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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Brain targeted delivery of carmustine using solid lipid nanoparticles modified with tamoxifen and lactoferrin for antitumor proliferation.
    Kuo YC; Cheng SJ
    Int J Pharm; 2016 Feb; 499(1-2):10-19. PubMed ID: 26721730
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  • 2. Enhanced delivery of etoposide across the blood-brain barrier to restrain brain tumor growth using melanotransferrin antibody- and tamoxifen-conjugated solid lipid nanoparticles.
    Kuo YC; Wang IH
    J Drug Target; 2016 Aug; 24(7):645-54. PubMed ID: 26768307
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  • 3. Solid lipid nanoparticles carrying chemotherapeutic drug across the blood-brain barrier through insulin receptor-mediated pathway.
    Kuo YC; Shih-Huang CY
    J Drug Target; 2013 Sep; 21(8):730-8. PubMed ID: 23815407
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  • 4. Targeting delivery of etoposide to inhibit the growth of human glioblastoma multiforme using lactoferrin- and folic acid-grafted poly(lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles.
    Kuo YC; Chen YC
    Int J Pharm; 2015 Feb; 479(1):138-49. PubMed ID: 25560309
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  • 5. Inhibition of human brain malignant glioblastoma cells using carmustine-loaded catanionic solid lipid nanoparticles with surface anti-epithelial growth factor receptor.
    Kuo YC; Liang CT
    Biomaterials; 2011 Apr; 32(12):3340-50. PubMed ID: 21296415
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  • 6. Dual targeting of solid lipid nanoparticles grafted with 83-14 MAb and anti-EGF receptor for malignant brain tumor therapy.
    Kuo YC; Lee CH
    Life Sci; 2016 Feb; 146():222-31. PubMed ID: 26784850
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  • 7. Brain-targeted, drug-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles against glioblastoma cells in culture.
    Ak G; Ünal A; Karakayalı T; Özel B; Selvi Günel N; Hamarat Şanlıer Ş
    Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces; 2021 Oct; 206():111946. PubMed ID: 34216850
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  • 8. AN in vitro evaluation of a carmustine-loaded Nano-co-Plex for potential magnetic-targeted intranasal delivery to the brain.
    Akilo OD; Choonara YE; Strydom AM; du Toit LC; Kumar P; Modi G; Pillay V
    Int J Pharm; 2016 Mar; 500(1-2):196-209. PubMed ID: 26806465
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  • 9. Lactoferrin-appended solid lipid nanoparticles of paclitaxel for effective management of bronchogenic carcinoma.
    Pandey V; Gajbhiye KR; Soni V
    Drug Deliv; 2015 Feb; 22(2):199-205. PubMed ID: 24467582
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  • 10. Inhibition against growth of glioblastoma multiforme in vitro using etoposide-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles with p-aminophenyl-α-D-manno-pyranoside and folic acid.
    Kuo YC; Lee CH
    J Pharm Sci; 2015 May; 104(5):1804-14. PubMed ID: 25694089
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  • 11. Targeting delivery of saquinavir to the brain using 83-14 monoclonal antibody-grafted solid lipid nanoparticles.
    Kuo YC; Ko HF
    Biomaterials; 2013 Jul; 34(20):4818-30. PubMed ID: 23545288
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  • 12. A novel lactoferrin-modified β-cyclodextrin nanocarrier for brain-targeting drug delivery.
    Ye Y; Sun Y; Zhao H; Lan M; Gao F; Song C; Lou K; Li H; Wang W
    Int J Pharm; 2013 Dec; 458(1):110-7. PubMed ID: 24126038
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  • 13. Lactoferrin bioconjugated solid lipid nanoparticles: a new drug delivery system for potential brain targeting.
    Singh I; Swami R; Pooja D; Jeengar MK; Khan W; Sistla R
    J Drug Target; 2016; 24(3):212-23. PubMed ID: 26219519
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  • 14. Cationic core-shell nanoparticles with carmustine contained within O⁶-benzylguanine shell for glioma therapy.
    Qian L; Zheng J; Wang K; Tang Y; Zhang X; Zhang H; Huang F; Pei Y; Jiang Y
    Biomaterials; 2013 Nov; 34(35):8968-78. PubMed ID: 23953782
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  • 15. Concurrent blood-brain barrier opening and local drug delivery using drug-carrying microbubbles and focused ultrasound for brain glioma treatment.
    Ting CY; Fan CH; Liu HL; Huang CY; Hsieh HY; Yen TC; Wei KC; Yeh CK
    Biomaterials; 2012 Jan; 33(2):704-12. PubMed ID: 22019122
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  • 16. Conjugation of melanotransferrin antibody on solid lipid nanoparticles for mediating brain cancer malignancy.
    Kuo YC; Chao IW
    Biotechnol Prog; 2016 Mar; 32(2):480-90. PubMed ID: 26701338
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  • 17. Paclitaxel and naringenin-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles surface modified with cyclic peptides with improved tumor targeting ability in glioblastoma multiforme.
    Wang L; Wang X; Shen L; Alrobaian M; Panda SK; Almasmoum HA; Ghaith MM; Almaimani RA; Ibrahim IAA; Singh T; Baothman AA; Choudhry H; Beg S
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2021 Jun; 138():111461. PubMed ID: 33706131
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  • 18. Facile synthesis of lactoferrin conjugated ultra small large pore silica nanoparticles for the treatment of glioblastoma.
    Janjua TI; Ahmed-Cox A; Meka AK; Mansfeld FM; Forgham H; Ignacio RMC; Cao Y; McCarroll JA; Mazzieri R; Kavallaris M; Popat A
    Nanoscale; 2021 Oct; 13(40):16909-16922. PubMed ID: 34533167
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  • 19. Lactoferrin-modified poly(ethylene glycol)-grafted BSA nanoparticles as a dual-targeting carrier for treating brain gliomas.
    Su Z; Xing L; Chen Y; Xu Y; Yang F; Zhang C; Ping Q; Xiao Y
    Mol Pharm; 2014 Jun; 11(6):1823-34. PubMed ID: 24779677
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  • 20. PEGylated solid lipid nanoparticles for brain delivery of lipophilic kiteplatin Pt(IV) prodrugs: An in vitro study.
    Arduino I; Depalo N; Re F; Dal Magro R; Panniello A; Margiotta N; Fanizza E; Lopalco A; Laquintana V; Cutrignelli A; Lopedota AA; Franco M; Denora N
    Int J Pharm; 2020 Jun; 583():119351. PubMed ID: 32339634
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