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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Tumour suppressive effects of WEE1 gene silencing in breast cancer cells.
    Ghiasi N; Habibagahi M; Rosli R; Ghaderi A; Yusoff K; Hosseini A; Abdullah S; Jaberipour M
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev; 2014 Jan; 14(11):6605-11. PubMed ID: 24377575
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  • 2. Identification of WEE1 as a potential molecular target in cancer cells by RNAi screening of the human tyrosine kinome.
    Murrow LM; Garimella SV; Jones TL; Caplen NJ; Lipkowitz S
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2010 Jul; 122(2):347-57. PubMed ID: 19821025
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  • 3. Tumor suppressive effects of WEE1 gene silencing could not enhance immunopotentiation effects of CD80 and 4-1BBL co-stimulation in human T cells.
    Ghiasi N; Habibagahi M; Rosli R; Ghaderi A; Yusoff K; Hosseini A; Abdullah S; Jaberipour M
    J Cancer Res Ther; 2015; 11(4):708-16. PubMed ID: 26881506
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  • 4. Wee1 inhibition can suppress tumor proliferation and sensitize p53 mutant colonic cancer cells to the anticancer effect of irinotecan.
    Yin Y; Shen Q; Tao R; Chang W; Li R; Xie G; Liu W; Zhang P; Tao K
    Mol Med Rep; 2018 Feb; 17(2):3344-3349. PubMed ID: 29257266
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  • 5. Wee1 inhibition potentiates Wip1-dependent p53-negative tumor cell death during chemotherapy.
    Clausse V; Goloudina AR; Uyanik B; Kochetkova EY; Richaud S; Fedorova OA; Hammann A; Bardou M; Barlev NA; Garrido C; Demidov ON
    Cell Death Dis; 2016 Apr; 7(4):e2195. PubMed ID: 27077811
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  • 6. Tumor-suppressive effect of adenovirus-mediated inhibitor of growth 4 gene transfer in breast carcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo.
    Li Z; Xie Y; Sheng W; Miao J; Xiang J; Yang J
    Cancer Biother Radiopharm; 2010 Aug; 25(4):427-37. PubMed ID: 20707719
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  • 7. Tumour suppressive effects of WEE1 gene silencing in neuroblastomas.
    Tashnizi AH; Jaberipour M; Razmkhah M; Rahnama S; Habibagahi M
    J Cancer Res Ther; 2016; 12(1):221-7. PubMed ID: 27072241
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  • 8. Knocking down PML impairs p53 signaling transduction pathway and suppresses irradiation induced apoptosis in breast carcinoma cell MCF-7.
    Bao-Lei T; Zhu-Zhong M; Yi S; Jun-Jie Q; Yan D; Hua L; Bin L; Guo-Wei Z; Zhi-Xian S
    J Cell Biochem; 2006 Feb; 97(3):561-71. PubMed ID: 16215989
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  • 9. Mdm2 inhibition confers protection of p53-proficient cells from the cytotoxic effects of Wee1 inhibitors.
    Li Y; Saini P; Sriraman A; Dobbelstein M
    Oncotarget; 2015 Oct; 6(32):32339-52. PubMed ID: 26431163
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  • 10. Discovery of gene expression-based pharmacodynamic biomarker for a p53 context-specific anti-tumor drug Wee1 inhibitor.
    Mizuarai S; Yamanaka K; Itadani H; Arai T; Nishibata T; Hirai H; Kotani H
    Mol Cancer; 2009 Jun; 8():34. PubMed ID: 19500427
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  • 11. WEE1 inhibition sensitizes basal breast cancer cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis.
    Garimella SV; Rocca A; Lipkowitz S
    Mol Cancer Res; 2012 Jan; 10(1):75-85. PubMed ID: 22112940
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  • 12. Integrated genomic analyses identify WEE1 as a critical mediator of cell fate and a novel therapeutic target in acute myeloid leukemia.
    Porter CC; Kim J; Fosmire S; Gearheart CM; van Linden A; Baturin D; Zaberezhnyy V; Patel PR; Gao D; Tan AC; DeGregori J
    Leukemia; 2012 Jun; 26(6):1266-76. PubMed ID: 22289989
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  • 13. Genetic inhibition of the atypical kinase Wee1 selectively drives apoptosis of p53 inactive tumor cells.
    Pappano WN; Zhang Q; Tucker LA; Tse C; Wang J
    BMC Cancer; 2014 Jun; 14():430. PubMed ID: 24927813
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  • 14. 90-kDa heat shock protein inhibition abrogates the topoisomerase I poison-induced G2/M checkpoint in p53-null tumor cells by depleting Chk1 and Wee1.
    Tse AN; Sheikh TN; Alan H; Chou TC; Schwartz GK
    Mol Pharmacol; 2009 Jan; 75(1):124-33. PubMed ID: 18820127
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  • 15. Kinome-wide RNAi screening for mediators of ABT-199 resistance in breast cancer cells identifies Wee1 as a novel therapeutic target.
    Aka Y; Karakas B; Acikbas U; Basaga H; Gul O; Kutuk O
    Int J Biochem Cell Biol; 2021 Aug; 137():106028. PubMed ID: 34171479
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  • 16. Cell cycle regulation by the Wee1 inhibitor PD0166285, pyrido [2,3-d] pyimidine, in the B16 mouse melanoma cell line.
    Hashimoto O; Shinkawa M; Torimura T; Nakamura T; Selvendiran K; Sakamoto M; Koga H; Ueno T; Sata M
    BMC Cancer; 2006 Dec; 6():292. PubMed ID: 17177986
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  • 17. Alterations in gene expression and sensitivity to genotoxic stress following HdmX or Hdm2 knockdown in human tumor cells harboring wild-type p53.
    Heminger K; Markey M; Mpagi M; Berberich SJ
    Aging (Albany NY); 2009 Jan; 1(1):89-108. PubMed ID: 19946469
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  • 18. Functional kinomics identifies candidate therapeutic targets in head and neck cancer.
    Moser R; Xu C; Kao M; Annis J; Lerma LA; Schaupp CM; Gurley KE; Jang IS; Biktasova A; Yarbrough WG; Margolin AA; Grandori C; Kemp CJ; Méndez E
    Clin Cancer Res; 2014 Aug; 20(16):4274-88. PubMed ID: 25125259
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  • 19. Regulation of cell cycle checkpoint kinase WEE1 by miR-195 in malignant melanoma.
    Bhattacharya A; Schmitz U; Wolkenhauer O; Schönherr M; Raatz Y; Kunz M
    Oncogene; 2013 Jun; 32(26):3175-83. PubMed ID: 22847610
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  • 20. Effects of MDM2 inhibitors on vascular endothelial growth factor-mediated tumor angiogenesis in human breast cancer.
    Xiong J; Yang Q; Li J; Zhou S
    Angiogenesis; 2014 Jan; 17(1):37-50. PubMed ID: 23907365
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