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  • 1. H4K20me1 contributes to downregulation of X-linked genes for C. elegans dosage compensation.
    Vielle A; Lang J; Dong Y; Ercan S; Kotwaliwale C; Rechtsteiner A; Appert A; Chen QB; Dose A; Egelhofer T; Kimura H; Stempor P; Dernburg A; Lieb JD; Strome S; Ahringer J
    PLoS Genet; 2012 Sep; 8(9):e1002933. PubMed ID: 23028348
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  • 2. Developmental Dynamics of X-Chromosome Dosage Compensation by the DCC and H4K20me1 in C. elegans.
    Kramer M; Kranz AL; Su A; Winterkorn LH; Albritton SE; Ercan S
    PLoS Genet; 2015 Dec; 11(12):e1005698. PubMed ID: 26641248
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  • 3. Caenorhabditis elegans dosage compensation regulates histone H4 chromatin state on X chromosomes.
    Wells MB; Snyder MJ; Custer LM; Csankovszki G
    Mol Cell Biol; 2012 May; 32(9):1710-9. PubMed ID: 22393255
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  • 4. Regulation of DCC localization by HTZ-1/H2A.Z and DPY-30 does not correlate with H3K4 methylation levels.
    Petty E; Laughlin E; Csankovszki G
    PLoS One; 2011; 6(10):e25973. PubMed ID: 21998734
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  • 5. The onset of C. elegans dosage compensation is linked to the loss of developmental plasticity.
    Custer LM; Snyder MJ; Flegel K; Csankovszki G
    Dev Biol; 2014 Jan; 385(2):279-90. PubMed ID: 24252776
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  • 6. SUMOylation is essential for sex-specific assembly and function of the Caenorhabditis elegans dosage compensation complex on X chromosomes.
    Pferdehirt RR; Meyer BJ
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2013 Oct; 110(40):E3810-9. PubMed ID: 24043781
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  • 7. Condensin-driven remodelling of X chromosome topology during dosage compensation.
    Crane E; Bian Q; McCord RP; Lajoie BR; Wheeler BS; Ralston EJ; Uzawa S; Dekker J; Meyer BJ
    Nature; 2015 Jul; 523(7559):240-4. PubMed ID: 26030525
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  • 8. Linking dosage compensation and X chromosome nuclear organization in C. elegans.
    Sharma R; Meister P
    Nucleus; 2015; 6(4):266-72. PubMed ID: 26055265
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  • 9. X-Chromosome dosage compensation.
    Meyer BJ
    WormBook; 2005 Jun; ():1-14. PubMed ID: 18050416
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  • 10. A non-canonical role for the C. elegans dosage compensation complex in growth and metabolic regulation downstream of TOR complex 2.
    Webster CM; Wu L; Douglas D; Soukas AA
    Development; 2013 Sep; 140(17):3601-12. PubMed ID: 23884442
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  • 11. Restricting dosage compensation complex binding to the X chromosomes by H2A.Z/HTZ-1.
    Petty EL; Collette KS; Cohen AJ; Snyder MJ; Csankovszki G
    PLoS Genet; 2009 Oct; 5(10):e1000699. PubMed ID: 19851459
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  • 12. Dynamic Control of X Chromosome Conformation and Repression by a Histone H4K20 Demethylase.
    Brejc K; Bian Q; Uzawa S; Wheeler BS; Anderson EC; King DS; Kranzusch PJ; Preston CG; Meyer BJ
    Cell; 2017 Sep; 171(1):85-102.e23. PubMed ID: 28867287
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  • 13. The Caenorhabditis elegans dosage compensation machinery is recruited to X chromosome DNA attached to an autosome.
    Lieb JD; de Solorzano CO; Rodriguez EG; Jones A; Angelo M; Lockett S; Meyer BJ
    Genetics; 2000 Dec; 156(4):1603-21. PubMed ID: 11102361
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  • 14. Histone H3K9 methylation promotes formation of genome compartments in
    Bian Q; Anderson EC; Yang Q; Meyer BJ
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2020 May; 117(21):11459-11470. PubMed ID: 32385148
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  • 15. The C. elegans dosage compensation complex mediates interphase X chromosome compaction.
    Lau AC; Nabeshima K; Csankovszki G
    Epigenetics Chromatin; 2014; 7(1):31. PubMed ID: 25400696
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  • 16. Recruitment of C. elegans dosage compensation proteins for gene-specific versus chromosome-wide repression.
    Yonker SA; Meyer BJ
    Development; 2003 Dec; 130(26):6519-32. PubMed ID: 14660541
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  • 17. Dual roles for nuclear RNAi Argonautes in Caenorhabditis elegans dosage compensation.
    Davis MB; Jash E; Chawla B; Haines RA; Tushman LE; Troll R; Csankovszki G
    Genetics; 2022 May; 221(1):. PubMed ID: 35234908
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  • 18. Condensin-mediated chromosome organization and gene regulation.
    Lau AC; Csankovszki G
    Front Genet; 2014; 5():473. PubMed ID: 25628648
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  • 19. An H4K16 histone acetyltransferase mediates decondensation of the X chromosome in
    Lau AC; Zhu KP; Brouhard EA; Davis MB; Csankovszki G
    Epigenetics Chromatin; 2016; 9():44. PubMed ID: 27777629
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  • 20. PR-Set7-mediated monomethylation of histone H4 lysine 20 at specific genomic regions induces transcriptional repression.
    Congdon LM; Houston SI; Veerappan CS; Spektor TM; Rice JC
    J Cell Biochem; 2010 Jun; 110(3):609-19. PubMed ID: 20512922
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