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  • 21. Fatigue in advanced cancer patients attending an outpatient palliative radiotherapy clinic as screened by the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System.
    Zeng L; Koo K; Zhang L; Jon F; Dennis K; Holden L; Nguyen J; Tsao M; Barnes E; Danjoux C; Sahgal A; Chow E
    Support Care Cancer; 2012 May; 20(5):1037-42. PubMed ID: 21538097
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  • 22. Prevalence and risk factors of cancer-related fatigue in childhood cancer survivors: A DCCSS LATER study.
    van Deuren S; Penson A; van Dulmen-den Broeder E; Grootenhuis MA; van der Heiden-van der Loo M; Bronkhorst E; Blijlevens NMA; Streefkerk N; Teepen JC; Tissing WJE; van der Pal HJH; van den Heuvel-Eibrink MM; Versluys BAB; Bresters D; van Leeuwen FE; Ronckers CM; Kremer LCM; Knoop H; Loonen JJ;
    Cancer; 2022 Mar; 128(5):1110-1121. PubMed ID: 34724201
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  • 23. Longitudinal Examination of Symptom Profiles Among Breast Cancer Survivors.
    Avis NE; Levine B; Marshall SA; Ip EH
    J Pain Symptom Manage; 2017 Apr; 53(4):703-710. PubMed ID: 28042076
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  • 24. Risk factors for depression and fatigue among survivors of hematopoietic cell transplantation.
    Jim HS; Sutton SK; Jacobsen PB; Martin PJ; Flowers ME; Lee SJ
    Cancer; 2016 Apr; 122(8):1290-7. PubMed ID: 26814442
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  • 25. Fatigue and physical activity in cancer survivors: A cross-sectional population-based study.
    Matias M; Baciarello G; Neji M; Di Meglio A; Michiels S; Partridge AH; Bendiane MK; Fizazi K; Ducreux M; Andre F; Vaz-Luis I
    Cancer Med; 2019 May; 8(5):2535-2544. PubMed ID: 30864301
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  • 26. A study to investigate the prevalence, severity and correlates of fatigue among patients with cancer in comparison with a control group of volunteers without cancer.
    Stone P; Richards M; A'Hern R; Hardy J
    Ann Oncol; 2000 May; 11(5):561-7. PubMed ID: 10907949
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  • 27. Prevalence of Fatigue in Head and Neck Cancer Survivors.
    Bossi P; Di Pede P; Guglielmo M; Granata R; Alfieri S; Iacovelli NA; Orlandi E; Guzzo M; Bianchi R; Ferella L; Infante G; Miceli R; Licitra L; Ripamonti CI
    Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol; 2019 May; 128(5):413-419. PubMed ID: 30700107
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  • 28. Prevalence and impact of severe fatigue in adolescent and young adult cancer patients in comparison with population-based controls.
    Poort H; Kaal SEJ; Knoop H; Jansen R; Prins JB; Manten-Horst E; Servaes P; Husson O; van der Graaf WTA
    Support Care Cancer; 2017 Sep; 25(9):2911-2918. PubMed ID: 28528350
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  • 29. Fatigue in breast cancer survivors: occurrence, correlates, and impact on quality of life.
    Bower JE; Ganz PA; Desmond KA; Rowland JH; Meyerowitz BE; Belin TR
    J Clin Oncol; 2000 Feb; 18(4):743-53. PubMed ID: 10673515
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  • 30. Symptom prevalence in lung and colorectal cancer patients.
    Walling AM; Weeks JC; Kahn KL; Tisnado D; Keating NL; Dy SM; Arora NK; Mack JW; Pantoja PM; Malin JL
    J Pain Symptom Manage; 2015 Feb; 49(2):192-202. PubMed ID: 24973624
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  • 31. Fatigue and its risk factors in cancer patients who seek emergency care.
    Escalante CP; Manzullo EF; Lam TP; Ensor JE; Valdres RU; Wang XS
    J Pain Symptom Manage; 2008 Oct; 36(4):358-66. PubMed ID: 18411011
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  • 32. The symptom experience of oncology outpatients has a different impact on quality-of-life outcomes.
    Pud D; Ben Ami S; Cooper BA; Aouizerat BE; Cohen D; Radiano R; Naveh P; Nikkhou-Abeles R; Hagbi V; Kachta O; Yaffe A; Miaskowski C
    J Pain Symptom Manage; 2008 Feb; 35(2):162-70. PubMed ID: 18082357
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  • 33. Usual and worst symptom severity and interference with function in breast cancer survivors.
    Berger AM; Visovsky C; Hertzog M; Holtz S; Loberiza FR
    J Support Oncol; 2012; 10(3):112-8. PubMed ID: 22277573
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  • 34. Predictors of significant worsening of patient-reported fatigue over a 1-month timeframe in ambulatory patients with common solid tumors.
    Fisch MJ; Zhao F; O'Mara AM; Wang XS; Cella D; Cleeland CS
    Cancer; 2014 Feb; 120(3):442-50. PubMed ID: 24151111
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  • 35. Educational interventions for the management of cancer-related fatigue in adults.
    Bennett S; Pigott A; Beller EM; Haines T; Meredith P; Delaney C
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2016 Nov; 11(11):CD008144. PubMed ID: 27883365
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  • 36. Sleep quality and its association with fatigue, symptom burden, and mood in patients with advanced cancer in a clinic for early-phase oncology clinical trials.
    George GC; Iwuanyanwu EC; Anderson KO; Yusuf A; Zinner RG; Piha-Paul SA; Tsimberidou AM; Naing A; Fu S; Janku F; Subbiah V; Cleeland CS; Mendoza TR; Hong DS
    Cancer; 2016 Nov; 122(21):3401-3409. PubMed ID: 27412379
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  • 37. Identification of Breast Cancer Survivors With High Symptom Burden.
    Whisenant MS; Williams LA; Mendoza T; Cleeland C; Chen TH; Fisch MJ; Shi Q
    Cancer Nurs; 2022 Jul-Aug 01; 45(4):253-261. PubMed ID: 34608052
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  • 38. Application of the Chinese version of the MFI-20 in detecting the severe fatigue in cancer patients.
    Tian J; Hong JS
    Support Care Cancer; 2013 Aug; 21(8):2217-23. PubMed ID: 23503801
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  • 39. Understanding sleep disturbances in African-American breast cancer survivors: a pilot study.
    Taylor TR; Huntley ED; Makambi K; Sween J; Adams-Campbell LL; Frederick W; Mellman TA
    Psychooncology; 2012 Aug; 21(8):896-902. PubMed ID: 21648016
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  • 40. Web-based tailored education program for disease-free cancer survivors with cancer-related fatigue: a randomized controlled trial.
    Yun YH; Lee KS; Kim YW; Park SY; Lee ES; Noh DY; Kim S; Oh JH; Jung SY; Chung KW; Lee YJ; Jeong SY; Park KJ; Shim YM; Zo JI; Park JW; Kim YA; Shon EJ; Park S
    J Clin Oncol; 2012 Apr; 30(12):1296-303. PubMed ID: 22412149
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