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  • 1. BORIS/CTCFL mRNA isoform expression and epigenetic regulation in epithelial ovarian cancer.
    Link PA; Zhang W; Odunsi K; Karpf AR
    Cancer Immun; 2013; 13():6. PubMed ID: 23390377
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  • 2. Coordinated cancer germline antigen promoter and global DNA hypomethylation in ovarian cancer: association with the BORIS/CTCF expression ratio and advanced stage.
    Woloszynska-Read A; Zhang W; Yu J; Link PA; Mhawech-Fauceglia P; Collamat G; Akers SN; Ostler KR; Godley LA; Odunsi K; Karpf AR
    Clin Cancer Res; 2011 Apr; 17(8):2170-80. PubMed ID: 21296871
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  • 3. DNA methylation-dependent regulation of BORIS/CTCFL expression in ovarian cancer.
    Woloszynska-Read A; James SR; Link PA; Yu J; Odunsi K; Karpf AR
    Cancer Immun; 2007 Dec; 7():21. PubMed ID: 18095639
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  • 4. DNA hypomethylation-mediated activation of Cancer/Testis Antigen 45 (CT45) genes is associated with disease progression and reduced survival in epithelial ovarian cancer.
    Zhang W; Barger CJ; Link PA; Mhawech-Fauceglia P; Miller A; Akers SN; Odunsi K; Karpf AR
    Epigenetics; 2015; 10(8):736-48. PubMed ID: 26098711
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  • 5. BORIS/CTCFL expression is insufficient for cancer-germline antigen gene expression and DNA hypomethylation in ovarian cell lines.
    Woloszynska-Read A; James SR; Song C; Jin B; Odunsi K; Karpf AR
    Cancer Immun; 2010 Jul; 10():6. PubMed ID: 20649179
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  • 6. Hypomethylation of the CTCFL/BORIS promoter and aberrant expression during endometrial cancer progression suggests a role as an Epi-driver gene.
    Hoivik EA; Kusonmano K; Halle MK; Berg A; Wik E; Werner HM; Petersen K; Oyan AM; Kalland KH; Krakstad C; Trovik J; Widschwendter M; Salvesen HB
    Oncotarget; 2014 Feb; 5(4):1052-61. PubMed ID: 24658009
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  • 7. Conditional expression of the CTCF-paralogous transcriptional factor BORIS in normal cells results in demethylation and derepression of MAGE-A1 and reactivation of other cancer-testis genes.
    Vatolin S; Abdullaev Z; Pack SD; Flanagan PT; Custer M; Loukinov DI; Pugacheva E; Hong JA; Morse H; Schrump DS; Risinger JI; Barrett JC; Lobanenkov VV
    Cancer Res; 2005 Sep; 65(17):7751-62. PubMed ID: 16140943
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  • 8. The structural complexity of the human BORIS gene in gametogenesis and cancer.
    Pugacheva EM; Suzuki T; Pack SD; Kosaka-Suzuki N; Yoon J; Vostrov AA; Barsov E; Strunnikov AV; Morse HC; Loukinov D; Lobanenkov V
    PLoS One; 2010 Nov; 5(11):e13872. PubMed ID: 21079786
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  • 9. Epigenetic control of CTCFL/BORIS and OCT4 expression in urogenital malignancies.
    Hoffmann MJ; Müller M; Engers R; Schulz WA
    Biochem Pharmacol; 2006 Nov; 72(11):1577-88. PubMed ID: 16854382
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  • 10. PRAME expression and promoter hypomethylation in epithelial ovarian cancer.
    Zhang W; Barger CJ; Eng KH; Klinkebiel D; Link PA; Omilian A; Bshara W; Odunsi K; Karpf AR
    Oncotarget; 2016 Jul; 7(29):45352-45369. PubMed ID: 27322684
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  • 11. Reciprocal binding of CTCF and BORIS to the NY-ESO-1 promoter coincides with derepression of this cancer-testis gene in lung cancer cells.
    Hong JA; Kang Y; Abdullaev Z; Flanagan PT; Pack SD; Fischette MR; Adnani MT; Loukinov DI; Vatolin S; Risinger JI; Custer M; Chen GA; Zhao M; Nguyen DM; Barrett JC; Lobanenkov VV; Schrump DS
    Cancer Res; 2005 Sep; 65(17):7763-74. PubMed ID: 16140944
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  • 12. High expression of hTERT and stemness genes in BORIS/CTCFL positive cells isolated from embryonic cancer cells.
    Alberti L; Renaud S; Losi L; Leyvraz S; Benhattar J
    PLoS One; 2014; 9(10):e109921. PubMed ID: 25279549
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  • 13. Promoter hypermethylation influences the suppressive role of maternally expressed 3, a long non-coding RNA, in the development of epithelial ovarian cancer.
    Sheng X; Li J; Yang L; Chen Z; Zhao Q; Tan L; Zhou Y; Li J
    Oncol Rep; 2014 Jul; 32(1):277-85. PubMed ID: 24859196
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  • 14. MAGEA1 inhibits the expression of BORIS via increased promoter methylation.
    Zhao J; Wang Y; Liang Q; Xu Y; Sang J
    J Cell Sci; 2019 Jan; 132(1):. PubMed ID: 30498011
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  • 15. Epigenetic activation of POTE genes in ovarian cancer.
    Sharma A; Albahrani M; Zhang W; Kufel CN; James SR; Odunsi K; Klinkebiel D; Karpf AR
    Epigenetics; 2019 Feb; 14(2):185-197. PubMed ID: 30764732
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  • 16. CTCFL/BORIS is a methylation-independent DNA-binding protein that preferentially binds to the paternal H19 differentially methylated region.
    Nguyen P; Cui H; Bisht KS; Sun L; Patel K; Lee RS; Kugoh H; Oshimura M; Feinberg AP; Gius D
    Cancer Res; 2008 Jul; 68(14):5546-51. PubMed ID: 18632606
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  • 17. Epigenetic potentiation of NY-ESO-1 vaccine therapy in human ovarian cancer.
    Odunsi K; Matsuzaki J; James SR; Mhawech-Fauceglia P; Tsuji T; Miller A; Zhang W; Akers SN; Griffiths EA; Miliotto A; Beck A; Batt CA; Ritter G; Lele S; Gnjatic S; Karpf AR
    Cancer Immunol Res; 2014 Jan; 2(1):37-49. PubMed ID: 24535937
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  • 18. CTCF and BORIS in genome regulation and cancer.
    Marshall AD; Bailey CG; Rasko JE
    Curr Opin Genet Dev; 2014 Feb; 24():8-15. PubMed ID: 24657531
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  • 19. BORIS (CTCFL) is not expressed in most human breast cell lines and high grade breast carcinomas.
    Hines WC; Bazarov AV; Mukhopadhyay R; Yaswen P
    PLoS One; 2010 Mar; 5(3):e9738. PubMed ID: 20305816
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  • 20. Expression of the CTCF-paralogous cancer-testis gene, brother of the regulator of imprinted sites (BORIS), is regulated by three alternative promoters modulated by CpG methylation and by CTCF and p53 transcription factors.
    Renaud S; Pugacheva EM; Delgado MD; Braunschweig R; Abdullaev Z; Loukinov D; Benhattar J; Lobanenkov V
    Nucleic Acids Res; 2007; 35(21):7372-88. PubMed ID: 17962299
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