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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. DRUG DEVELOPMENT. Phthalimide conjugation as a strategy for in vivo target protein degradation.
    Winter GE; Buckley DL; Paulk J; Roberts JM; Souza A; Dhe-Paganon S; Bradner JE
    Science; 2015 Jun; 348(6241):1376-81. PubMed ID: 25999370
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  • 2. Ligand-mediated protein degradation reveals functional conservation among sequence variants of the CUL4-type E3 ligase substrate receptor cereblon.
    Akuffo AA; Alontaga AY; Metcalf R; Beatty MS; Becker A; McDaniel JM; Hesterberg RS; Goodheart WE; Gunawan S; Ayaz M; Yang Y; Karim MR; Orobello ME; Daniel K; Guida W; Yoder JA; Rajadhyaksha AM; Schönbrunn E; Lawrence HR; Lawrence NJ; Epling-Burnette PK
    J Biol Chem; 2018 Apr; 293(16):6187-6200. PubMed ID: 29449372
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  • 3. Hijacking the E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Cereblon to Efficiently Target BRD4.
    Lu J; Qian Y; Altieri M; Dong H; Wang J; Raina K; Hines J; Winkler JD; Crew AP; Coleman K; Crews CM
    Chem Biol; 2015 Jun; 22(6):755-63. PubMed ID: 26051217
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  • 4. Anticancer drugs: Selectively targeting proteins for degradation.
    Crunkhorn S
    Nat Rev Drug Discov; 2015 Jul; 14(7):459. PubMed ID: 26091269
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  • 5. Phthalimide-Conjugated Ligands Promote Selective Protein Destabilization.
    Cancer Discov; 2015 Jul; 5(7):691. PubMed ID: 26045013
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  • 6. Novel BET protein proteolysis-targeting chimera exerts superior lethal activity than bromodomain inhibitor (BETi) against post-myeloproliferative neoplasm secondary (s) AML cells.
    Saenz DT; Fiskus W; Qian Y; Manshouri T; Rajapakshe K; Raina K; Coleman KG; Crew AP; Shen A; Mill CP; Sun B; Qiu P; Kadia TM; Pemmaraju N; DiNardo C; Kim MS; Nowak AJ; Coarfa C; Crews CM; Verstovsek S; Bhalla KN
    Leukemia; 2017 Sep; 31(9):1951-1961. PubMed ID: 28042144
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  • 7. Plasticity in binding confers selectivity in ligand-induced protein degradation.
    Nowak RP; DeAngelo SL; Buckley D; He Z; Donovan KA; An J; Safaee N; Jedrychowski MP; Ponthier CM; Ishoey M; Zhang T; Mancias JD; Gray NS; Bradner JE; Fischer ES
    Nat Chem Biol; 2018 Jul; 14(7):706-714. PubMed ID: 29892083
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  • 8. Design and characterization of bivalent BET inhibitors.
    Tanaka M; Roberts JM; Seo HS; Souza A; Paulk J; Scott TG; DeAngelo SL; Dhe-Paganon S; Bradner JE
    Nat Chem Biol; 2016 Dec; 12(12):1089-1096. PubMed ID: 27775715
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  • 9. Targeting bromodomain-containing protein 4 (BRD4) inhibits MYC expression in colorectal cancer cells.
    Otto C; Schmidt S; Kastner C; Denk S; Kettler J; Müller N; Germer CT; Wolf E; Gallant P; Wiegering A
    Neoplasia; 2019 Nov; 21(11):1110-1120. PubMed ID: 31734632
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  • 10. Development of Phenyl-substituted Isoindolinone- and Benzimidazole-type Cereblon Ligands for Targeted Protein Degradation.
    Nie X; Zhao Y; Tang H; Zhang Z; Liao J; Almodovar-Rivera CM; Sundaresan R; Xie H; Guo L; Wang B; Guan H; Xing Y; Tang W
    Chembiochem; 2024 Feb; 25(4):e202300685. PubMed ID: 38116854
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  • 11. PROTAC-mediated crosstalk between E3 ligases.
    Steinebach C; Kehm H; Lindner S; Vu LP; Köpff S; López Mármol Á; Weiler C; Wagner KG; Reichenzeller M; Krönke J; Gütschow M
    Chem Commun (Camb); 2019 Feb; 55(12):1821-1824. PubMed ID: 30672516
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  • 12. Selective degradation of BET proteins with dBET1, a proteolysis-targeting chimera, potently reduces pro-inflammatory responses in lipopolysaccharide-activated microglia.
    DeMars KM; Yang C; Castro-Rivera CI; Candelario-Jalil E
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2018 Feb; 497(1):410-415. PubMed ID: 29448097
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  • 13. Cellular Resistance Mechanisms to Targeted Protein Degradation Converge Toward Impairment of the Engaged Ubiquitin Transfer Pathway.
    Ottis P; Palladino C; Thienger P; Britschgi A; Heichinger C; Berrera M; Julien-Laferriere A; Roudnicky F; Kam-Thong T; Bischoff JR; Martoglio B; Pettazzoni P
    ACS Chem Biol; 2019 Oct; 14(10):2215-2223. PubMed ID: 31553577
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  • 14. ARV-825-induced BRD4 protein degradation as a therapy for thyroid carcinoma.
    He L; Chen C; Gao G; Xu K; Ma Z
    Aging (Albany NY); 2020 Mar; 12(5):4547-4557. PubMed ID: 32163373
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  • 15. Homo-PROTACs for the Chemical Knockdown of Cereblon.
    Steinebach C; Lindner S; Udeshi ND; Mani DC; Kehm H; Köpff S; Carr SA; Gütschow M; Krönke J
    ACS Chem Biol; 2018 Sep; 13(9):2771-2782. PubMed ID: 30118587
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  • 16. Covalent Ligand Screening Uncovers a RNF4 E3 Ligase Recruiter for Targeted Protein Degradation Applications.
    Ward CC; Kleinman JI; Brittain SM; Lee PS; Chung CYS; Kim K; Petri Y; Thomas JR; Tallarico JA; McKenna JM; Schirle M; Nomura DK
    ACS Chem Biol; 2019 Nov; 14(11):2430-2440. PubMed ID: 31059647
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  • 17. A novel cereblon modulator recruits GSPT1 to the CRL4(CRBN) ubiquitin ligase.
    Matyskiela ME; Lu G; Ito T; Pagarigan B; Lu CC; Miller K; Fang W; Wang NY; Nguyen D; Houston J; Carmel G; Tran T; Riley M; Nosaka L; Lander GC; Gaidarova S; Xu S; Ruchelman AL; Handa H; Carmichael J; Daniel TO; Cathers BE; Lopez-Girona A; Chamberlain PP
    Nature; 2016 Jul; 535(7611):252-7. PubMed ID: 27338790
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  • 18. Structural basis of PROTAC cooperative recognition for selective protein degradation.
    Gadd MS; Testa A; Lucas X; Chan KH; Chen W; Lamont DJ; Zengerle M; Ciulli A
    Nat Chem Biol; 2017 May; 13(5):514-521. PubMed ID: 28288108
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  • 19. Different Degradation Mechanisms of Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins (IAPs) by the Specific and Nongenetic IAP-Dependent Protein Eraser (SNIPER).
    Ohoka N; Ujikawa O; Shimokawa K; Sameshima T; Shibata N; Hattori T; Nara H; Cho N; Naito M
    Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo); 2019 Mar; 67(3):203-209. PubMed ID: 30369550
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  • 20. Potent and selective bivalent inhibitors of BET bromodomains.
    Waring MJ; Chen H; Rabow AA; Walker G; Bobby R; Boiko S; Bradbury RH; Callis R; Clark E; Dale I; Daniels DL; Dulak A; Flavell L; Holdgate G; Jowitt TA; Kikhney A; McAlister M; Méndez J; Ogg D; Patel J; Petteruti P; Robb GR; Robers MB; Saif S; Stratton N; Svergun DI; Wang W; Whittaker D; Wilson DM; Yao Y
    Nat Chem Biol; 2016 Dec; 12(12):1097-1104. PubMed ID: 27775716
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