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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Single-nucleotide polymorphism rs41736 located in MET was significantly associated with prognosis of small cell lung cancer patients.
    Cao X; Hong X; Jia X; Zhang L; Chen G
    Med Oncol; 2014 Dec; 31(12):333. PubMed ID: 25416047
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  • 2. Small-cell lung cancer detection in never-smokers: clinical characteristics and multigene mutation profiling using targeted next-generation sequencing.
    Sun JM; Choi YL; Ji JH; Ahn JS; Kim KM; Han J; Ahn MJ; Park K
    Ann Oncol; 2015 Jan; 26(1):161-166. PubMed ID: 25355724
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  • 3. Genomic based analyses reveal unique mutational profiling and identify prognostic biomarker for overall survival in Chinese small-cell lung cancer.
    Wang Y; Han X; Wang X; Sheng W; Chen Z; Shu W; Han J; Zhao S; Dai Y; Wang K; Shi W; Yang Z
    Jpn J Clin Oncol; 2019 Dec; 49(12):1143-1150. PubMed ID: 31612912
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  • 4. Influence of VEGFR2 gene polymorphism on the clinical outcomes of apatinib for patients with chemotherapy-refractory extensive-stage SCLC: a real-world retrospective study.
    Geng N; Ding CM; Liu ZK; Song S; Hu WX
    Int J Clin Oncol; 2021 Apr; 26(4):670-683. PubMed ID: 33392882
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  • 5. KRAS Exon 3 and PTEN Exon 7 Mutations in Small-cell Lung Cancer.
    Lei L; Jiang ZM; Li CH; Lu HY
    Curr Med Sci; 2019 Jun; 39(3):379-384. PubMed ID: 31209806
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  • 6. Gene mutations in small-cell lung cancer (SCLC): results of a panel of 6 genes in a cohort of Italian patients.
    Bordi P; Tiseo M; Barbieri F; Bavieri M; Sartori G; Marchetti A; Buttitta F; Bortesi B; Ambrosini-Spaltro A; Gnetti L; Silini EM; Ardizzoni A; Rossi G
    Lung Cancer; 2014 Dec; 86(3):324-8. PubMed ID: 25453846
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  • 7. [Correlations between genetic variations of glutathione synthetase gene and the response to platinum-based chemotherapy and prognosis of small cell lung cancer patients].
    Feng T; Li HM; Yuan P; Yu DK; Ma F; Tan WW; Du ZL; Yang J; Huang Y; Lin DX; Xu BH; Tan W
    Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi; 2017 Feb; 39(2):115-120. PubMed ID: 28219206
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  • 8. Association of GWAS-identified lung cancer susceptibility loci with survival length in patients with small-cell lung cancer treated with platinum-based chemotherapy.
    Li D; Wei L; Xu B; Yu D; Chang J; Yuan P; Du Z; Tan W; Shen H; Wu T; Wu C; Lin D
    PLoS One; 2014; 9(11):e113574. PubMed ID: 25415319
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  • 9. Ethnic differences and functional analysis of MET mutations in lung cancer.
    Krishnaswamy S; Kanteti R; Duke-Cohan JS; Loganathan S; Liu W; Ma PC; Sattler M; Singleton PA; Ramnath N; Innocenti F; Nicolae DL; Ouyang Z; Liang J; Minna J; Kozloff MF; Ferguson MK; Natarajan V; Wang YC; Garcia JG; Vokes EE; Salgia R
    Clin Cancer Res; 2009 Sep; 15(18):5714-23. PubMed ID: 19723643
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  • 10. The number of lymph nodes examined is associated with survival outcomes and nodal upstaging in patients with stage I small cell lung cancer.
    Chen Y; Zhang J; Jiang C; Zhang H; Fan P; Yu H; Zhang H; Fei K; Zhang P
    Surg Oncol; 2021 Jun; 37():101513. PubMed ID: 33429326
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  • 11. [Genetic variation in DNA polymerase kappa gene is associated with the prognosis after platinum-based chemotherapy in small cell lung cancer patients].
    Chen JN; Feng T; Yang J; Li HM; Yuan P; Ma F; Yin LL; Lin DX; Xu BH; Tan W
    Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi; 2019 Feb; 41(2):112-117. PubMed ID: 30862140
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  • 12. c-MET mutational analysis in small cell lung cancer: novel juxtamembrane domain mutations regulating cytoskeletal functions.
    Ma PC; Kijima T; Maulik G; Fox EA; Sattler M; Griffin JD; Johnson BE; Salgia R
    Cancer Res; 2003 Oct; 63(19):6272-81. PubMed ID: 14559814
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  • 13. Prognostic value of the TGFβ1 rs4803455 single nucleotide polymorphism in small cell lung cancer.
    Ayala de Miguel P; Enguix-Riego MV; Cacicedo J; Delgado BD; Perez M; Praena-Fernández JM; Quintana Cortés L; Borrega García P; Del Campo ER; Lopez Guerra JL
    Tumori; 2021 Jun; 107(3):209-215. PubMed ID: 32779517
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  • 14. A comprehensive analysis of clinical outcomes in lung cancer patients harboring a MET exon 14 skipping mutation compared to other driver mutations in an East Asian population.
    Gow CH; Hsieh MS; Wu SG; Shih JY
    Lung Cancer; 2017 Jan; 103():82-89. PubMed ID: 28024701
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  • 15. Detection and therapeutic implications of c-Met mutations in small cell lung cancer and neuroendocrine tumors.
    Voortman J; Harada T; Chang RP; Killian JK; Suuriniemi M; Smith WI; Meltzer PS; Lucchi M; Wang Y; Giaccone G
    Curr Pharm Des; 2013; 19(5):833-40. PubMed ID: 22973954
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  • 16. Polymorphisms in the apoptotic pathway gene BCL-2 and survival in small cell lung cancer.
    Knoefel LF; Werle-Schneider G; Dally H; Müller PJ; Edler L; Bartsch H; Tuengerthal S; Heussel CP; Reinmuth N; Thomas M; Risch A
    J Thorac Oncol; 2011 Jan; 6(1):183-9. PubMed ID: 21107291
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  • 17. KMT2D Mutation Is Associated With Poor Prognosis in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer.
    Ardeshir-Larijani F; Bhateja P; Lipka MB; Sharma N; Fu P; Dowlati A
    Clin Lung Cancer; 2018 Jul; 19(4):e489-e501. PubMed ID: 29627316
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  • 18. [Genetic variation in DNA repair gene RAD52 is associated with the response to platinum-based chemotherapy in SCLC patients].
    Li HM; Yuan P; Yu DK; Ma F; Tan WW; Feng T; Yang J; Huang Y; Lin DX; Xu BH; Tan W
    Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi; 2016 Jul; 38(7):504-9. PubMed ID: 27531263
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  • 19. Clinical significance of NQO1 polymorphism and expression of p53, SOD2, PARP1 in limited-stage small cell lung cancer.
    Kim HC; Song JS; Lee JC; Lee DH; Kim SW; Lee JS; Kim WS; Rho JK; Kim SY; Choi CM
    Int J Clin Exp Pathol; 2014; 7(10):6743-51. PubMed ID: 25400754
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  • 20. Prognostic Value of Metabolic Parameters of Metastatic Lymph Nodes on
    Jin F; Qu B; Fu Z; Zhang Y; Han A; Kong L; Yu J
    Clin Lung Cancer; 2018 Jan; 19(1):e101-e108. PubMed ID: 28690012
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