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  • 1. Family history in the Finnish Prostate Cancer Screening Trial.
    Saarimäki L; Tammela TL; Määttänen L; Taari K; Kujala PM; Raitanen J; Auvinen A
    Int J Cancer; 2015 May; 136(9):2172-7. PubMed ID: 25274038
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  • 2. Prostate cancer mortality in the Finnish randomized screening trial.
    Kilpeläinen TP; Tammela TL; Malila N; Hakama M; Santti H; Määttänen L; Stenman UH; Kujala P; Auvinen A
    J Natl Cancer Inst; 2013 May; 105(10):719-25. PubMed ID: 23479454
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  • 3. The Finnish prostate cancer screening trial: analyses on the screening failures.
    Kilpeläinen TP; Tammela TL; Malila N; Hakama M; Santti H; Määttänen L; Stenman UH; Kujala P; Auvinen A
    Int J Cancer; 2015 May; 136(10):2437-43. PubMed ID: 25359457
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  • 4. A positive family history as a risk factor for prostate cancer in a population-based study with organised prostate-specific antigen screening: results of the Swiss European Randomised Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer (ERSPC, Aarau).
    Randazzo M; Müller A; Carlsson S; Eberli D; Huber A; Grobholz R; Manka L; Mortezavi A; Sulser T; Recker F; Kwiatkowski M
    BJU Int; 2016 Apr; 117(4):576-83. PubMed ID: 26332304
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  • 5. [Screening for early detection of prostate cancer (first experience in Israel)].
    Neheman A; Shotland Y; Metz Y; Stein A
    Harefuah; 2001 Jan; 140(1):4-10, 88, 87. PubMed ID: 11242898
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  • 6. Increased non-prostate cancer death risk in clinically diagnosed prostate cancer.
    van Leeuwen PJ; Otto SJ; Kranse R; Roobol MJ; Bul M; Zhu X; de Koning H; Schröder FH
    BJU Int; 2012 Jul; 110(2):188-94. PubMed ID: 22288823
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  • 7. Histological inflammation and risk of subsequent prostate cancer among men with initially elevated serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) concentration in the Finnish prostate cancer screening trial.
    Yli-Hemminki TH; Laurila M; Auvinen A; Määttänen L; Huhtala H; Tammela TL; Kujala PM
    BJU Int; 2013 Oct; 112(6):735-41. PubMed ID: 23746332
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  • 8. Eighteen-year follow-up of the Göteborg Randomized Population-based Prostate Cancer Screening Trial: effect of sociodemographic variables on participation, prostate cancer incidence and mortality.
    Hugosson J; Godtman RA; Carlsson SV; Aus G; Grenabo Bergdahl A; Lodding P; Pihl CG; Stranne J; Holmberg E; Lilja H
    Scand J Urol; 2018 Feb; 52(1):27-37. PubMed ID: 29254399
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  • 9. Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)-Based Population Screening for Prostate Cancer: An Evidence-Based Analysis.
    Pron G
    Ont Health Technol Assess Ser; 2015; 15(10):1-64. PubMed ID: 26366236
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  • 10. Impact of Prostatic-specific Antigen Threshold and Screening Interval in Prostate Cancer Screening Outcomes: Comparing the Swedish and Finnish European Randomised Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer Centres.
    Saarimäki L; Hugosson J; Tammela TL; Carlsson S; Talala K; Auvinen A
    Eur Urol Focus; 2019 Mar; 5(2):186-191. PubMed ID: 28803925
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  • 11. Family history and prostate cancer screening with prostate-specific antigen.
    Mäkinen T; Tammela TL; Stenman UH; Määttänen L; Rannikko S; Aro J; Juusela H; Hakama M; Auvinen A
    J Clin Oncol; 2002 Jun; 20(11):2658-63. PubMed ID: 12039927
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  • 12. Diagnostic performance of malignant prostatic cells detection in blood for early detection of prostate cancer: comparison to prostatic biopsy.
    Murray NP; Reyes E; Tapia P; Orellana N; Dueñas R; Fuentealba C; Badinez L
    Arch Esp Urol; 2011 Dec; 64(10):961-71. PubMed ID: 22228894
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  • 13. Number of Screening Rounds and Postscreening Prostate Cancer Incidence: Results from the Finnish Section of the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer Study.
    Pakarainen T; Raitanen J; Talala K; Taari K; Kujala P; Tammela TL; Auvinen A
    Eur Urol; 2016 Sep; 70(3):499-505. PubMed ID: 27210461
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  • 14. Use of low free to total PSA ratio in prostate cancer screening: detection rates, clinical and pathological findings in Brazilian men with serum PSA levels <4.0 ng/mL.
    Faria EF; Carvalhal GF; dos Reis RB; Tobias-Machado M; Vieira RA; Reis LO; Nogueira L; Machado RD; Freitas CH; Magnabosco WJ; Mauad EC; Carvalho AL
    BJU Int; 2012 Dec; 110(11 Pt B):E653-7. PubMed ID: 22892057
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  • 15. Towards an optimal interval for prostate cancer screening.
    van Leeuwen PJ; Roobol MJ; Kranse R; Zappa M; Carlsson S; Bul M; Zhu X; Bangma CH; Schröder FH; Hugosson J
    Eur Urol; 2012 Jan; 61(1):171-6. PubMed ID: 21840117
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  • 16. Test sensitivity of prostate-specific antigen in the Finnish randomised prostate cancer screening trial.
    Auvinen A; Määttänen L; Finne P; Stenman UH; Aro J; Juusela H; Rannikko S; Tammela TL; Hakama M
    Int J Cancer; 2004 Oct; 111(6):940-3. PubMed ID: 15300807
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  • 17. Results of the three rounds of the Finnish Prostate Cancer Screening Trial--the incidence of advanced cancer is decreased by screening.
    Kilpeläinen TP; Auvinen A; Määttänen L; Kujala P; Ruutu M; Stenman UH; Tammela TL
    Int J Cancer; 2010 Oct; 127(7):1699-705. PubMed ID: 20473861
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  • 18. Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening and 15-Year Prostate Cancer Mortality: A Secondary Analysis of the CAP Randomized Clinical Trial.
    Martin RM; Turner EL; Young GJ; Metcalfe C; Walsh EI; Lane JA; Sterne JAC; Noble S; Holding P; Ben-Shlomo Y; Williams NJ; Pashayan N; Bui MN; Albertsen PC; Seibert TM; Zietman AL; Oxley J; Adolfsson J; Mason MD; Davey Smith G; Neal DE; Hamdy FC; Donovan JL;
    JAMA; 2024 May; 331(17):1460-1470. PubMed ID: 38581198
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  • 19. The impact of PSA and digital rectal examination on the risk of prostate cancer specific mortality in men with a PSA level <2.5 ng/ml.
    Pashtan I; Chen MH; D'Amico AV
    Cancer Epidemiol; 2014 Oct; 38(5):613-8. PubMed ID: 25164550
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  • 20. Effect of a Low-Intensity PSA-Based Screening Intervention on Prostate Cancer Mortality: The CAP Randomized Clinical Trial.
    Martin RM; Donovan JL; Turner EL; Metcalfe C; Young GJ; Walsh EI; Lane JA; Noble S; Oliver SE; Evans S; Sterne JAC; Holding P; Ben-Shlomo Y; Brindle P; Williams NJ; Hill EM; Ng SY; Toole J; Tazewell MK; Hughes LJ; Davies CF; Thorn JC; Down E; Davey Smith G; Neal DE; Hamdy FC;
    JAMA; 2018 Mar; 319(9):883-895. PubMed ID: 29509864
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