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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. SIRPα-Antibody Fusion Proteins Selectively Bind and Eliminate Dual Antigen-Expressing Tumor Cells.
    Piccione EC; Juarez S; Tseng S; Liu J; Stafford M; Narayanan C; Wang L; Weiskopf K; Majeti R
    Clin Cancer Res; 2016 Oct; 22(20):5109-5119. PubMed ID: 27126995
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  • 22. Cancer immunotherapy targeting the CD47/SIRPα axis.
    Weiskopf K
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 May; 76():100-109. PubMed ID: 28286286
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  • 23. The promise of macrophage directed checkpoint inhibitors in myeloid malignancies.
    Swoboda DM; Sallman DA
    Best Pract Res Clin Haematol; 2020 Dec; 33(4):101221. PubMed ID: 33279177
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  • 24. Selection and Characterization of FD164, a High-Affinity Signal Regulatory Protein
    Wang Z; Hu N; Li X; Wang H; Ren C; Qiao C; Chen G; Wang J; Zhou L; Wu J; Zhang D; Feng J; Shen B; Peng H; Luo L
    Mol Pharmacol; 2021 Sep; 100(3):193-202. PubMed ID: 34315811
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  • 25. The effects of monoclonal anti-CD47 on RBCs, compatibility testing, and transfusion requirements in refractory acute myeloid leukemia.
    Brierley CK; Staves J; Roberts C; Johnson H; Vyas P; Goodnough LT; Murphy MF
    Transfusion; 2019 Jul; 59(7):2248-2254. PubMed ID: 31183877
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  • 26. Efficacy of anti-CD47 antibody-mediated phagocytosis with macrophages against primary effusion lymphoma.
    Goto H; Kojima Y; Matsuda K; Kariya R; Taura M; Kuwahara K; Nagai H; Katano H; Okada S
    Eur J Cancer; 2014 Jul; 50(10):1836-1846. PubMed ID: 24726056
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  • 27. Preclinical development of a novel CD47 nanobody with less toxicity and enhanced anti-cancer therapeutic potential.
    Ma L; Zhu M; Gai J; Li G; Chang Q; Qiao P; Cao L; Chen W; Zhang S; Wan Y
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2020 Jan; 18(1):12. PubMed ID: 31931812
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  • 28. Blocking "don't eat me" signal of CD47-SIRPα in hematological malignancies, an in-depth review.
    Russ A; Hua AB; Montfort WR; Rahman B; Riaz IB; Khalid MU; Carew JS; Nawrocki ST; Persky D; Anwer F
    Blood Rev; 2018 Nov; 32(6):480-489. PubMed ID: 29709247
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  • 29. TTI-621 (SIRPαFc): A CD47-Blocking Innate Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor with Broad Antitumor Activity and Minimal Erythrocyte Binding.
    Petrova PS; Viller NN; Wong M; Pang X; Lin GH; Dodge K; Chai V; Chen H; Lee V; House V; Vigo NT; Jin D; Mutukura T; Charbonneau M; Truong T; Viau S; Johnson LD; Linderoth E; Sievers EL; Maleki Vareki S; Figueredo R; Pampillo M; Koropatnick J; Trudel S; Mbong N; Jin L; Wang JC; Uger RA
    Clin Cancer Res; 2017 Feb; 23(4):1068-1079. PubMed ID: 27856600
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  • 30. Monoclonal anti-CD47 interference in red cell and platelet testing.
    Velliquette RW; Aeschlimann J; Kirkegaard J; Shakarian G; Lomas-Francis C; Westhoff CM
    Transfusion; 2019 Feb; 59(2):730-737. PubMed ID: 30516833
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  • 31. Anti-leukemic activity of lintuzumab (SGN-33) in preclinical models of acute myeloid leukemia.
    Sutherland MK; Yu C; Lewis TS; Miyamoto JB; Morris-Tilden CA; Jonas M; Sutherland J; Nesterova A; Gerber HP; Sievers EL; Grewal IS; Law CL
    MAbs; 2009; 1(5):481-90. PubMed ID: 20065652
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  • 32. IgA-Mediated Killing of Tumor Cells by Neutrophils Is Enhanced by CD47-SIRPα Checkpoint Inhibition.
    Treffers LW; Ten Broeke T; Rösner T; Jansen JHM; van Houdt M; Kahle S; Schornagel K; Verkuijlen PJJH; Prins JM; Franke K; Kuijpers TW; van den Berg TK; Valerius T; Leusen JHW; Matlung HL
    Cancer Immunol Res; 2020 Jan; 8(1):120-130. PubMed ID: 31690649
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  • 33. Transfusion management in the era of magrolimab (Hu5F9-G4), an anti-CD47 monoclonal antibody therapy.
    Singh N; Staves J; Storry JR; Dinoso J; Renard C; Doshi P; Johnson LDS; Westhoff CM; Murphy MF
    Transfusion; 2023 Dec; 63(12):2377-2383. PubMed ID: 37970740
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  • 34. Discovery of high affinity, pan-allelic, and pan-mammalian reactive antibodies against the myeloid checkpoint receptor SIRPα.
    Sim J; Sockolosky JT; Sangalang E; Izquierdo S; Pedersen D; Harriman W; Wibowo AS; Carter J; Madan A; Doyle L; Harrabi O; Kauder SE; Chen A; Kuo TC; Wan H; Pons J
    MAbs; 2019; 11(6):1036-1052. PubMed ID: 31257988
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  • 35. Therapeutic efficacy, pharmacokinetic profiles, and toxicological activities of humanized antibody-drug conjugate Zt/g4-MMAE targeting RON receptor tyrosine kinase for cancer therapy.
    Yao HP; Feng L; Suthe SR; Chen LH; Weng TH; Hu CY; Jun ES; Wu ZG; Wang WL; Kim SC; Tong XM; Wang MH
    J Immunother Cancer; 2019 Mar; 7(1):75. PubMed ID: 30871619
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  • 36. Anti-CD47 Agent Boosts Macrophage Activity in NHL.
    Cancer Discov; 2019 Jan; 9(1):7-8. PubMed ID: 30464001
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  • 37. ALX148 blocks CD47 and enhances innate and adaptive antitumor immunity with a favorable safety profile.
    Kauder SE; Kuo TC; Harrabi O; Chen A; Sangalang E; Doyle L; Rocha SS; Bollini S; Han B; Sim J; Pons J; Wan HI
    PLoS One; 2018; 13(8):e0201832. PubMed ID: 30133535
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  • 38. Functional characterization of the selective pan-allele anti-SIRPα antibody ADU-1805 that blocks the SIRPα-CD47 innate immune checkpoint.
    Voets E; Paradé M; Lutje Hulsik D; Spijkers S; Janssen W; Rens J; Reinieren-Beeren I; van den Tillaart G; van Duijnhoven S; Driessen L; Habraken M; van Zandvoort P; Kreijtz J; Vink P; van Elsas A; van Eenennaam H
    J Immunother Cancer; 2019 Dec; 7(1):340. PubMed ID: 31801627
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  • 39. Advances in Anti-Tumor Treatments Targeting the CD47/SIRPα Axis.
    Zhang W; Huang Q; Xiao W; Zhao Y; Pi J; Xu H; Zhao H; Xu J; Evans CE; Jin H
    Front Immunol; 2020; 11():18. PubMed ID: 32082311
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  • 40. A pH-dependent anti-CD47 antibody that selectively targets solid tumors and improves therapeutic efficacy and safety.
    Li Y; Liu J; Chen W; Wang W; Yang F; Liu X; Sheng Y; Du K; He M; Lyu X; Li H; Zhao L; Wei Z; Wang F; Zheng S; Sui J
    J Hematol Oncol; 2023 Jan; 16(1):2. PubMed ID: 36650558
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