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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. siRNA delivery with chitosan nanoparticles: Molecular properties favoring efficient gene silencing.
    Malmo J; Sørgård H; Vårum KM; Strand SP
    J Control Release; 2012 Mar; 158(2):261-8. PubMed ID: 22119955
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  • 22. F127/Calcium phosphate hybrid nanoparticles: a promising vector for improving siRNA delivery and gene silencing.
    Qin L; Sun Y; Liu P; Wang Q; Han B; Duan Y
    J Biomater Sci Polym Ed; 2013; 24(15):1757-66. PubMed ID: 23746331
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  • 23. Highly specific delivery of siRNA to hepatocytes circumvents endothelial cell-mediated lipid nanoparticle-associated toxicity leading to the safe and efficacious decrease in the hepatitis B virus.
    Sato Y; Matsui H; Yamamoto N; Sato R; Munakata T; Kohara M; Harashima H
    J Control Release; 2017 Nov; 266():216-225. PubMed ID: 28986168
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  • 24. Enhanced intracellular siRNA delivery using bioreducible lipid-like nanoparticles.
    Wang M; Alberti K; Varone A; Pouli D; Georgakoudi I; Xu Q
    Adv Healthc Mater; 2014 Sep; 3(9):1398-403. PubMed ID: 24574196
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  • 25. Achieving long-term stability of lipid nanoparticles: examining the effect of pH, temperature, and lyophilization.
    Ball RL; Bajaj P; Whitehead KA
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2017; 12():305-315. PubMed ID: 28115848
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  • 26. Cosilencing Intestinal Transglutaminase-2 and Interleukin-15 Using Gelatin-Based Nanoparticles in an in Vitro Model of Celiac Disease.
    Attarwala H; Clausen V; Chaturvedi P; Amiji MM
    Mol Pharm; 2017 Sep; 14(9):3036-3044. PubMed ID: 28737923
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  • 27. Small-sized, stable lipid nanoparticle for the efficient delivery of siRNA to human immune cell lines.
    Nakamura T; Kuroi M; Fujiwara Y; Warashina S; Sato Y; Harashima H
    Sci Rep; 2016 Nov; 6():37849. PubMed ID: 27892533
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  • 28. Retinoic Acid Facilitates Toll-Like Receptor 4 Expression to Improve Intestinal Barrier Function through Retinoic Acid Receptor Beta.
    Li Y; Gao Y; Cui T; Yang T; Liu L; Li T; Chen J
    Cell Physiol Biochem; 2017; 42(4):1390-1406. PubMed ID: 28715808
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  • 29. Lipidoid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles loaded with TNF siRNA suppress inflammation after intra-articular administration in a murine experimental arthritis model.
    Jansen MAA; Klausen LH; Thanki K; Lyngsø J; Skov Pedersen J; Franzyk H; Nielsen HM; van Eden W; Dong M; Broere F; Foged C; Zeng X
    Eur J Pharm Biopharm; 2019 Sep; 142():38-48. PubMed ID: 31199978
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  • 30. Probing milk extracellular vesicles for intestinal delivery of RNA therapies.
    Zhang Y; Belaid M; Luo X; Daci A; Limani R; Mantaj J; Zilbauer M; Nayak K; Vllasaliu D
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2023 Nov; 21(1):406. PubMed ID: 37924132
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  • 31. A simple, noninvasive and efficient method for transdermal delivery of siRNA.
    Lin CM; Huang K; Zeng Y; Chen XC; Wang S; Li Y
    Arch Dermatol Res; 2012 Mar; 304(2):139-44. PubMed ID: 22009459
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  • 32. Vascular endothelial growth factor-C siRNA delivered via calcium carbonate nanoparticle effectively inhibits lymphangiogenesis and growth of colorectal cancer in vivo.
    He XW; Liu T; Xiao Y; Feng YL; Cheng DJ; Tingting G; Zhang L; Zhang Y; Chen YX; Tingting G; Zhang L
    Cancer Biother Radiopharm; 2009 Apr; 24(2):249-59. PubMed ID: 19409048
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  • 33. Investigating impacts of surface charge on intraocular distribution of intravitreal lipid nanoparticles.
    Huang X; Chau Y
    Exp Eye Res; 2019 Sep; 186():107711. PubMed ID: 31238078
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  • 34. Elevated expression of forkhead box protein O1 (FoxO1) in alcohol-induced intestinal barrier dysfunction.
    Wang Y; Tong J; Zou D; Chang B; Wang B; Wang B
    Acta Histochem; 2013 Jul; 115(6):557-63. PubMed ID: 23347700
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  • 35. Delivery of kinesin spindle protein targeting siRNA in solid lipid nanoparticles to cellular models of tumor vasculature.
    Ying B; Campbell RB
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2014 Apr; 446(2):441-7. PubMed ID: 24607899
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  • 36. A Combinatorial Library of Lipid Nanoparticles for RNA Delivery to Leukocytes.
    Ramishetti S; Hazan-Halevy I; Palakuri R; Chatterjee S; Naidu Gonna S; Dammes N; Freilich I; Kolik Shmuel L; Danino D; Peer D
    Adv Mater; 2020 Mar; 32(12):e1906128. PubMed ID: 31999380
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  • 37. Colonic gene silencing using siRNA-loaded calcium phosphate/PLGA nanoparticles ameliorates intestinal inflammation in vivo.
    Frede A; Neuhaus B; Klopfleisch R; Walker C; Buer J; Müller W; Epple M; Westendorf AM
    J Control Release; 2016 Jan; 222():86-96. PubMed ID: 26699423
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  • 38. Enhancing siRNA delivery by employing lipid nanoparticles.
    Hope MJ
    Ther Deliv; 2014 Jun; 5(6):663-73. PubMed ID: 25090280
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  • 39. Therapeutic delivery of siRNA silencing HIF-1 alpha with micellar nanoparticles inhibits hypoxic tumor growth.
    Liu XQ; Xiong MH; Shu XT; Tang RZ; Wang J
    Mol Pharm; 2012 Oct; 9(10):2863-74. PubMed ID: 22924580
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  • 40.
    Kawase W; Kurotaki D; Suzuki Y; Ishihara H; Ban T; Sato GR; Ichikawa J; Yanai H; Taniguchi T; Tsukahara K; Tamura T
    Mol Ther Nucleic Acids; 2021 Sep; 25():708-715. PubMed ID: 34589288
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