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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. Voruciclib, a clinical stage oral CDK9 inhibitor, represses MCL-1 and sensitizes high-risk Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma to BCL2 inhibition.
    Dey J; Deckwerth TL; Kerwin WS; Casalini JR; Merrell AJ; Grenley MO; Burns C; Ditzler SH; Dixon CP; Beirne E; Gillespie KC; Kleinman EF; Klinghoffer RA
    Sci Rep; 2017 Dec; 7(1):18007. PubMed ID: 29269870
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  • 22. Pathways and mechanisms of venetoclax resistance.
    Bose P; Gandhi V; Konopleva M
    Leuk Lymphoma; 2017 Sep; 58(9):1-17. PubMed ID: 28140720
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  • 23. Exploiting selective BCL-2 family inhibitors to dissect cell survival dependencies and define improved strategies for cancer therapy.
    Leverson JD; Phillips DC; Mitten MJ; Boghaert ER; Diaz D; Tahir SK; Belmont LD; Nimmer P; Xiao Y; Ma XM; Lowes KN; Kovar P; Chen J; Jin S; Smith M; Xue J; Zhang H; Oleksijew A; Magoc TJ; Vaidya KS; Albert DH; Tarrant JM; La N; Wang L; Tao ZF; Wendt MD; Sampath D; Rosenberg SH; Tse C; Huang DC; Fairbrother WJ; Elmore SW; Souers AJ
    Sci Transl Med; 2015 Mar; 7(279):279ra40. PubMed ID: 25787766
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  • 24. Potent and selective small-molecule MCL-1 inhibitors demonstrate on-target cancer cell killing activity as single agents and in combination with ABT-263 (navitoclax).
    Leverson JD; Zhang H; Chen J; Tahir SK; Phillips DC; Xue J; Nimmer P; Jin S; Smith M; Xiao Y; Kovar P; Tanaka A; Bruncko M; Sheppard GS; Wang L; Gierke S; Kategaya L; Anderson DJ; Wong C; Eastham-Anderson J; Ludlam MJ; Sampath D; Fairbrother WJ; Wertz I; Rosenberg SH; Tse C; Elmore SW; Souers AJ
    Cell Death Dis; 2015 Jan; 6(1):e1590. PubMed ID: 25590800
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  • 25. Venetoclax Synergizes with Radiotherapy for Treatment of B-cell Lymphomas.
    O'Steen S; Green DJ; Gopal AK; Orozco JJ; Kenoyer AL; Lin Y; Wilbur DS; Hamlin DK; Fisher DR; Hylarides MD; Gooley TA; Waltman A; Till BG; Press OW
    Cancer Res; 2017 Jul; 77(14):3885-3893. PubMed ID: 28566329
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  • 26. Potent efficacy of MCL-1 inhibitor-based therapies in preclinical models of mantle cell lymphoma.
    Dengler MA; Teh CE; Thijssen R; Gangoda L; Lan P; Herold MJ; Gray DH; Kelly GL; Roberts AW; Adams JM
    Oncogene; 2020 Feb; 39(9):2009-2023. PubMed ID: 31772331
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  • 27. BCL-2 family proteins as 5-Azacytidine-sensitizing targets and determinants of response in myeloid malignancies.
    Bogenberger JM; Kornblau SM; Pierceall WE; Lena R; Chow D; Shi CX; Mantei J; Ahmann G; Gonzales IM; Choudhary A; Valdez R; Camoriano J; Fauble V; Tiedemann RE; Qiu YH; Coombes KR; Cardone M; Braggio E; Yin H; Azorsa DO; Mesa RA; Stewart AK; Tibes R
    Leukemia; 2014 Aug; 28(8):1657-65. PubMed ID: 24451410
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  • 28. The first MCL-1-selective BH3 mimetics have therapeutic potential for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
    Besbes S; Pocard M; Mirshahi M; Billard C
    Crit Rev Oncol Hematol; 2016 Apr; 100():32-6. PubMed ID: 26899021
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  • 29. Inhibition of casein kinase 2 sensitizes mantle cell lymphoma to venetoclax through MCL-1 downregulation.
    Thus YJ; De Rooij MFM; Swier N; Beijersbergen RL; Guikema JEJ; Kersten MJ; Eldering E; Pals ST; Kater AP; Spaargaren M
    Haematologica; 2023 Mar; 108(3):797-810. PubMed ID: 36226498
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  • 30. Inhibition of CHK1 enhances cell death induced by the Bcl-2-selective inhibitor ABT-199 in acute myeloid leukemia cells.
    Zhao J; Niu X; Li X; Edwards H; Wang G; Wang Y; Taub JW; Lin H; Ge Y
    Oncotarget; 2016 Jun; 7(23):34785-99. PubMed ID: 27166183
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  • 31. Targeting BCL2 with venetoclax is a promising therapeutic strategy for "double-proteinexpression" lymphoma with
    Uchida A; Isobe Y; Asano J; Uemura Y; Hoshikawa M; Takagi M; Miura I
    Haematologica; 2019 Jul; 104(7):1417-1421. PubMed ID: 30523053
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  • 32. Navitoclax (ABT-263) accelerates apoptosis during drug-induced mitotic arrest by antagonizing Bcl-xL.
    Shi J; Zhou Y; Huang HC; Mitchison TJ
    Cancer Res; 2011 Jul; 71(13):4518-26. PubMed ID: 21546570
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  • 33. Cotargeting of Bcl-2 and Mcl-1 shows promising antileukemic activity against AML cells including those with acquired cytarabine resistance.
    Liu F; Zhao Q; Su Y; Lv J; Gai Y; Liu S; Lin H; Wang Y; Wang G
    Exp Hematol; 2022 Jan; 105():39-49. PubMed ID: 34767916
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  • 34. Venetoclax Synergistically Enhances the Anti-leukemic Activity of Vosaroxin Against Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells Ex Vivo.
    Liu F; Knight T; Su Y; Edwards H; Wang G; Wang Y; Taub JW; Lin H; Sun L; Ge Y
    Target Oncol; 2019 Jun; 14(3):351-364. PubMed ID: 31115744
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  • 35. Combinatorial Inhibition of Focal Adhesion Kinase and BCL-2 Enhances Antileukemia Activity of Venetoclax in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
    Wang X; Mak PY; Mu H; Tao W; Rao A; Visweswaran R; Ruvolo V; Pachter JA; Weaver DT; Andreeff M; Xu B; Carter BZ
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2020 Aug; 19(8):1636-1648. PubMed ID: 32404407
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  • 36. BH3-Mimetic Drugs: Blazing the Trail for New Cancer Medicines.
    Merino D; Kelly GL; Lessene G; Wei AH; Roberts AW; Strasser A
    Cancer Cell; 2018 Dec; 34(6):879-891. PubMed ID: 30537511
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  • 37. BH3 Inhibitor Sensitivity and Bcl-2 Dependence in Primary Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells.
    Alford SE; Kothari A; Loeff FC; Eichhorn JM; Sakurikar N; Goselink HM; Saylors RL; Jedema I; Falkenburg JH; Chambers TC
    Cancer Res; 2015 Apr; 75(7):1366-75. PubMed ID: 25649768
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  • 38. MCL-1 Is a Key Determinant of Breast Cancer Cell Survival: Validation of MCL-1 Dependency Utilizing a Highly Selective Small Molecule Inhibitor.
    Xiao Y; Nimmer P; Sheppard GS; Bruncko M; Hessler P; Lu X; Roberts-Rapp L; Pappano WN; Elmore SW; Souers AJ; Leverson JD; Phillips DC
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2015 Aug; 14(8):1837-47. PubMed ID: 26013319
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  • 39. The BCL-2 selective inhibitor ABT-199 sensitizes soft tissue sarcomas to proteasome inhibition by a concerted mechanism requiring BAX and NOXA.
    Muenchow A; Weller S; Hinterleitner C; Malenke E; Bugl S; Wirths S; Müller MR; Schulze-Osthoff K; Aulitzky WE; Kopp HG; Essmann F
    Cell Death Dis; 2020 Aug; 11(8):701. PubMed ID: 32839432
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  • 40. Key Survival Factor, Mcl-1, Correlates with Sensitivity to Combined Bcl-2/Bcl-xL Blockade.
    Williams MM; Lee L; Hicks DJ; Joly MM; Elion D; Rahman B; McKernan C; Sanchez V; Balko JM; Stricker T; Estrada MV; Cook RS
    Mol Cancer Res; 2017 Mar; 15(3):259-268. PubMed ID: 28039357
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