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  • 1. Primary human cytomegalovirus infections: kinetics of ELISA-IgG and neutralizing antibody in pauci/asymptomatic pregnant women vs symptomatic non-pregnant subjects.
    Fornara C; Furione M; Lilleri D; Cane I; Revello MG; Zavattoni M; Gerna G
    J Clin Virol; 2015 Mar; 64():45-51. PubMed ID: 25728078
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  • 2. Neutralizing and ELISA IgG antibodies to human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein complexes may help date the onset of primary infection in pregnancy.
    Lilleri D; Gerna G; Furione M; Zavattoni M; Spinillo A
    J Clin Virol; 2016 Aug; 81():16-24. PubMed ID: 27289427
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  • 3. Monoclonal Antibodies to Different Components of the Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) Pentamer gH/gL/pUL128L and Trimer gH/gL/gO as well as Antibodies Elicited during Primary HCMV Infection Prevent Epithelial Cell Syncytium Formation.
    Gerna G; Percivalle E; Perez L; Lanzavecchia A; Lilleri D
    J Virol; 2016 Jul; 90(14):6216-6223. PubMed ID: 27122579
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  • 4. Differential kinetics of human cytomegalovirus load and antibody responses in primary infection of the immunocompetent and immunocompromised host.
    Gerna G; Lilleri D; Fornara C; Bruno F; Gabanti E; Cane I; Furione M; Revello MG
    J Gen Virol; 2015 Feb; 96(Pt 2):360-369. PubMed ID: 25316796
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  • 5. Fetal human cytomegalovirus transmission correlates with delayed maternal antibodies to gH/gL/pUL128-130-131 complex during primary infection.
    Lilleri D; Kabanova A; Revello MG; Percivalle E; Sarasini A; Genini E; Sallusto F; Lanzavecchia A; Corti D; Gerna G
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(3):e59863. PubMed ID: 23555812
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  • 6. Serum antibody response to the gH/gL/pUL128-131 five-protein complex of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) in primary and reactivated HCMV infections.
    Genini E; Percivalle E; Sarasini A; Revello MG; Baldanti F; Gerna G
    J Clin Virol; 2011 Oct; 52(2):113-8. PubMed ID: 21820353
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  • 7. Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV)-specific T cell but not neutralizing or IgG binding antibody responses to glycoprotein complexes gB, gHgLgO, and pUL128L correlate with protection against high HCMV viral load reactivation in solid-organ transplant recipients.
    Lilleri D; Zelini P; Fornara C; Zavaglio F; Rampino T; Perez L; Gabanti E; Gerna G
    J Med Virol; 2018 Oct; 90(10):1620-1628. PubMed ID: 29797330
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  • 8. RT-qPCR-based microneutralization assay for human cytomegalovirus using fibroblasts and epithelial cells.
    Wang X; Peden K; Murata H
    Vaccine; 2015 Dec; 33(51):7254-7261. PubMed ID: 26552003
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  • 9. Use of recombinant glycoprotein antigens gB and gH for diagnosis of primary human cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy.
    Eggers M; Radsak K; Enders G; Reschke M
    J Med Virol; 2001 Feb; 63(2):135-42. PubMed ID: 11170050
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  • 10. Slow increase in IgG avidity correlates with prevention of human cytomegalovirus transmission to the fetus.
    Furione M; Rognoni V; Sarasini A; Zavattoni M; Lilleri D; Gerna G; Revello MG
    J Med Virol; 2013 Nov; 85(11):1960-7. PubMed ID: 23893782
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  • 11. Human cytomegalovirus tropism for endothelial/epithelial cells: scientific background and clinical implications.
    Revello MG; Gerna G
    Rev Med Virol; 2010 May; 20(3):136-55. PubMed ID: 20084641
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  • 12. Follicular helper T-cells and virus-specific antibody response in primary and reactivated human cytomegalovirus infections of the immunocompetent and immunocompromised transplant patients.
    Bruno F; Fornara C; Zelini P; Furione M; Carrara E; Scaramuzzi L; Cane I; Mele F; Sallusto F; Lilleri D; Gerna G
    J Gen Virol; 2016 Aug; 97(8):1928-1941. PubMed ID: 27113912
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  • 13. Detection of Genotype-Specific Antibody Responses to Glycoproteins B and H in Primary and Non-Primary Human Cytomegalovirus Infections by Peptide-Based ELISA.
    Zavaglio F; Fiorina L; Suárez NM; Fornara C; De Cicco M; Cirasola D; Davison AJ; Gerna G; Lilleri D
    Viruses; 2021 Mar; 13(3):. PubMed ID: 33802390
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  • 14. Determination of anti-p52 IgM and anti-gB IgG by ELISA as a novel diagnostic tool for detection of early and late phase of primary human cytomegalovirus infections during pregnancy.
    Zelini P; Fornara C; Furione M; Sarasini A; Klemens J; Arossa A; Spinillo A; Gerna G; Lilleri D
    J Clin Virol; 2019 Nov; 120():38-43. PubMed ID: 31546089
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  • 15. Vectored co-delivery of human cytomegalovirus gH and gL proteins elicits potent complement-independent neutralizing antibodies.
    Loomis RJ; Lilja AE; Monroe J; Balabanis KA; Brito LA; Palladino G; Franti M; Mandl CW; Barnett SW; Mason PW
    Vaccine; 2013 Jan; 31(6):919-26. PubMed ID: 23246547
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  • 16. Limited Effector Memory B-Cell Response to Envelope Glycoprotein B During Primary Human Cytomegalovirus Infection.
    Dauby N; Sartori D; Kummert C; Lecomte S; Haelterman E; Delforge ML; Donner C; Mach M; Marchant A
    J Infect Dis; 2016 May; 213(10):1642-50. PubMed ID: 26715677
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  • 17. Antibodies against neutralization epitopes of human cytomegalovirus gH/gL/pUL128-130-131 complex and virus spreading may correlate with virus control in vivo.
    Lilleri D; Kabanova A; Lanzavecchia A; Gerna G
    J Clin Immunol; 2012 Dec; 32(6):1324-31. PubMed ID: 22836657
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  • 18. False human cytomegalovirus IgG-positivity at prenatal screening.
    Furione M; Sarasini A; Arossa A; Fornara C; Lilleri D; Perez L; Parea M; Zavattoni M; Spinillo A; Marone P; Baldanti F
    J Clin Virol; 2018 Jul; 104():34-38. PubMed ID: 29705613
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  • 19. Lack of association between the kinetics of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) glycoprotein B (gB)-specific and neutralizing serum antibodies and development or recovery from HCMV active infection in patients undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplant.
    Muñoz I; Gutiérrez A; Gimeno C; Farga A; Alberola J; Solano C; Prósper F; García-Conde J; Navarro D
    J Med Virol; 2001 Sep; 65(1):77-84. PubMed ID: 11505447
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  • 20. Association of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) neutralizing antibodies with antibodies to the HCMV glycoprotein complexes.
    Shibamura M; Yoshikawa T; Yamada S; Inagaki T; Nguyen PHA; Fujii H; Harada S; Fukushi S; Oka A; Mizuguchi M; Saijo M
    Virol J; 2020 Aug; 17(1):120. PubMed ID: 32746933
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