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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. CARD9 impacts colitis by altering gut microbiota metabolism of tryptophan into aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligands.
    Lamas B; Richard ML; Leducq V; Pham HP; Michel ML; Da Costa G; Bridonneau C; Jegou S; Hoffmann TW; Natividad JM; Brot L; Taleb S; Couturier-Maillard A; Nion-Larmurier I; Merabtene F; Seksik P; Bourrier A; Cosnes J; Ryffel B; Beaugerie L; Launay JM; Langella P; Xavier RJ; Sokol H
    Nat Med; 2016 Jun; 22(6):598-605. PubMed ID: 27158904
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  • 2. Dissecting the respective roles of microbiota and host genetics in the susceptibility of Card9
    Danne C; Lamas B; Lavelle A; Michel ML; Da Costa G; Pham HP; Lefevre A; Bridonneau C; Bredon M; Planchais J; Straube M; Emond P; Langella P; Sokol H
    Microbiome; 2024 Apr; 12(1):76. PubMed ID: 38649950
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  • 3. Caspase recruitment domain 9, microbiota, and tryptophan metabolism: dangerous liaisons in inflammatory bowel diseases.
    Lamas B; Richard ML; Sokol H
    Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care; 2017 Jul; 20(4):243-247. PubMed ID: 28399013
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  • 4. SYK-CARD9 Signaling Axis Promotes Gut Fungi-Mediated Inflammasome Activation to Restrict Colitis and Colon Cancer.
    Malik A; Sharma D; Malireddi RKS; Guy CS; Chang TC; Olsen SR; Neale G; Vogel P; Kanneganti TD
    Immunity; 2018 Sep; 49(3):515-530.e5. PubMed ID: 30231985
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  • 5. Berberine improves colitis by triggering AhR activation by microbial tryptophan catabolites.
    Jing W; Dong S; Luo X; Liu J; Wei B; Du W; Yang L; Luo H; Wang Y; Wang S; Lu H
    Pharmacol Res; 2021 Feb; 164():105358. PubMed ID: 33285228
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  • 6. Gegen Qinlian decoction activates AhR/IL-22 to repair intestinal barrier by modulating gut microbiota-related tryptophan metabolism in ulcerative colitis mice.
    Wang X; Huang S; Zhang M; Su Y; Pan Z; Liang J; Xie X; Wang Q; Chen J; Zhou L; Luo X
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2023 Feb; 302(Pt B):115919. PubMed ID: 36356716
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  • 7. Faecal Microbiota Transplantation Reduces Susceptibility to Epithelial Injury and Modulates Tryptophan Metabolism of the Microbial Community in a Piglet Model.
    Geng S; Cheng S; Li Y; Wen Z; Ma X; Jiang X; Wang Y; Han X
    J Crohns Colitis; 2018 Nov; 12(11):1359-1374. PubMed ID: 30010734
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  • 8. Fat and proteolysis due to methionine, tryptophan, and niacin deficiency leads to alterations in gut microbiota and immune modulation in inflammatory bowel disease.
    Hara T; Meng S; Motooka D; Sato H; Arao Y; Tsuji Y; Yabumoto T; Doki Y; Eguchi H; Uchida S; Ishii H
    Cancer Sci; 2024 Jul; 115(7):2473-2485. PubMed ID: 38679799
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  • 9. Expression of Free Fatty Acid Receptor 2 by Dendritic Cells Prevents Their Expression of Interleukin 27 and Is Required for Maintenance of Mucosal Barrier and Immune Response Against Colorectal Tumors in Mice.
    Lavoie S; Chun E; Bae S; Brennan CA; Gallini Comeau CA; Lang JK; Michaud M; Hoveyda HR; Fraser GL; Fuller MH; Layden BT; Glickman JN; Garrett WS
    Gastroenterology; 2020 Apr; 158(5):1359-1372.e9. PubMed ID: 31917258
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  • 10. Interleukin-37 exacerbates experimental colitis in an intestinal microbiome-dependent fashion.
    Cong J; Wu D; Dai H; Ma Y; Liao C; Li L; Ye L; Huang Z
    Theranostics; 2022; 12(11):5204-5219. PubMed ID: 35836813
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  • 11. CARD9 in neutrophils protects from colitis and controls mitochondrial metabolism and cell survival.
    Danne C; Michaudel C; Skerniskyte J; Planchais J; Magniez A; Agus A; Michel ML; Lamas B; Da Costa G; Spatz M; Oeuvray C; Galbert C; Poirier M; Wang Y; Lapière A; Rolhion N; Ledent T; Pionneau C; Chardonnet S; Bellvert F; Cahoreau E; Rocher A; Arguello RR; Peyssonnaux C; Louis S; Richard ML; Langella P; El-Benna J; Marteyn B; Sokol H
    Gut; 2023 Jun; 72(6):1081-1092. PubMed ID: 36167663
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  • 12. Dietary tryptophan alleviates dextran sodium sulfate-induced colitis through aryl hydrocarbon receptor in mice.
    Islam J; Sato S; Watanabe K; Watanabe T; Ardiansyah ; Hirahara K; Aoyama Y; Tomita S; Aso H; Komai M; Shirakawa H
    J Nutr Biochem; 2017 Apr; 42():43-50. PubMed ID: 28113104
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  • 13. [CARD9 is involved in the recovery of colitis by promoting the production of AhR ligands by the intestinal microbiota].
    Lamas B; Richard ML; Sokol H
    Med Sci (Paris); 2016 Nov; 32(11):933-936. PubMed ID: 28008832
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  • 14. Toll-Like Receptor 7 Agonist-Induced Dermatitis Causes Severe Dextran Sulfate Sodium Colitis by Altering the Gut Microbiome and Immune Cells.
    Kiyohara H; Sujino T; Teratani T; Miyamoto K; Arai MM; Nomura E; Harada Y; Aoki R; Koda Y; Mikami Y; Mizuno S; Naganuma M; Hisamatsu T; Kanai T
    Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2019; 7(1):135-156. PubMed ID: 30510995
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  • 15. Fut2 deficiency aggravates chronic colitis through 2-oxindole-AHR mediated cGAS-STING pathway.
    Hong G; Zhao Y; Li Q; Liu S
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2024 Aug; 137():112512. PubMed ID: 38897123
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  • 16. Card9 mediates susceptibility to intestinal pathogens through microbiota modulation and control of bacterial virulence.
    Lamas B; Michel ML; Waldschmitt N; Pham HP; Zacharioudaki V; Dupraz L; Delacre M; Natividad JM; Costa GD; Planchais J; Sovran B; Bridonneau C; Six A; Langella P; Richard ML; Chamaillard M; Sokol H
    Gut; 2018 Oct; 67(10):1836-1844. PubMed ID: 28790160
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  • 17. Card9-dependent IL-1β regulates IL-22 production from group 3 innate lymphoid cells and promotes colitis-associated cancer.
    Bergmann H; Roth S; Pechloff K; Kiss EA; Kuhn S; Heikenwälder M; Diefenbach A; Greten FR; Ruland J
    Eur J Immunol; 2017 Aug; 47(8):1342-1353. PubMed ID: 28586167
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  • 18. GLP-1 receptor agonists alleviate colonic inflammation by modulating intestinal microbiota and the function of group 3 innate lymphoid cells.
    Sun H; Shu J; Tang J; Li Y; Qiu J; Ding Z; Xuan B; Chen M; Gan C; Lin J; Qiu J; Sheng H; Wang C
    Immunology; 2024 Jul; 172(3):451-468. PubMed ID: 38544428
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  • 19.
    Jang YJ; Kim WK; Han DH; Lee K; Ko G
    Gut Microbes; 2019; 10(6):696-711. PubMed ID: 30939976
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  • 20. Card9 mediates intestinal epithelial cell restitution, T-helper 17 responses, and control of bacterial infection in mice.
    Sokol H; Conway KL; Zhang M; Choi M; Morin B; Cao Z; Villablanca EJ; Li C; Wijmenga C; Yun SH; Shi HN; Xavier RJ
    Gastroenterology; 2013 Sep; 145(3):591-601.e3. PubMed ID: 23732773
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