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  • 1. Vascular Cell Senescence Contributes to Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown.
    Yamazaki Y; Baker DJ; Tachibana M; Liu CC; van Deursen JM; Brott TG; Bu G; Kanekiyo T
    Stroke; 2016 Apr; 47(4):1068-77. PubMed ID: 26883501
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  • 2. Apolipoprotein E regulates the integrity of tight junctions in an isoform-dependent manner in an in vitro blood-brain barrier model.
    Nishitsuji K; Hosono T; Nakamura T; Bu G; Michikawa M
    J Biol Chem; 2011 May; 286(20):17536-42. PubMed ID: 21471207
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  • 3. A new blood-brain barrier model using primary rat brain endothelial cells, pericytes and astrocytes.
    Nakagawa S; Deli MA; Kawaguchi H; Shimizudani T; Shimono T; Kittel A; Tanaka K; Niwa M
    Neurochem Int; 2009; 54(3-4):253-63. PubMed ID: 19111869
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  • 4. Senescence in brain pericytes attenuates blood-brain barrier function in vitro: A comparison of serially passaged and isolated pericytes from aged rat brains.
    Iwao T; Takata F; Matsumoto J; Goto Y; Aridome H; Yasunaga M; Yokoya M; Kataoka Y; Dohgu S
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2023 Feb; 645():154-163. PubMed ID: 36689812
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  • 5. Severe alterations of endothelial and glial cells in the blood-brain barrier of dystrophic mdx mice.
    Nico B; Frigeri A; Nicchia GP; Corsi P; Ribatti D; Quondamatteo F; Herken R; Girolamo F; Marzullo A; Svelto M; Roncali L
    Glia; 2003 May; 42(3):235-51. PubMed ID: 12673830
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  • 6. Pericytes from brain microvessels strengthen the barrier integrity in primary cultures of rat brain endothelial cells.
    Nakagawa S; Deli MA; Nakao S; Honda M; Hayashi K; Nakaoke R; Kataoka Y; Niwa M
    Cell Mol Neurobiol; 2007 Sep; 27(6):687-94. PubMed ID: 17823866
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  • 7. Loss of Regulator of G-Protein Signaling 5 Leads to Neurovascular Protection in Stroke.
    Özen I; Roth M; Barbariga M; Gaceb A; Deierborg T; Genové G; Paul G
    Stroke; 2018 Sep; 49(9):2182-2190. PubMed ID: 30354999
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  • 8. Decline in Sirtuin-1 expression and activity plays a critical role in blood-brain barrier permeability in aging.
    Stamatovic SM; Martinez-Revollar G; Hu A; Choi J; Keep RF; Andjelkovic AV
    Neurobiol Dis; 2019 Jun; 126():105-116. PubMed ID: 30196051
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  • 9. Apelin-13 Protects against Ischemic Blood-Brain Barrier Damage through the Effects of Aquaporin-4.
    Chu H; Yang X; Huang C; Gao Z; Tang Y; Dong Q
    Cerebrovasc Dis; 2017; 44(1-2):10-25. PubMed ID: 28402976
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  • 10. Impairment of pericyte-endothelium crosstalk leads to blood-brain barrier dysfunction following traumatic brain injury.
    Bhowmick S; D'Mello V; Caruso D; Wallerstein A; Abdul-Muneer PM
    Exp Neurol; 2019 Jul; 317():260-270. PubMed ID: 30926390
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  • 11. Hyperglycaemia promotes cerebral barrier dysfunction through activation of protein kinase C-β.
    Shao B; Bayraktutan U
    Diabetes Obes Metab; 2013 Nov; 15(11):993-9. PubMed ID: 23617822
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  • 12. Ligustilide Ameliorates the Permeability of the Blood-Brain Barrier Model In Vitro During Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation Injury Through HIF/VEGF Pathway.
    Wu S; Wang N; Li J; Wang G; Seto SW; Chang D; Liang H
    J Cardiovasc Pharmacol; 2019 May; 73(5):316-325. PubMed ID: 30855407
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  • 13. Real-time acquisition of transendothelial electrical resistance in an all-human,
    Maherally Z; Fillmore HL; Tan SL; Tan SF; Jassam SA; Quack FI; Hatherell KE; Pilkington GJ
    FASEB J; 2018 Jan; 32(1):168-182. PubMed ID: 28883042
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  • 14. Identification of neuronal and angiogenic growth factors in an in vitro blood-brain barrier model system: Relevance in barrier integrity and tight junction formation and complexity.
    Freese C; Hanada S; Fallier-Becker P; Kirkpatrick CJ; Unger RE
    Microvasc Res; 2017 May; 111():1-11. PubMed ID: 27988246
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  • 15. Effects of fasudil on blood-brain barrier integrity.
    Sato K; Nakagawa S; Morofuji Y; Matsunaga Y; Fujimoto T; Watanabe D; Izumo T; Niwa M; Walter FR; Vigh JP; Santa-Maria AR; Deli MA; Matsuo T
    Fluids Barriers CNS; 2022 Jun; 19(1):43. PubMed ID: 35659272
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  • 16. Blood-brain barrier interfaces and brain tumors.
    Lee SW; Kim WJ; Park JA; Choi YK; Kwon YW; Kim KW
    Arch Pharm Res; 2006 Apr; 29(4):265-75. PubMed ID: 16681030
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  • 17. Regulation of Tight-Junction Integrity by Insulin in an In Vitro Model of Human Blood-Brain Barrier.
    Ito S; Yanai M; Yamaguchi S; Couraud PO; Ohtsuki S
    J Pharm Sci; 2017 Sep; 106(9):2599-2605. PubMed ID: 28456720
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  • 18. Region-specific permeability of the blood-brain barrier upon pericyte loss.
    Villaseñor R; Kuennecke B; Ozmen L; Ammann M; Kugler C; Grüninger F; Loetscher H; Freskgård PO; Collin L
    J Cereb Blood Flow Metab; 2017 Dec; 37(12):3683-3694. PubMed ID: 28273726
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  • 19. Pericytic Laminin Maintains Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity in an Age-Dependent Manner.
    Gautam J; Cao Y; Yao Y
    Transl Stroke Res; 2020 Apr; 11(2):228-242. PubMed ID: 31292838
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  • 20. Brain endothelial cells and the glio-vascular complex.
    Wolburg H; Noell S; Mack A; Wolburg-Buchholz K; Fallier-Becker P
    Cell Tissue Res; 2009 Jan; 335(1):75-96. PubMed ID: 18633647
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