 26625208
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  • 4. β-catenin contributes to cordycepin-induced MGMT inhibition and reduction of temozolomide resistance in glioma cells by increasing intracellular reactive oxygen species.
    Bi Y; Li H; Yi D; Bai Y; Zhong S; Liu Q; Chen Y; Zhao G
    Cancer Lett; 2018 Oct; 435():66-79. PubMed ID: 30081068
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  • 5. Momelotinib sensitizes glioblastoma cells to temozolomide by enhancement of autophagy via JAK2/STAT3 inhibition.
    Liu T; Li A; Xu Y; Xin Y
    Oncol Rep; 2019 Mar; 41(3):1883-1892. PubMed ID: 30664175
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  • 6. Potential application of temozolomide in mesenchymal stem cell-based TRAIL gene therapy against malignant glioma.
    Kim SM; Woo JS; Jeong CH; Ryu CH; Jang JD; Jeun SS
    Stem Cells Transl Med; 2014 Feb; 3(2):172-82. PubMed ID: 24436439
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  • 7. Chloroquine enhances temozolomide cytotoxicity in malignant gliomas by blocking autophagy.
    Golden EB; Cho HY; Jahanian A; Hofman FM; Louie SG; Schönthal AH; Chen TC
    Neurosurg Focus; 2014 Dec; 37(6):E12. PubMed ID: 25434381
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  • 8. Rational incorporation of selenium into temozolomide elicits superior antitumor activity associated with both apoptotic and autophagic cell death.
    Cheng Y; Sk UH; Zhang Y; Ren X; Zhang L; Huber-Keener KJ; Sun YW; Liao J; Amin S; Sharma AK; Yang JM
    PLoS One; 2012; 7(4):e35104. PubMed ID: 22496897
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  • 9. A combined preclinical therapy of cannabinoids and temozolomide against glioma.
    Torres S; Lorente M; Rodríguez-Fornés F; Hernández-Tiedra S; Salazar M; García-Taboada E; Barcia J; Guzmán M; Velasco G
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2011 Jan; 10(1):90-103. PubMed ID: 21220494
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  • 10. Rutin increases the cytotoxicity of temozolomide in glioblastoma via autophagy inhibition.
    Zhang P; Sun S; Li N; Ho ASW; Kiang KMY; Zhang X; Cheng YS; Poon MW; Lee D; Pu JKS; Leung GKK
    J Neurooncol; 2017 May; 132(3):393-400. PubMed ID: 28293765
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  • 11. Chloroquine potentiates temozolomide cytotoxicity by inhibiting mitochondrial autophagy in glioma cells.
    Hori YS; Hosoda R; Akiyama Y; Sebori R; Wanibuchi M; Mikami T; Sugino T; Suzuki K; Maruyama M; Tsukamoto M; Mikuni N; Horio Y; Kuno A
    J Neurooncol; 2015 Mar; 122(1):11-20. PubMed ID: 25528635
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  • 12. Antitumor effect of fibrin glue containing temozolomide against malignant glioma.
    Anai S; Hide T; Takezaki T; Kuroda J; Shinojima N; Makino K; Nakamura H; Yano S; Kuratsu J
    Cancer Sci; 2014 May; 105(5):583-91. PubMed ID: 24673719
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  • 13. TMZ-induced PrPc/par-4 interaction promotes the survival of human glioma cells.
    Zhuang D; Liu Y; Mao Y; Gao L; Zhang H; Luan S; Huang F; Li Q
    Int J Cancer; 2012 Jan; 130(2):309-18. PubMed ID: 21328340
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  • 14. Resveratrol enhances the antitumor effects of temozolomide in glioblastoma via ROS-dependent AMPK-TSC-mTOR signaling pathway.
    Yuan Y; Xue X; Guo RB; Sun XL; Hu G
    CNS Neurosci Ther; 2012 Jul; 18(7):536-46. PubMed ID: 22530672
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  • 15. The Inhibition of microRNA-128 on IGF-1-Activating mTOR Signaling Involves in Temozolomide-Induced Glioma Cell Apoptotic Death.
    Chen PH; Cheng CH; Shih CM; Ho KH; Lin CW; Lee CC; Liu AJ; Chang CK; Chen KC
    PLoS One; 2016; 11(11):e0167096. PubMed ID: 27893811
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  • 16. Local delivery of slow-releasing temozolomide microspheres inhibits intracranial xenograft glioma growth.
    Dong J; Zhou G; Tang D; Chen Y; Cui B; Dai X; Zhang J; Lan Q; Huang Q
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 2012 Dec; 138(12):2079-84. PubMed ID: 22825126
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  • 17. Inhibition of elongation factor-2 kinase augments the antitumor activity of Temozolomide against glioma.
    Liu XY; Zhang L; Wu J; Zhou L; Ren YJ; Yang WQ; Ming ZJ; Chen B; Wang J; Zhang Y; Yang JM
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(11):e81345. PubMed ID: 24303044
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  • 18. Upregulation of CASC2 sensitized glioma to temozolomide cytotoxicity through autophagy inhibition by sponging miR-193a-5p and regulating mTOR expression.
    Jiang C; Shen F; Du J; Fang X; Li X; Su J; Wang X; Huang X; Liu Z
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2018 Jan; 97():844-850. PubMed ID: 29136760
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  • 19. Aplysin enhances temozolomide sensitivity in glioma cells by increasing miR-181 level.
    Gong A; Ge N; Yao W; Lu L; Liang H
    Cancer Chemother Pharmacol; 2014 Sep; 74(3):531-8. PubMed ID: 25047724
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  • 20. FK228 augmented temozolomide sensitivity in human glioma cells by blocking PI3K/AKT/mTOR signal pathways.
    Wu Y; Dong L; Bao S; Wang M; Yun Y; Zhu R
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2016 Dec; 84():462-469. PubMed ID: 27685789
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