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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Ubiquitin D Regulates IRE1α/c-Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK) Protein-dependent Apoptosis in Pancreatic Beta Cells.
    Brozzi F; Gerlo S; Grieco FA; Juusola M; Balhuizen A; Lievens S; Gysemans C; Bugliani M; Mathieu C; Marchetti P; Tavernier J; Eizirik DL
    J Biol Chem; 2016 Jun; 291(23):12040-56. PubMed ID: 27044747
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  • 2. A combined "omics" approach identifies N-Myc interactor as a novel cytokine-induced regulator of IRE1 protein and c-Jun N-terminal kinase in pancreatic beta cells.
    Brozzi F; Gerlo S; Grieco FA; Nardelli TR; Lievens S; Gysemans C; Marselli L; Marchetti P; Mathieu C; Tavernier J; Eizirik DL
    J Biol Chem; 2014 Jul; 289(30):20677-93. PubMed ID: 24936061
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  • 3. ER stress and the decline and fall of pancreatic beta cells in type 1 diabetes.
    Brozzi F; Eizirik DL
    Ups J Med Sci; 2016 May; 121(2):133-9. PubMed ID: 26899404
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  • 4. Intracellular methylglyoxal induces oxidative damage to pancreatic beta cell line INS-1 cell through Ire1α-JNK and mitochondrial apoptotic pathway.
    Liu C; Huang Y; Zhang Y; Chen X; Kong X; Dong Y
    Free Radic Res; 2017 Apr; 51(4):337-350. PubMed ID: 28488455
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  • 5. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signaling regulates inositol-requiring enzyme 1α activation to protect β-cells against terminal unfolded protein response under irremediable endoplasmic reticulum stress.
    Ishibashi T; Morita S; Kishimoto S; Uraki S; Takeshima K; Furukawa Y; Inaba H; Ariyasu H; Iwakura H; Furuta H; Nishi M; Papa FR; Akamizu T
    J Diabetes Investig; 2020 Jul; 11(4):801-813. PubMed ID: 31925927
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  • 6. RNF13 protein regulates endoplasmic reticulum stress induced apoptosis in dopaminergic SH-SY5Y cells by enhancing IRE1α stability.
    Arshad A; Gu X; Arshad M
    J Recept Signal Transduct Res; 2014 Apr; 34(2):119-24. PubMed ID: 24303962
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  • 7. RNF13, a RING finger protein, mediates endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis through the inositol-requiring enzyme (IRE1α)/c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase pathway.
    Arshad M; Ye Z; Gu X; Wong CK; Liu Y; Li D; Zhou L; Zhang Y; Bay WP; Yu VC; Li P
    J Biol Chem; 2013 Mar; 288(12):8726-8736. PubMed ID: 23378536
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  • 8. A crucial role for RACK1 in the regulation of glucose-stimulated IRE1alpha activation in pancreatic beta cells.
    Qiu Y; Mao T; Zhang Y; Shao M; You J; Ding Q; Chen Y; Wu D; Xie D; Lin X; Gao X; Kaufman RJ; Li W; Liu Y
    Sci Signal; 2010 Jan; 3(106):ra7. PubMed ID: 20103773
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  • 9. Differential regulation of adaptive and apoptotic unfolded protein response signalling by cytokine-induced nitric oxide production in mouse pancreatic beta cells.
    Chan JY; Cooney GJ; Biden TJ; Laybutt DR
    Diabetologia; 2011 Jul; 54(7):1766-76. PubMed ID: 21472432
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  • 10. Cytokines induce endoplasmic reticulum stress in human, rat and mouse beta cells via different mechanisms.
    Brozzi F; Nardelli TR; Lopes M; Millard I; Barthson J; Igoillo-Esteve M; Grieco FA; Villate O; Oliveira JM; Casimir M; Bugliani M; Engin F; Hotamisligil GS; Marchetti P; Eizirik DL
    Diabetologia; 2015 Oct; 58(10):2307-16. PubMed ID: 26099855
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  • 11. Cytokine-induced beta-cell death is independent of endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling.
    Akerfeldt MC; Howes J; Chan JY; Stevens VA; Boubenna N; McGuire HM; King C; Biden TJ; Laybutt DR
    Diabetes; 2008 Nov; 57(11):3034-44. PubMed ID: 18591394
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  • 12. Autocrine tumor necrosis factor alpha links endoplasmic reticulum stress to the membrane death receptor pathway through IRE1alpha-mediated NF-kappaB activation and down-regulation of TRAF2 expression.
    Hu P; Han Z; Couvillon AD; Kaufman RJ; Exton JH
    Mol Cell Biol; 2006 Apr; 26(8):3071-84. PubMed ID: 16581782
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  • 13. The endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor IRE1α protects cells from apoptosis induced by the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus.
    Fung TS; Liao Y; Liu DX
    J Virol; 2014 Nov; 88(21):12752-64. PubMed ID: 25142592
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  • 14. Prolactin protects against cytokine-induced beta-cell death by NFκB and JNK inhibition.
    Nardelli TR; Vanzela EC; Benedicto KC; Brozzi F; Fujita A; Cardozo AK; Eizirik DL; Boschero AC; Ortis F
    J Mol Endocrinol; 2018 Jul; 61(1):25-36. PubMed ID: 29632026
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  • 15. Sustained IRE1 and ATF6 signaling is important for survival of melanoma cells undergoing ER stress.
    Tay KH; Luan Q; Croft A; Jiang CC; Jin L; Zhang XD; Tseng HY
    Cell Signal; 2014 Feb; 26(2):287-94. PubMed ID: 24240056
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  • 16. Involvement of IRE1α signaling in the hippocampus in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy.
    Liu G; Guo H; Guo C; Zhao S; Gong D; Zhao Y
    Brain Res Bull; 2011 Jan; 84(1):94-102. PubMed ID: 20965234
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  • 17. Glucose amplifies fatty acid-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress in pancreatic beta-cells via activation of mTORC1.
    Bachar E; Ariav Y; Ketzinel-Gilad M; Cerasi E; Kaiser N; Leibowitz G
    PLoS One; 2009; 4(3):e4954. PubMed ID: 19305497
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  • 18. Coxsackievirus B Tailors the Unfolded Protein Response to Favour Viral Amplification in Pancreatic β Cells.
    Colli ML; Paula FM; Marselli L; Marchetti P; Roivainen M; Eizirik DL; Op de Beeck A
    J Innate Immun; 2019; 11(4):375-390. PubMed ID: 30799417
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  • 19. Targeting ABL-IRE1α Signaling Spares ER-Stressed Pancreatic β Cells to Reverse Autoimmune Diabetes.
    Morita S; Villalta SA; Feldman HC; Register AC; Rosenthal W; Hoffmann-Petersen IT; Mehdizadeh M; Ghosh R; Wang L; Colon-Negron K; Meza-Acevedo R; Backes BJ; Maly DJ; Bluestone JA; Papa FR
    Cell Metab; 2017 Apr; 25(4):883-897.e8. PubMed ID: 28380378
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  • 20. IRE1α and TRB3 do not contribute to the disruption of proximal insulin signaling caused by palmitate in C2C12 myotubes.
    Pierre N; Fernández-Verdejo R; Regnier P; Vanmechelen S; Demeulder B; Francaux M
    Cell Biol Int; 2016 Jan; 40(1):91-9. PubMed ID: 26337904
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