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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. Ability of the Met kinase inhibitor crizotinib and new generation EGFR inhibitors to overcome resistance to EGFR inhibitors.
    Nanjo S; Yamada T; Nishihara H; Takeuchi S; Sano T; Nakagawa T; Ishikawa D; Zhao L; Ebi H; Yasumoto K; Matsumoto K; Yano S
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(12):e84700. PubMed ID: 24386407
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  • 22. Mechanism research of miR-34a regulates Axl in non-small-cell lung cancer with gefitinib-acquired resistance.
    Xiong R; Sun XX; Wu HR; Xu GW; Wang GX; Sun XH; Xu MQ; Xie MR
    Thorac Cancer; 2020 Jan; 11(1):156-165. PubMed ID: 31777195
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  • 23. Axl-altered microRNAs regulate tumorigenicity and gefitinib resistance in lung cancer.
    Wang Y; Xia H; Zhuang Z; Miao L; Chen X; Cai H
    Cell Death Dis; 2014 May; 5(5):e1227. PubMed ID: 24832599
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  • 24. Growth Suppression in Lung Cancer Cells Harboring EGFR-C797S Mutation by Quercetin.
    Huang KY; Wang TH; Chen CC; Leu YL; Li HJ; Jhong CL; Chen CY
    Biomolecules; 2021 Aug; 11(9):. PubMed ID: 34572484
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  • 25. Common Co-activation of AXL and CDCP1 in EGFR-mutation-positive Non-smallcell Lung Cancer Associated With Poor Prognosis.
    Karachaliou N; Chaib I; Cardona AF; Berenguer J; Bracht JWP; Yang J; Cai X; Wang Z; Hu C; Drozdowskyj A; Servat CC; Servat JC; Ito M; Attili I; Aldeguer E; Capitan AG; Rodriguez J; Rojas L; Viteri S; Molina-Vila MA; Ou SI; Okada M; Mok TS; Bivona TG; Ono M; Cui J; Ramón Y Cajal S; Frias A; Cao P; Rosell R
    EBioMedicine; 2018 Mar; 29():112-127. PubMed ID: 29433983
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  • 26. Enhanced Sensitivity of Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer with Acquired Resistance to Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors to Phenformin: The Roles of a Metabolic Shift to Oxidative Phosphorylation and Redox Balance.
    Kim S; Im JH; Kim WK; Choi YJ; Lee JY; Kim SK; Kim SJ; Kwon SW; Kang KW
    Oxid Med Cell Longev; 2021; 2021():5428364. PubMed ID: 34367462
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  • 27. Axl is a novel target of celastrol that inhibits cell proliferation and migration, and increases the cytotoxicity of gefitinib in EGFR mutant non‑small cell lung cancer cells.
    Lee YJ; Kim SY; Lee C
    Mol Med Rep; 2019 Apr; 19(4):3230-3236. PubMed ID: 30816529
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  • 28. MET Gene Amplification and MET Receptor Activation Are Not Sufficient to Predict Efficacy of Combined MET and EGFR Inhibitors in EGFR TKI-Resistant NSCLC Cells.
    Presutti D; Santini S; Cardinali B; Papoff G; Lalli C; Samperna S; Fustaino V; Giannini G; Ruberti G
    PLoS One; 2015; 10(11):e0143333. PubMed ID: 26580964
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  • 29. Leukocyte Cell-Derived Chemotaxin 2 Retards Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Progression Through Antagonizing MET and EGFR Activities.
    Hung WY; Chang JH; Cheng Y; Chen CK; Chen JQ; Hua KT; Cheng CW; Hsiao M; Chung CL; Lee WJ; Chien MH
    Cell Physiol Biochem; 2018; 51(1):337-355. PubMed ID: 30453282
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  • 30. The HSP90 inhibitor ganetespib potentiates the antitumor activity of EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibition in mutant and wild-type non-small cell lung cancer.
    Smith DL; Acquaviva J; Sequeira M; Jimenez JP; Zhang C; Sang J; Bates RC; Proia DA
    Target Oncol; 2015 Jun; 10(2):235-45. PubMed ID: 25077897
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  • 31. An epithelial-mesenchymal transition gene signature predicts resistance to EGFR and PI3K inhibitors and identifies Axl as a therapeutic target for overcoming EGFR inhibitor resistance.
    Byers LA; Diao L; Wang J; Saintigny P; Girard L; Peyton M; Shen L; Fan Y; Giri U; Tumula PK; Nilsson MB; Gudikote J; Tran H; Cardnell RJ; Bearss DJ; Warner SL; Foulks JM; Kanner SB; Gandhi V; Krett N; Rosen ST; Kim ES; Herbst RS; Blumenschein GR; Lee JJ; Lippman SM; Ang KK; Mills GB; Hong WK; Weinstein JN; Wistuba II; Coombes KR; Minna JD; Heymach JV
    Clin Cancer Res; 2013 Jan; 19(1):279-90. PubMed ID: 23091115
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  • 32. Tyrosine phosphoproteomics identifies both codrivers and cotargeting strategies for T790M-related EGFR-TKI resistance in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Yoshida T; Zhang G; Smith MA; Lopez AS; Bai Y; Li J; Fang B; Koomen J; Rawal B; Fisher KJ; Chen YA; Kitano M; Morita Y; Yamaguchi H; Shibata K; Okabe T; Okamoto I; Nakagawa K; Haura EB
    Clin Cancer Res; 2014 Aug; 20(15):4059-4074. PubMed ID: 24919575
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  • 33. Synergistic effect of afatinib with su11274 in non-small cell lung cancer cells resistant to gefitinib or erlotinib.
    Chen G; Noor A; Kronenberger P; Teugels E; Umelo IA; De Grève J
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(3):e59708. PubMed ID: 23527257
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  • 34. YAP-Dependent AXL Overexpression Mediates Resistance to EGFR Inhibitors in NSCLC.
    Ghiso E; Migliore C; Ciciriello V; Morando E; Petrelli A; Corso S; De Luca E; Gatti G; Volante M; Giordano S
    Neoplasia; 2017 Dec; 19(12):1012-1021. PubMed ID: 29136529
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  • 35. RP11-874 J12.4 promotes erlotinib resistance in non-small cell lung cancer via increasing AXL expression.
    Huang S; Zhang J; Wu X; Liang B; Pang N; Yang L; Zhang Z
    Life Sci; 2024 Aug; 351():122849. PubMed ID: 38897346
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  • 36. Anlotinib can overcome acquired resistance to EGFR-TKIs via FGFR1 signaling in non-small cell lung cancer without harboring EGFR T790M mutation.
    Lian Z; Du W; Zhang Y; Fu Y; Liu T; Wang A; Cai T; Zhu J; Zeng Y; Liu Z; Huang JA
    Thorac Cancer; 2020 Jul; 11(7):1934-1943. PubMed ID: 32433828
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  • 37. Estrogen receptor β1 activation accelerates resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitors in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Fu S; Liu C; Huang Q; Fan S; Tang H; Fu X; Ai B; Liao Y; Chu Q
    Oncol Rep; 2018 Mar; 39(3):1313-1321. PubMed ID: 29328407
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  • 38. Combined vascular endothelial growth factor receptor and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) blockade inhibits tumor growth in xenograft models of EGFR inhibitor resistance.
    Naumov GN; Nilsson MB; Cascone T; Briggs A; Straume O; Akslen LA; Lifshits E; Byers LA; Xu L; Wu HK; Jänne P; Kobayashi S; Halmos B; Tenen D; Tang XM; Engelman J; Yeap B; Folkman J; Johnson BE; Heymach JV
    Clin Cancer Res; 2009 May; 15(10):3484-94. PubMed ID: 19447865
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  • 39. Acquired resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in non-small-cell lung cancers dependent on the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway.
    Nguyen KS; Kobayashi S; Costa DB
    Clin Lung Cancer; 2009 Jul; 10(4):281-9. PubMed ID: 19632948
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  • 40. Alternative signaling pathways as potential therapeutic targets for overcoming EGFR and c-Met inhibitor resistance in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Fong JT; Jacobs RJ; Moravec DN; Uppada SB; Botting GM; Nlend M; Puri N
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(11):e78398. PubMed ID: 24223799
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