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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Enhanced apoptosis of ovarian cancer cells via nanocarrier-mediated codelivery of siRNA and doxorubicin.
    Zou S; Cao N; Cheng D; Zheng R; Wang J; Zhu K; Shuai X
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2012; 7():3823-35. PubMed ID: 22888237
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  • 2. Reversal of multidrug resistance in MCF-7/Adr cells by codelivery of doxorubicin and BCL2 siRNA using a folic acid-conjugated polyethylenimine hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin nanocarrier.
    Li JM; Zhang W; Su H; Wang YY; Tan CP; Ji LN; Mao ZW
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2015; 10():3147-62. PubMed ID: 25960653
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  • 3. Codelivery of temozolomide and siRNA with polymeric nanocarrier for effective glioma treatment.
    Peng Y; Huang J; Xiao H; Wu T; Shuai X
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2018; 13():3467-3480. PubMed ID: 29942129
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  • 4. The synergistic effect of hierarchical assemblies of siRNA and chemotherapeutic drugs co-delivered into hepatic cancer cells.
    Cao N; Cheng D; Zou S; Ai H; Gao J; Shuai X
    Biomaterials; 2011 Mar; 32(8):2222-32. PubMed ID: 21186059
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  • 5. Low-weight polyethylenimine cross-linked 2-hydroxypopyl-β-cyclodextrin and folic acid as an efficient and nontoxic siRNA carrier for gene silencing and tumor inhibition by VEGF siRNA.
    Li JM; Wang YY; Zhang W; Su H; Ji LN; Mao ZW
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2013; 8():2101-17. PubMed ID: 23766646
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  • 6. Efficient and Tumor Targeted siRNA Delivery by Polyethylenimine-graft-polycaprolactone-block-poly(ethylene glycol)-folate (PEI-PCL-PEG-Fol).
    Liu L; Zheng M; Librizzi D; Renette T; Merkel OM; Kissel T
    Mol Pharm; 2016 Jan; 13(1):134-43. PubMed ID: 26641134
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  • 7. Pulmonary Codelivery of Doxorubicin and siRNA by pH-Sensitive Nanoparticles for Therapy of Metastatic Lung Cancer.
    Xu C; Wang P; Zhang J; Tian H; Park K; Chen X
    Small; 2015 Sep; 11(34):4321-33. PubMed ID: 26136261
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  • 8. In Vivo Antitumor Activity of Folate-Conjugated Cholic Acid-Polyethylenimine Micelles for the Codelivery of Doxorubicin and siRNA to Colorectal Adenocarcinomas.
    Amjad MW; Amin MC; Katas H; Butt AM; Kesharwani P; Iyer AK
    Mol Pharm; 2015 Dec; 12(12):4247-58. PubMed ID: 26567518
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  • 9. Folate Receptor Targeted Delivery of siRNA and Paclitaxel to Ovarian Cancer Cells via Folate Conjugated Triblock Copolymer to Overcome TLR4 Driven Chemotherapy Resistance.
    Jones SK; Lizzio V; Merkel OM
    Biomacromolecules; 2016 Jan; 17(1):76-87. PubMed ID: 26636884
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  • 10. In-vitro cytotoxicity and combination effects of the docetaxel-conjugated and doxorubicin-conjugated poly(lactic acid)-poly(ethylene glycol)-folate-based polymeric micelles in human ovarian cancer cells.
    Hami Z; Rezayat SM; Gilani K; Amini M; Ghazi-Khansari M
    J Pharm Pharmacol; 2017 Feb; 69(2):151-160. PubMed ID: 28044342
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  • 11. Folate-decorated PEGylated triblock copolymer as a pH/reduction dual-responsive nanovehicle for targeted intracellular co-delivery of doxorubicin and Bcl-2 siRNA.
    Suo A; Qian J; Xu M; Xu W; Zhang Y; Yao Y
    Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl; 2017 Jul; 76():659-672. PubMed ID: 28482576
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  • 12. Synthesis and Characterization of Folate-Modified Cell Membrane Mimetic Copolymer Micelles for Effective Tumor Cell Internalization.
    Du W; Lu Q; Zhang M; Cao H; Zhang S
    ACS Appl Bio Mater; 2021 Apr; 4(4):3246-3255. PubMed ID: 35014411
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  • 13. Synthesis of intracellular reduction-sensitive amphiphilic polyethyleneimine and poly(ε-caprolactone) graft copolymer for on-demand release of doxorubicin and p53 plasmid DNA.
    Davoodi P; Srinivasan MP; Wang CH
    Acta Biomater; 2016 Jul; 39():79-93. PubMed ID: 27154500
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  • 14. Tumor-targeting, pH-responsive, and stable unimolecular micelles as drug nanocarriers for targeted cancer therapy.
    Yang X; Grailer JJ; Pilla S; Steeber DA; Gong S
    Bioconjug Chem; 2010 Mar; 21(3):496-504. PubMed ID: 20163170
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  • 15. Folate-decorated hydrophilic three-arm star-block terpolymer as a novel nanovehicle for targeted co-delivery of doxorubicin and Bcl-2 siRNA in breast cancer therapy.
    Qian J; Xu M; Suo A; Xu W; Liu T; Liu X; Yao Y; Wang H
    Acta Biomater; 2015 Mar; 15():102-16. PubMed ID: 25545322
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  • 16. Multifunctional nanocarrier mediated co-delivery of doxorubicin and siRNA for synergistic enhancement of glioma apoptosis in rat.
    Cheng D; Cao N; Chen J; Yu X; Shuai X
    Biomaterials; 2012 Feb; 33(4):1170-9. PubMed ID: 22061491
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  • 17. A biodegradable polymersome containing Bcl-xL siRNA and doxorubicin as a dual delivery vehicle for a synergistic anticancer effect.
    Kim HO; Kim E; An Y; Choi J; Jang E; Choi EB; Kukreja A; Kim MH; Kang B; Kim DJ; Suh JS; Huh YM; Haam S
    Macromol Biosci; 2013 Jun; 13(6):745-54. PubMed ID: 23613425
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  • 18. An MRI-visible non-viral vector for targeted Bcl-2 siRNA delivery to neuroblastoma.
    Shen M; Gong F; Pang P; Zhu K; Meng X; Wu C; Wang J; Shan H; Shuai X
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2012; 7():3319-32. PubMed ID: 22802690
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  • 19. Folate-conjugated amphiphilic hyperbranched block copolymers based on Boltorn H40, poly(L-lactide) and poly(ethylene glycol) for tumor-targeted drug delivery.
    Prabaharan M; Grailer JJ; Pilla S; Steeber DA; Gong S
    Biomaterials; 2009 Jun; 30(16):3009-19. PubMed ID: 19250665
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  • 20. pH-responsive complexes using prefunctionalized polymers for synchronous delivery of doxorubicin and siRNA to cancer cells.
    Dong DW; Xiang B; Gao W; Yang ZZ; Li JQ; Qi XR
    Biomaterials; 2013 Jul; 34(20):4849-59. PubMed ID: 23541420
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