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  • 1. An explorative analysis of ERCC1-19q13 copy number aberrations in a chemonaive stage III colorectal cancer cohort.
    Smith DH; Christensen IJ; Jensen NF; Markussen B; Müller S; Nielsen HJ; Brünner N; Nielsen KV
    BMC Cancer; 2013 Oct; 13():489. PubMed ID: 24144331
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  • 2. Mechanisms of topoisomerase I (TOP1) gene copy number increase in a stage III colorectal cancer patient cohort.
    Smith DH; Christensen IJ; Jensen NF; Markussen B; Rømer MU; Nygård SB; Müller S; Nielsen HJ; Brünner N; Nielsen KV
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(4):e60613. PubMed ID: 23577133
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  • 3. 19q13-ERCC1 gene copy number increase in non--small-cell lung cancer.
    Vanhecke E; Valent A; Tang X; Vielh P; Friboulet L; Tang T; Goubar A; Li Y; Robin A; Behrens C; Commo F; Validire P; André F; Wistuba II; Soria JC; Olaussen KA
    Clin Lung Cancer; 2013 Sep; 14(5):549-57. PubMed ID: 23773262
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  • 4. ERCC1 and ERCC2 as predictive biomarkers to oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy in colorectal cancer patients from Egypt.
    Kassem AB; Salem SE; Abdelrahim ME; Said AS; Salahuddin A; Hussein MM; Bahnassy AA
    Exp Mol Pathol; 2017 Feb; 102(1):78-85. PubMed ID: 28088319
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  • 5. The ZEB2-dependent EMT transcriptional programme drives therapy resistance by activating nucleotide excision repair genes ERCC1 and ERCC4 in colorectal cancer.
    Sreekumar R; Al-Saihati H; Emaduddin M; Moutasim K; Mellone M; Patel A; Kilic S; Cetin M; Erdemir S; Navio MS; Lopez MA; Curtis N; Yagci T; Primrose JN; Price BD; Berx G; Thomas GJ; Tulchinsky E; Mirnezami A; Sayan AE
    Mol Oncol; 2021 Aug; 15(8):2065-2083. PubMed ID: 33931939
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  • 6. Evidence for an Association of ERCC1 Expression and Mismatch Repair Status with Overall Survival in Colorectal Cancer Patients.
    Li P; Xiao ZT; Braciak TA; Ou QJ; Chen G; Oduncu FS
    Oncol Res Treat; 2017; 40(11):702-706. PubMed ID: 29065415
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  • 7. Predictive value of ERCC1, ERCC2, and XRCC1 overexpression for stage III colorectal cancer patients receiving FOLFOX-4 adjuvant chemotherapy.
    Huang MY; Tsai HL; Lin CH; Huang CW; Ma CJ; Huang CM; Chai CY; Wang JY
    J Surg Oncol; 2013 Dec; 108(7):457-64. PubMed ID: 23996617
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  • 8. Association of DNA repair gene variants with colorectal cancer: risk, toxicity, and survival.
    Salimzadeh H; Lindskog EB; Gustavsson B; Wettergren Y; Ljungman D
    BMC Cancer; 2020 May; 20(1):409. PubMed ID: 32397974
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  • 9. The ERCC1 C118T polymorphism predicts clinical outcomes of colorectal cancer patients receiving oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy: a meta-analysis based on 22 studies.
    Qian YY; Liu XY; Wu Q; Song X; Chen XF; Liu YQ; Pei D; Shen LZ; Shu YQ
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev; 2014; 15(19):8383-90. PubMed ID: 25339033
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  • 10. Correlations between microsatellite instability, ERCC1/XRCC1 polymorphism and clinical characteristics, and FOLFOX adjuvant chemotherapy effect of colorectal cancer patients.
    Zhang L; Zhao J; Yu B; Song X; Sun G; Han L; Wang L; Dong S
    Cancer Genet; 2017 Dec; 218-219():51-57. PubMed ID: 29153096
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  • 11. Topoisomerase 1(TOP1) gene copy number in stage III colorectal cancer patients and its relation to prognosis.
    Rømer MU; Nygård SB; Christensen IJ; Nielsen SL; Nielsen KV; Müller S; Smith DH; Vainer B; Nielsen HJ; Brünner N
    Mol Oncol; 2013 Feb; 7(1):101-11. PubMed ID: 23110915
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  • 12. ERCC1, defective mismatch repair status as predictive biomarkers of survival for stage III colon cancer patients receiving oxaliplatin-based adjuvant chemotherapy.
    Li P; Fang YJ; Li F; Ou QJ; Chen G; Ma G
    Br J Cancer; 2013 Apr; 108(6):1238-44. PubMed ID: 23481186
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  • 13. Clinical and prognostic value of MET gene copy number gain and chromosome 7 polysomy in primary colorectal cancer patients.
    Seo AN; Park KU; Choe G; Kim WH; Kim DW; Kang SB; Lee HS
    Tumour Biol; 2015 Dec; 36(12):9813-21. PubMed ID: 26159851
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  • 14. ERCC1 gene polymorphism as a predictor for clinical outcome in advanced colorectal cancer patients treated with platinum-based chemotherapy.
    Park DJ; Zhang W; Stoehlmacher J; Tsao-Wei D; Groshen S; Gil J; Yun J; Sones E; Mallik N; Lenz HJ
    Clin Adv Hematol Oncol; 2003 Mar; 1(3):162-6. PubMed ID: 16224397
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  • 15. ERCC1 and TS Expression as Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers in Metastatic Colon Cancer.
    Choueiri MB; Shen JP; Gross AM; Huang JK; Ideker T; Fanta P
    PLoS One; 2015; 10(6):e0126898. PubMed ID: 26083491
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  • 16. Association of ERCC1-C118T and -C8092A polymorphisms with lung cancer risk and survival of advanced-stage non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving platinum-based chemotherapy: a pooled analysis based on 39 reports.
    Xu TP; Shen H; Liu LX; Shu YQ
    Gene; 2013 Sep; 526(2):265-74. PubMed ID: 23727606
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  • 17. Measuring ERCC1 protein expression in cancer specimens: validation of a novel antibody.
    Smith DH; Fiehn AM; Fogh L; Christensen IJ; Hansen TP; Stenvang J; Nielsen HJ; Nielsen KV; Hasselby JP; Brünner N; Jensen SS
    Sci Rep; 2014 Mar; 4():4313. PubMed ID: 24603753
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  • 18. Predictive value of APE1, BRCA1, ERCC1 and TUBB3 expression in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) receiving first-line platinum-paclitaxel chemotherapy.
    Li Z; Qing Y; Guan W; Li M; Peng Y; Zhang S; Xiong Y; Wang D
    Cancer Chemother Pharmacol; 2014 Oct; 74(4):777-86. PubMed ID: 25107571
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  • 19. XRCC1 and ERCC1 polymorphisms are related to susceptibility and survival of colorectal cancer in the Chinese population.
    Dai Q; Luo H; Li XP; Huang J; Zhou TJ; Yang ZH
    Mutagenesis; 2015 May; 30(3):441-9. PubMed ID: 25690281
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  • 20. Genomic copy number changes of DNA repair genes ERCC1 and ERCC2 in human gliomas.
    Liang BC; Ross DA; Reed E
    J Neurooncol; 1995 Oct; 26(1):17-23. PubMed ID: 8583241
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