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  • 1. A Retrospective Evaluation of Vemurafenib as Treatment for BRAF-Mutant Melanoma Brain Metastases.
    Harding JJ; Catalanotti F; Munhoz RR; Cheng DT; Yaqubie A; Kelly N; McDermott GC; Kersellius R; Merghoub T; Lacouture ME; Carvajal RD; Panageas KS; Berger MF; Rosen N; Solit DB; Chapman PB
    Oncologist; 2015 Jul; 20(7):789-97. PubMed ID: 25956405
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  • 2. Treatment patterns and outcomes in BRAF V600E-mutant melanoma patients with brain metastases receiving vemurafenib in the real-world setting.
    Gibney GT; Gauthier G; Ayas C; Galebach P; Wu EQ; Abhyankar S; Reyes C; Guérin A; Yim YM
    Cancer Med; 2015 Aug; 4(8):1205-13. PubMed ID: 25991583
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  • 3. Vemurafenib in patients with BRAF(V600) mutation-positive melanoma with symptomatic brain metastases: final results of an open-label pilot study.
    Dummer R; Goldinger SM; Turtschi CP; Eggmann NB; Michielin O; Mitchell L; Veronese L; Hilfiker PR; Felderer L; Rinderknecht JD
    Eur J Cancer; 2014 Feb; 50(3):611-21. PubMed ID: 24295639
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  • 4. Vemurafenib in patients with BRAF(V600) mutated metastatic melanoma: an open-label, multicentre, safety study.
    Larkin J; Del Vecchio M; Ascierto PA; Krajsova I; Schachter J; Neyns B; Espinosa E; Garbe C; Sileni VC; Gogas H; Miller WH; Mandalà M; Hospers GA; Arance A; Queirolo P; Hauschild A; Brown MP; Mitchell L; Veronese L; Blank CU
    Lancet Oncol; 2014 Apr; 15(4):436-44. PubMed ID: 24582505
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  • 5. Open-label, multicentre safety study of vemurafenib in 3219 patients with BRAF
    Blank CU; Larkin J; Arance AM; Hauschild A; Queirolo P; Del Vecchio M; Ascierto PA; Krajsova I; Schachter J; Neyns B; Garbe C; Chiarion Sileni V; Mandalà M; Gogas H; Espinosa E; Hospers GAP; Miller WH; Robson S; Makrutzki M; Antic V; Brown MP
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Jul; 79():176-184. PubMed ID: 28501764
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  • 6. Targeting hyperactivation of the AKT survival pathway to overcome therapy resistance of melanoma brain metastases.
    Niessner H; Forschner A; Klumpp B; Honegger JB; Witte M; Bornemann A; Dummer R; Adam A; Bauer J; Tabatabai G; Flaherty K; Sinnberg T; Beck D; Leiter U; Mauch C; Roesch A; Weide B; Eigentler T; Schadendorf D; Garbe C; Kulms D; Quintanilla-Martinez L; Meier F
    Cancer Med; 2013 Feb; 2(1):76-85. PubMed ID: 24133630
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  • 7. Clinical and radiological response of BRAF inhibition and MEK inhibition in patients with brain metastases from BRAF-mutated melanoma.
    Geukes Foppen MH; Boogerd W; Blank CU; van Thienen JV; Haanen JB; Brandsma D
    Melanoma Res; 2018 Apr; 28(2):126-133. PubMed ID: 29356790
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  • 8. Vemurafenib in patients with BRAF V600E mutation-positive advanced melanoma.
    Ravnan MC; Matalka MS
    Clin Ther; 2012 Jul; 34(7):1474-86. PubMed ID: 22742884
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  • 9. Survival in BRAF V600-mutant advanced melanoma treated with vemurafenib.
    Sosman JA; Kim KB; Schuchter L; Gonzalez R; Pavlick AC; Weber JS; McArthur GA; Hutson TE; Moschos SJ; Flaherty KT; Hersey P; Kefford R; Lawrence D; Puzanov I; Lewis KD; Amaravadi RK; Chmielowski B; Lawrence HJ; Shyr Y; Ye F; Li J; Nolop KB; Lee RJ; Joe AK; Ribas A
    N Engl J Med; 2012 Feb; 366(8):707-14. PubMed ID: 22356324
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  • 10. Safety of vemurafenib in patients with BRAF
    Arance AM; Berrocal A; Lopez-Martin JA; de la Cruz-Merino L; Soriano V; Martín Algarra S; Alonso L; Cerezuela P; La Orden B; Espinosa E
    Clin Transl Oncol; 2016 Nov; 18(11):1147-1157. PubMed ID: 26983408
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  • 11. Modeled Prognostic Subgroups for Survival and Treatment Outcomes in BRAF V600-Mutated Metastatic Melanoma: Pooled Analysis of 4 Randomized Clinical Trials.
    Hauschild A; Larkin J; Ribas A; Dréno B; Flaherty KT; Ascierto PA; Lewis KD; McKenna E; Zhu Q; Mun Y; McArthur GA
    JAMA Oncol; 2018 Oct; 4(10):1382-1388. PubMed ID: 30073321
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  • 12. Induction vemurafenib followed by consolidative radiation therapy for surgically incurable melanoma.
    Seeley AR; De Los Santos JF; Conry RM
    Melanoma Res; 2015 Jun; 25(3):246-51. PubMed ID: 25746037
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  • 13. Efficacy of Vemurafenib Treatment in 43 Metastatic Melanoma Patients with BRAF Mutation. Single-Institute Retrospective Analysis, Early Real-Life Survival Data.
    Czirbesz K; Gorka E; Balatoni T; Pánczél G; Melegh K; Kovács P; Gézsi A; Liszkay G
    Pathol Oncol Res; 2019 Jan; 25(1):45-50. PubMed ID: 28963614
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  • 14. Vemurafenib in metastatic melanoma patients with brain metastases: an open-label, single-arm, phase 2, multicentre study.
    McArthur GA; Maio M; Arance A; Nathan P; Blank C; Avril MF; Garbe C; Hauschild A; Schadendorf D; Hamid O; Fluck M; Thebeau M; Schachter J; Kefford R; Chamberlain M; Makrutzki M; Robson S; Gonzalez R; Margolin K
    Ann Oncol; 2017 Mar; 28(3):634-641. PubMed ID: 27993793
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  • 15. Vemurafenib in BRAFV600 mutated metastatic melanoma: a subanalysis of the Italian population of a global safety study.
    Del Vecchio M; Ascierto PA; Mandalà M; Sileni VC; Maio M; Di Guardo L; Simeone E; Queirolo P
    Future Oncol; 2015; 11(9):1355-62. PubMed ID: 25952781
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  • 16. Impact of BRAF mutation and BRAF inhibition on melanoma brain metastases.
    Gummadi T; Zhang BY; Valpione S; Kim C; Kottschade LA; Mittapalli RK; Chiarion-Sileni V; Pigozzo J; Elmquist WF; Dudek AZ
    Melanoma Res; 2015 Feb; 25(1):75-9. PubMed ID: 25426645
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  • 17. Safety and efficacy of vemurafenib in BRAF(V600E) and BRAF(V600K) mutation-positive melanoma (BRIM-3): extended follow-up of a phase 3, randomised, open-label study.
    McArthur GA; Chapman PB; Robert C; Larkin J; Haanen JB; Dummer R; Ribas A; Hogg D; Hamid O; Ascierto PA; Garbe C; Testori A; Maio M; Lorigan P; Lebbé C; Jouary T; Schadendorf D; O'Day SJ; Kirkwood JM; Eggermont AM; Dréno B; Sosman JA; Flaherty KT; Yin M; Caro I; Cheng S; Trunzer K; Hauschild A
    Lancet Oncol; 2014 Mar; 15(3):323-32. PubMed ID: 24508103
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  • 18. Combination of vemurafenib and cobimetinib in patients with advanced BRAF(V600)-mutated melanoma: a phase 1b study.
    Ribas A; Gonzalez R; Pavlick A; Hamid O; Gajewski TF; Daud A; Flaherty L; Logan T; Chmielowski B; Lewis K; Kee D; Boasberg P; Yin M; Chan I; Musib L; Choong N; Puzanov I; McArthur GA
    Lancet Oncol; 2014 Aug; 15(9):954-65. PubMed ID: 25037139
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  • 19. Vemurafenib pharmacokinetics and its correlation with efficacy and safety in outpatients with advanced BRAF-mutated melanoma.
    Kramkimel N; Thomas-Schoemann A; Sakji L; Golmard J; Noe G; Regnier-Rosencher E; Chapuis N; Maubec E; Vidal M; Avril M; Goldwasser F; Mortier L; Dupin N; Blanchet B
    Target Oncol; 2016 Feb; 11(1):59-69. PubMed ID: 26208946
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  • 20. Vemurafenib: in unresectable or metastatic melanoma.
    Keating GM
    BioDrugs; 2012 Oct; 26(5):325-34. PubMed ID: 22946753
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