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  • 1. Mitosin and pHH3 predict poorer survival in astrocytomas WHO grades II and III.
    Varughese RK; Lind-Landström T; Habberstad AH; Salvesen Ø; Haug CS; Sundstrøm S; Torp SH
    J Clin Pathol; 2016 Jan; 69(1):26-34. PubMed ID: 26188054
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  • 2. Ki-67 expression is superior to mitotic count and novel proliferation markers PHH3, MCM4 and mitosin as a prognostic factor in thick cutaneous melanoma.
    Ladstein RG; Bachmann IM; Straume O; Akslen LA
    BMC Cancer; 2010 Apr; 10():140. PubMed ID: 20398247
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  • 3. Assessment and prognostic significance of mitotic index using the mitosis marker phospho-histone H3 in low and intermediate-grade infiltrating astrocytomas.
    Colman H; Giannini C; Huang L; Gonzalez J; Hess K; Bruner J; Fuller G; Langford L; Pelloski C; Aaron J; Burger P; Aldape K
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2006 May; 30(5):657-64. PubMed ID: 16699322
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  • 4. Mitotic count by phosphohistone H3 immunohistochemical staining predicts survival and improves interobserver reproducibility in well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas.
    Voss SM; Riley MP; Lokhandwala PM; Wang M; Yang Z
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2015 Jan; 39(1):13-24. PubMed ID: 25353284
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  • 5. Ki-67 proliferation index but not mitotic thresholds integrates the molecular prognostic stratification of lower grade gliomas.
    Duregon E; Bertero L; Pittaro A; Soffietti R; Rudà R; Trevisan M; Papotti M; Ventura L; Senetta R; Cassoni P
    Oncotarget; 2016 Apr; 7(16):21190-8. PubMed ID: 27049832
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  • 6. Phosphohistone H3 (PHH3) as a surrogate of mitotic figure count for grading in meningiomas: a comparison of PHH3 (S10) versus PHH3 (S28) antibodies.
    Puripat N; Loharamtaweethong K
    Virchows Arch; 2019 Jan; 474(1):87-96. PubMed ID: 30267302
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  • 7. Evaluation of the proliferation markers Ki-67/MIB-1, mitosin, survivin, pHH3, and DNA topoisomerase IIα in human anaplastic astrocytomas--an immunohistochemical study.
    Habberstad AH; Gulati S; Torp SH
    Diagn Pathol; 2011 May; 6():43. PubMed ID: 21609421
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  • 8. Prognostic value of survivin and DNA topoisomerase IIα in diffuse and anaplastic astrocytomas.
    Varughese RK; Skjulsvik AJ; Torp SH
    Pathol Res Pract; 2017 Apr; 213(4):339-347. PubMed ID: 28214203
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  • 9. Expression and clinical significance of the proliferation marker minichromosome maintenance protein 2 (Mcm2) in diffuse astrocytomas WHO grade II.
    Lind-Landström T; Varughese RK; Sundstrøm S; Torp SH
    Diagn Pathol; 2013 Apr; 8():67. PubMed ID: 23618321
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  • 10. Prognostic relevance of proliferation markers (Ki-67, PHH3) within the cross-relation of ERG translocation and androgen receptor expression in prostate cancer.
    Goltz D; Montani M; Braun M; Perner S; Wernert N; Jung K; Dietel M; Stephan C; Kristiansen G
    Pathology; 2015 Dec; 47(7):629-36. PubMed ID: 26517642
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  • 11. The proliferation markers Ki-67/MIB-1, phosphohistone H3, and survivin may contribute in the identification of aggressive ovarian carcinomas.
    Aune G; Stunes AK; Tingulstad S; Salvesen O; Syversen U; Torp SH
    Int J Clin Exp Pathol; 2011 Jun; 4(5):444-53. PubMed ID: 21738816
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  • 12. Mitosin and DNA topoisomerase IIalpha: two novel proliferation markers in the prognostication of diffuse astrocytoma patient survival.
    Korkolopoulou P; Patsouris E; Konstantinidou AE; Christodoulou P; Thomas-Tsagli E; Kouzelis K; Angelidakis D; Rologis D; Davaris P
    Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol; 2001 Sep; 9(3):207-14. PubMed ID: 11556747
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  • 13. Phosphohistone-H3 Proliferation Index Is Superior to Mitotic Index and MIB-1 Expression as a Predictor of Recurrence in Human Meningiomas.
    Winther TL; Arnli MB; Salvesen Ø; Torp SH
    Am J Clin Pathol; 2016 Oct; 146(4):510-20. PubMed ID: 27686177
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  • 14. Sensitivity and usefulness of anti-phosphohistone-H3 antibody immunostaining for counting mitotic figures in meningioma cases.
    Fukushima S; Terasaki M; Sakata K; Miyagi N; Kato S; Sugita Y; Shigemori M
    Brain Tumor Pathol; 2009; 26(2):51-7. PubMed ID: 19856215
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  • 15. Prognostic significance of the mitotic index using the mitosis marker anti-phosphohistone H3 in meningiomas.
    Kim YJ; Ketter R; Steudel WI; Feiden W
    Am J Clin Pathol; 2007 Jul; 128(1):118-25. PubMed ID: 17580279
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  • 16. Improving precise counting of mitotic cells in mantle cell lymphoma using phosphohistone H3 (PHH3) antibody.
    Medani H; Elshiekh M; Naresh KN
    J Clin Pathol; 2021 Oct; 74(10):646-649. PubMed ID: 32873701
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  • 17. Phosphohistone H3 expression correlates with manual mitotic counts and aids in identification of "hot spots" in fibroepithelial tumors of the breast.
    Ginter PS; Shin SJ; Liu Y; Chen Z; D'Alfonso TM
    Hum Pathol; 2016 Mar; 49():90-8. PubMed ID: 26826415
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  • 18. Phosphohistone-H3 (PHH3) is prognostic relevant in Merkel cell carcinomas but Merkel cell polyomavirus is a more powerful prognostic factor than AJCC clinical stage, PHH3, Ki-67 or mitotic indices.
    Iwasaki T; Matsushita M; Nonaka D; Kato M; Nagata K; Murakami I; Hayashi K
    Pathol Int; 2015 Aug; 65(8):404-9. PubMed ID: 25982855
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  • 19. CDC25B, Ki-67, and p53 expressions in reactive gliosis and astrocytomas.
    Suren D; Isiksacan Ozen O
    J BUON; 2013; 18(4):1006-11. PubMed ID: 24344030
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  • 20. Insights into the prognostic value of DJ-1 and MIB-1 in astrocytic tumors.
    Abd El Atti RM; Abou Gabal HH; Osman WM; Saad AS
    Diagn Pathol; 2013 Jul; 8():126. PubMed ID: 23902708
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