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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Methodological aspects of estimating rare cancer prevalence in Europe: the experience of the RARECARE project.
    Mallone S; De Angelis R; van der Zwan JM; Trama A; Siesling S; Gatta G; Capocaccia R;
    Cancer Epidemiol; 2013 Dec; 37(6):850-6. PubMed ID: 24050903
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  • 2. Italian cancer figures--Report 2015: The burden of rare cancers in Italy.
    ; Busco S; Buzzoni C; Mallone S; Trama A; Castaing M; Bella F; Amodio R; Bizzoco S; Cassetti T; Cirilli C; Cusimano R; De Angelis R; Fusco M; Gatta G; Gennaro V; Giacomin A; Giorgi Rossi P; Mangone L; Mannino S; Rossi S; Pierannunzio D; Tavilla A; Tognazzo S; Tumino R; Vicentini M; Vitale MF; Crocetti E; Dal Maso L
    Epidemiol Prev; 2016; 40(1 Suppl 2):1-120. PubMed ID: 26951748
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  • 3. Rare cancers are not so rare: the rare cancer burden in Europe.
    Gatta G; van der Zwan JM; Casali PG; Siesling S; Dei Tos AP; Kunkler I; Otter R; Licitra L; Mallone S; Tavilla A; Trama A; Capocaccia R;
    Eur J Cancer; 2011 Nov; 47(17):2493-511. PubMed ID: 22033323
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  • 4. Descriptive epidemiology of malignant mucosal and uveal melanomas and adnexal skin carcinomas in Europe.
    Mallone S; De Vries E; Guzzo M; Midena E; Verne J; Coebergh JW; Marcos-Gragera R; Ardanaz E; Martinez R; Chirlaque MD; Navarro C; Virgili G;
    Eur J Cancer; 2012 May; 48(8):1167-75. PubMed ID: 22119735
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  • 5. Carcinoma of endocrine organs: results of the RARECARE project.
    van der Zwan JM; Mallone S; van Dijk B; Bielska-Lasota M; Otter R; Foschi R; Baudin E; Links TP;
    Eur J Cancer; 2012 Sep; 48(13):1923-31. PubMed ID: 22361014
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  • 6. The burden of rare cancers in Italy: the surveillance of rare cancers in Italy (RITA) project.
    Trama A; Mallone S; Ferretti S; Meduri F; Capocaccia R; Gatta G;
    Tumori; 2012; 98(5):550-8. PubMed ID: 23235748
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  • 7. Italian cancer figures, report 2010: Cancer prevalence in Italy. Patients living with cancer, long-term survivors and cured patients.
    AIRTUM Working Group
    Epidemiol Prev; 2010; 34(5-6 Suppl 2):1-188. PubMed ID: 21220827
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  • 8. Rare cancers of the head and neck area in Europe.
    Van Dijk BA; Gatta G; Capocaccia R; Pierannunzio D; Strojan P; Licitra L;
    Eur J Cancer; 2012 Apr; 48(6):783-96. PubMed ID: 22051735
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  • 9. Data quality in rare cancers registration: the report of the RARECARE data quality study.
    Trama A; Marcos-Gragera R; Sánchez Pérez MJ; van der Zwan JM; Ardanaz E; Bouchardy C; Melchor JM; Martinez C; Capocaccia R; Vicentini M; Siesling S; Gatta G;
    Tumori; 2017 Jan; 103(1):22-32. PubMed ID: 27716878
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  • 10. Rare neuroendocrine tumours: results of the surveillance of rare cancers in Europe project.
    van der Zwan JM; Trama A; Otter R; Larrañaga N; Tavilla A; Marcos-Gragera R; Dei Tos AP; Baudin E; Poston G; Links T;
    Eur J Cancer; 2013 Jul; 49(11):2565-78. PubMed ID: 23541566
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  • 11. Descriptive epidemiological study of rare, less common and common cancers in Western Australia.
    Bilkey GA; Trevithick RW; Coles EP; Girschik J; Nowak KJ
    BMC Cancer; 2021 Jul; 21(1):779. PubMed ID: 34233636
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  • 12. Burden and centralised treatment in Europe of rare tumours: results of RARECAREnet-a population-based study.
    Gatta G; Capocaccia R; Botta L; Mallone S; De Angelis R; Ardanaz E; Comber H; Dimitrova N; Leinonen MK; Siesling S; van der Zwan JM; Van Eycken L; Visser O; Žakelj MP; Anderson LA; Bella F; Kaire I; Otter R; Stiller CA; Trama A;
    Lancet Oncol; 2017 Aug; 18(8):1022-1039. PubMed ID: 28687376
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  • 13. Cancer prevalence estimates in Europe at the beginning of 2000.
    Gatta G; Mallone S; van der Zwan JM; Trama A; Siesling S; Capocaccia R;
    Ann Oncol; 2013 Jun; 24(6):1660-6. PubMed ID: 23553062
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  • 14. Burden of testicular, paratesticular and extragonadal germ cell tumours in Europe.
    Trama A; Mallone S; Nicolai N; Necchi A; Schaapveld M; Gietema J; Znaor A; Ardanaz E; Berrino F;
    Eur J Cancer; 2012 Jan; 48(2):159-69. PubMed ID: 22142457
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  • 15. Rare cancers in The Netherlands: a population-based study.
    van der Zwan JM; van Dijk BAC; Visser O; van Krieken HJHJM; Capocaccia R; Siesling S
    Eur J Cancer Prev; 2018 Jul; 27(4):384-390. PubMed ID: 25969132
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  • 16. Epidemiology of rare cancers and inequalities in oncologic outcomes.
    Gatta G; Trama A; Capocaccia R;
    Eur J Surg Oncol; 2019 Jan; 45(1):3-11. PubMed ID: 29032924
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  • 17. Italian cancer figures, report 2012: Cancer in children and adolescents.
    ; ;
    Epidemiol Prev; 2013; 37(1 Suppl 1):1-225. PubMed ID: 23585445
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  • 18. Rationale of the rare cancer list: a consensus paper from the Joint Action on Rare Cancers (JARC) of the European Union (EU).
    Casali PG; Trama A
    ESMO Open; 2020 Mar; 5(2):. PubMed ID: 32220947
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  • 19. Incidence, survival and prevalence of myeloid malignancies in Europe.
    Visser O; Trama A; Maynadié M; Stiller C; Marcos-Gragera R; De Angelis R; Mallone S; Tereanu C; Allemani C; Ricardi U; Schouten HC;
    Eur J Cancer; 2012 Nov; 48(17):3257-66. PubMed ID: 22770878
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  • 20. Rare thoracic cancers, including peritoneum mesothelioma.
    Siesling S; van der Zwan JM; Izarzugaza I; Jaal J; Treasure T; Foschi R; Ricardi U; Groen H; Tavilla A; Ardanaz E;
    Eur J Cancer; 2012 May; 48(7):949-60. PubMed ID: 22406029
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