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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Preoperative staging of non-small-cell lung cancer: comparison of whole-body diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography/computed tomography.
    Sommer G; Wiese M; Winter L; Lenz C; Klarhöfer M; Forrer F; Lardinois D; Bremerich J
    Eur Radiol; 2012 Dec; 22(12):2859-67. PubMed ID: 22772365
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  • 2. 18F-FDG PET/CT and whole-body MRI diagnostic performance in M staging for non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Machado Medeiros T; Altmayer S; Watte G; Zanon M; Basso Dias A; Henz Concatto N; Hoefel Paes J; Mattiello R; de Souza Santos F; Mohammed TL; Verma N; Hochhegger B
    Eur Radiol; 2020 Jul; 30(7):3641-3649. PubMed ID: 32125513
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  • 3. N stage disease in patients with non-small cell lung cancer: efficacy of quantitative and qualitative assessment with STIR turbo spin-echo imaging, diffusion-weighted MR imaging, and fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CT.
    Ohno Y; Koyama H; Yoshikawa T; Nishio M; Aoyama N; Onishi Y; Takenaka D; Matsumoto S; Maniwa Y; Nishio W; Nishimura Y; Itoh T; Sugimura K
    Radiology; 2011 Nov; 261(2):605-15. PubMed ID: 21926377
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  • 4. Diagnostic performance of
    Ishiguchi H; Ito S; Kato K; Sakurai Y; Kawai H; Fujita N; Abe S; Narita A; Nishio N; Muramatsu H; Takahashi Y; Naganawa S
    Ann Nucl Med; 2018 Jun; 32(5):348-362. PubMed ID: 29667143
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  • 5. Whole-body-MR imaging including DWIBS in the work-up of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: a feasibility study.
    Noij DP; Boerhout EJ; Pieters-van den Bos IC; Comans EF; Oprea-Lager D; Reinhard R; Hoekstra OS; de Bree R; de Graaf P; Castelijns JA
    Eur J Radiol; 2014 Jul; 83(7):1144-1151. PubMed ID: 24768188
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  • 6. Assessment of naive indolent lymphoma using whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging and T2-weighted MRI: results of a prospective study in 30 patients.
    Hong GS; Chae EJ; Ryu JS; Chae SY; Lee HS; Yoon DH; Suh C
    Cancer Imaging; 2021 Jan; 21(1):5. PubMed ID: 33413685
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  • 7. Supplemental value of diffusion-weighted whole-body imaging with background body signal suppression (DWIBS) technique to whole-body magnetic resonance imaging in detection of bone metastases from thyroid cancer.
    Sakurai Y; Kawai H; Iwano S; Ito S; Ogawa H; Naganawa S
    J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol; 2013 Jun; 57(3):297-305. PubMed ID: 23721138
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  • 8. Mediastinal lymph nodes staging by 18F-FDG PET/CT for early stage non-small cell lung cancer: a multicenter study.
    Li X; Zhang H; Xing L; Ma H; Xie P; Zhang L; Xu X; Yue J; Sun X; Hu X; Chen M; Xu W; Chen L; Yu J
    Radiother Oncol; 2012 Feb; 102(2):246-50. PubMed ID: 22100657
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  • 9. Whole-body MR-DWIBS vs. [18F]-FDG-PET/CT in the study of malignant tumors: a retrospective study.
    Cafagna D; Rubini G; Iuele F; Maggialetti N; Notaristefano A; Pinto D; Niccoli-Asabella A; Palmiotti G; Lasciarrea M; Maggialetti A
    Radiol Med; 2012 Mar; 117(2):293-311. PubMed ID: 21744252
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  • 10. Diagnostic accuracy of whole-body diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging with 3.0 T in detection of primary and metastatic neoplasms.
    Akay S; Kocaoglu M; Emer O; Battal B; Arslan N
    J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol; 2013 Jun; 57(3):274-82. PubMed ID: 23721135
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  • 11. Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for N-Staging in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. A Systematic Review.
    Brea TP; Raviña AR; Villamor JMC; Gómez AG; de Alegría AM; Valdés L
    Arch Bronconeumol (Engl Ed); 2019 Jan; 55(1):9-16. PubMed ID: 29803524
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  • 12. Whole-body MRI with diffusion-weighted sequence for staging of patients with suspected ovarian cancer: a clinical feasibility study in comparison to CT and FDG-PET/CT.
    Michielsen K; Vergote I; Op de Beeck K; Amant F; Leunen K; Moerman P; Deroose C; Souverijns G; Dymarkowski S; De Keyzer F; Vandecaveye V
    Eur Radiol; 2014 Apr; 24(4):889-901. PubMed ID: 24322510
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  • 13. Computed DWI MRI Results in Superior Capability for N-Stage Assessment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Than That of Actual DWI, STIR Imaging, and FDG-PET/CT.
    Ohno Y; Yui M; Takenaka D; Yoshikawa T; Koyama H; Kassai Y; Yamamoto K; Oshima Y; Hamabuchi N; Hanamatsu S; Obama Y; Ueda T; Ikeda H; Hattori H; Murayama K; Toyama H
    J Magn Reson Imaging; 2023 Jan; 57(1):259-272. PubMed ID: 35753082
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  • 14. Diffusion-weighted MR imaging using FASE sequence for 3T MR system: Preliminary comparison of capability for N-stage assessment by means of diffusion-weighted MR imaging using EPI sequence, STIR FASE imaging and FDG PET/CT for non-small cell lung cancer patients.
    Ohno Y; Koyama H; Yoshikawa T; Takenaka D; Kassai Y; Yui M; Matsumoto S; Sugimura K
    Eur J Radiol; 2015 Nov; 84(11):2321-31. PubMed ID: 26231045
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  • 15. Comparison of PET-CT and magnetic resonance diffusion weighted imaging with body suppression (DWIBS) for initial staging of malignant lymphomas.
    Stéphane V; Samuel B; Vincent D; Joelle G; Remy P; Francois GG; Jean-Pierre T
    Eur J Radiol; 2013 Nov; 82(11):2011-7. PubMed ID: 23932096
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  • 16. Diagnostic Value of Whole-Body DWI With Background Body Suppression Plus Calculation of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient at 3 T Versus
    Sun W; Li M; Gu Y; Sun Z; Qiu Z; Zhou Y
    AJR Am J Roentgenol; 2020 Feb; 214(2):446-454. PubMed ID: 31799866
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  • 17. Diffusion-weighted whole-body imaging with background suppression (DWIBS) is effective and economical for detection of metastasis or recurrence of lung cancer.
    Usuda K; Iwai S; Yamagata A; Iijima Y; Motono N; Matoba M; Doai M; Yamada S; Ueda Y; Hirata K; Uramoto H
    Thorac Cancer; 2021 Mar; 12(5):676-684. PubMed ID: 33476488
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  • 18. Preoperative intrathoracic lymph node staging in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer: accuracy of integrated positron emission tomography and computed tomography.
    Billé A; Pelosi E; Skanjeti A; Arena V; Errico L; Borasio P; Mancini M; Ardissone F
    Eur J Cardiothorac Surg; 2009 Sep; 36(3):440-5. PubMed ID: 19464906
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  • 19. Correlation of the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) with the standardized uptake value (SUV) in lymph node metastases of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients using hybrid 18F-FDG PET/MRI.
    Schaarschmidt BM; Buchbender C; Nensa F; Grueneisen J; Gomez B; Köhler J; Reis H; Ruhlmann V; Umutlu L; Heusch P
    PLoS One; 2015; 10(1):e0116277. PubMed ID: 25574968
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  • 20. Coregistered whole body magnetic resonance imaging-positron emission tomography (MRI-PET) versus PET-computed tomography plus brain MRI in staging resectable lung cancer: comparisons of clinical effectiveness in a randomized trial.
    Yi CA; Lee KS; Lee HY; Kim S; Kwon OJ; Kim H; Choi JY; Kim BT; Hwang HS; Shim YM
    Cancer; 2013 May; 119(10):1784-91. PubMed ID: 23423920
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