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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Morphological and molecular features of astroblastoma, including BRAFV600E mutations, suggest an ontological relationship to other cortical-based gliomas of children and young adults.
    Lehman NL; Hattab EM; Mobley BC; Usubalieva A; Schniederjan MJ; McLendon RE; Paulus W; Rushing EJ; Georgescu MM; Couce M; Dulai MS; Cohen ML; Pierson CR; Raisanen JM; Martin SE; Lehman TD; Lipp ES; Bonnin JM; Al-Abbadi MA; Kenworthy K; Zhao K; Mohamed N; Zhang G; Zhao W
    Neuro Oncol; 2017 Jan; 19(1):31-42. PubMed ID: 27416954
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  • 2. Additional genetic alterations in BRAF-mutant gliomas correlate with histologic diagnoses.
    Dono A; Vu J; Anapolsky M; Hines G; Takayasu T; Yan Y; Tandon N; Zhu JJ; Bhattacharjee MB; Esquenazi Y; Ballester LY
    J Neurooncol; 2020 Sep; 149(3):463-472. PubMed ID: 33009979
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  • 3. BRAF alterations in primary glial and glioneuronal neoplasms of the central nervous system with identification of 2 novel KIAA1549:BRAF fusion variants.
    Lin A; Rodriguez FJ; Karajannis MA; Williams SC; Legault G; Zagzag D; Burger PC; Allen JC; Eberhart CG; Bar EE
    J Neuropathol Exp Neurol; 2012 Jan; 71(1):66-72. PubMed ID: 22157620
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  • 4. Identification of Multiclass Pediatric Low-Grade Neuroepithelial Tumor Molecular Subtype with ADC MR Imaging and Machine Learning.
    Soldatelli MD; Namdar K; Tabori U; Hawkins C; Yeom K; Khalvati F; Ertl-Wagner BB; Wagner MW
    AJNR Am J Neuroradiol; 2024 Jun; 45(6):753-760. PubMed ID: 38604736
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  • 5. Activating mutations in BRAF characterize a spectrum of pediatric low-grade gliomas.
    Dougherty MJ; Santi M; Brose MS; Ma C; Resnick AC; Sievert AJ; Storm PB; Biegel JA
    Neuro Oncol; 2010 Jul; 12(7):621-30. PubMed ID: 20156809
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  • 6. BRAF V600E mutant oligodendroglioma-like tumors with chromosomal instability in adolescents and young adults.
    Fukuoka K; Mamatjan Y; Ryall S; Komosa M; Bennett J; Zapotocky M; Keith J; Myrehaug S; Hazrati LN; Aldape K; Laperriere N; Bouffet E; Tabori U; Hawkins C
    Brain Pathol; 2020 May; 30(3):515-523. PubMed ID: 31630459
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  • 7. Ganglioglioma with anaplastic/high-grade transformation: Histopathologic, molecular, and epigenetic characterization of 3 cases.
    Vizcaino MA; Giannini C; Lalich D; Nael A; Jenkins RB; Tran Q; Orr BA; Abdullaev Z; Aldape K; Vaubel RA
    J Neuropathol Exp Neurol; 2024 May; 83(6):416-424. PubMed ID: 38699943
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  • 8. H3K27-altered diffuse midline gliomas with MAPK pathway alterations: Prognostic and therapeutic implications.
    Gestrich C; Grieco K; Lidov HG; Baird LC; Fehnel KP; Yeo KK; Meredith DM; Alexandrescu S
    J Neuropathol Exp Neurol; 2023 Dec; 83(1):30-35. PubMed ID: 38037182
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  • 9. Clinical significance of molecular subgroups of polymorphous low-grade neuroepithelial tumor of the young (PLNTY): A small single institutional case series and integrated analysis.
    Vuong HG; Alzayadneh E; Reith TP; Eschbacher KL
    Pathol Res Pract; 2023 Dec; 252():154922. PubMed ID: 37984047
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  • 10. Systematic review and cumulative analysis of clinical properties of BRAF V600E mutations in PLNTY histological samples.
    Baumgartner ME; Lang SS; Tucker AM; Madsen PJ; Storm PB; Kennedy BC
    Childs Nerv Syst; 2024 May; 40(5):1361-1366. PubMed ID: 38150037
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  • 11. Targeted fusion analysis can aid in the classification and treatment of pediatric glioma, ependymoma, and glioneuronal tumors.
    Lake JA; Donson AM; Prince E; Davies KD; Nellan A; Green AL; Mulcahy Levy J; Dorris K; Vibhakar R; Hankinson TC; Foreman NK; Ewalt MD; Kleinschmidt-DeMasters BK; Hoffman LM; Gilani A
    Pediatr Blood Cancer; 2020 Jan; 67(1):e28028. PubMed ID: 31595628
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  • 12. Pilocytic astrocytoma in adults: Histopathological, immunohistochemical and molecular study with clinical association.
    Salles D; Santino SF; Diana P; Malinverni ACM; Stávale JN
    Pathol Res Pract; 2023 Dec; 252():154942. PubMed ID: 37984046
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  • 13. Polymorphous low-grade neuroepithelial tumor of the young (PLNTY): an epileptogenic neoplasm with oligodendroglioma-like components, aberrant CD34 expression, and genetic alterations involving the MAP kinase pathway.
    Huse JT; Snuderl M; Jones DT; Brathwaite CD; Altman N; Lavi E; Saffery R; Sexton-Oates A; Blumcke I; Capper D; Karajannis MA; Benayed R; Chavez L; Thomas C; Serrano J; Borsu L; Ladanyi M; Rosenblum MK
    Acta Neuropathol; 2017 Mar; 133(3):417-429. PubMed ID: 27812792
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  • 14. The Significance of
    Prieto R; Barrios L; Ebrat-Mancilla E; Martín P; Tejerina E
    Int J Surg Pathol; 2024 Jun; 32(4):649-666. PubMed ID: 37743598
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  • 15. Recent Advances on the Molecular Pathology of Glial Neoplasms in Children and Adults.
    Rodriguez FJ; Vizcaino MA; Lin MT
    J Mol Diagn; 2016 Sep; 18(5):620-634. PubMed ID: 27444975
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  • 16. [Circumscribed Astrocytic Gliomas].
    Hayashi H; Iwashita H; Tateishi K
    No Shinkei Geka; 2023 Sep; 51(5):884-891. PubMed ID: 37743340
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  • 17. Anaplastic astroblastoma: a rare glial tumour.
    Binesh F; Akhavan A; Navabii H; Mehrabaniyan M
    BMJ Case Rep; 2011 Sep; 2011():. PubMed ID: 22679316
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  • 18. Astroblastoma With a Novel YAP1::BEND2 Fusion: A Case Report.
    Cuoco JA; Williams S; Klein BJ; Borowicz VM; Ho H; Stump MS; Rogers CM
    J Pediatr Hematol Oncol; 2024 Jul; 46(5):e313-e316. PubMed ID: 38857191
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  • 19. Exploring a distinct FGFR2::DLG5 rearrangement in a low-grade neuroepithelial tumor: A case report and mini-review of protein fusions in brain tumors.
    Loreto Palacio P; Pan X; Jones D; Otero JJ
    J Neuropathol Exp Neurol; 2024 Jun; 83(7):567-578. PubMed ID: 38833313
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