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  • 1. Feasibility of MRI-only treatment planning for proton therapy in brain and prostate cancers: Dose calculation accuracy in substitute CT images.
    Koivula L; Wee L; Korhonen J
    Med Phys; 2016 Aug; 43(8):4634. PubMed ID: 27487880
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  • 2. A dual model HU conversion from MRI intensity values within and outside of bone segment for MRI-based radiotherapy treatment planning of prostate cancer.
    Korhonen J; Kapanen M; Keyriläinen J; Seppälä T; Tenhunen M
    Med Phys; 2014 Jan; 41(1):011704. PubMed ID: 24387496
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  • 3. Dose evaluation of fast synthetic-CT generation using a generative adversarial network for general pelvis MR-only radiotherapy.
    Maspero M; Savenije MHF; Dinkla AM; Seevinck PR; Intven MPW; Jurgenliemk-Schulz IM; Kerkmeijer LGW; van den Berg CAT
    Phys Med Biol; 2018 Sep; 63(18):185001. PubMed ID: 30109989
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  • 4. Regression and statistical shape model based substitute CT generation for MRI alone external beam radiation therapy from standard clinical MRI sequences.
    Ghose S; Greer PB; Sun J; Pichler P; Rivest-Henault D; Mitra J; Richardson H; Wratten C; Martin J; Arm J; Best L; Dowling JA
    Phys Med Biol; 2017 Oct; 62(22):8566-8580. PubMed ID: 28976369
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  • 5. Automatic Substitute Computed Tomography Generation and Contouring for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)-Alone External Beam Radiation Therapy From Standard MRI Sequences.
    Dowling JA; Sun J; Pichler P; Rivest-Hénault D; Ghose S; Richardson H; Wratten C; Martin J; Arm J; Best L; Chandra SS; Fripp J; Menk FW; Greer PB
    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys; 2015 Dec; 93(5):1144-53. PubMed ID: 26581150
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  • 6. Cone beam CT for QA of synthetic CT in MRI only for prostate patients.
    Palmér E; Persson E; Ambolt P; Gustafsson C; Gunnlaugsson A; Olsson LE
    J Appl Clin Med Phys; 2018 Nov; 19(6):44-52. PubMed ID: 30182461
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  • 7. Impact of grid size on uniform scanning and IMPT plans in XiO treatment planning system for brain cancer.
    Rana S; Zheng Y
    J Appl Clin Med Phys; 2015 Sep; 16(5):447–456. PubMed ID: 26699310
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  • 8. Feasibility of MR-only proton dose calculations for prostate cancer radiotherapy using a commercial pseudo-CT generation method.
    Maspero M; van den Berg CAT; Landry G; Belka C; Parodi K; Seevinck PR; Raaymakers BW; Kurz C
    Phys Med Biol; 2017 Nov; 62(24):9159-9176. PubMed ID: 29076458
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  • 9. Evaluation of a multi-atlas CT synthesis approach for MRI-only radiotherapy treatment planning.
    Guerreiro F; Burgos N; Dunlop A; Wong K; Petkar I; Nutting C; Harrington K; Bhide S; Newbold K; Dearnaley D; deSouza NM; Morgan VA; McClelland J; Nill S; Cardoso MJ; Ourselin S; Oelfke U; Knopf AC
    Phys Med; 2017 Mar; 35():7-17. PubMed ID: 28242137
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  • 10. Evaluating the Hounsfield unit assignment and dose differences between CT-based standard and deep learning-based synthetic CT images for MRI-only radiation therapy of the head and neck.
    Singhrao K; Dugan CL; Calvin C; Pelayo L; Yom SS; Chan JW; Scholey JE; Singer L
    J Appl Clin Med Phys; 2024 Jan; 25(1):e14239. PubMed ID: 38128040
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  • 11. Dosimetric evaluation of synthetic CT generated with GANs for MRI-only proton therapy treatment planning of brain tumors.
    Kazemifar S; Barragán Montero AM; Souris K; Rivas ST; Timmerman R; Park YK; Jiang S; Geets X; Sterpin E; Owrangi A
    J Appl Clin Med Phys; 2020 May; 21(5):76-86. PubMed ID: 32216098
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  • 12. Deep Convolution Neural Network (DCNN) Multiplane Approach to Synthetic CT Generation From MR images-Application in Brain Proton Therapy.
    Spadea MF; Pileggi G; Zaffino P; Salome P; Catana C; Izquierdo-Garcia D; Amato F; Seco J
    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys; 2019 Nov; 105(3):495-503. PubMed ID: 31271823
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  • 13. Evaluation of a deep learning-based pelvic synthetic CT generation technique for MRI-based prostate proton treatment planning.
    Liu Y; Lei Y; Wang Y; Shafai-Erfani G; Wang T; Tian S; Patel P; Jani AB; McDonald M; Curran WJ; Liu T; Zhou J; Yang X
    Phys Med Biol; 2019 Oct; 64(20):205022. PubMed ID: 31487698
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  • 14. A Monte-Carlo study to assess the effect of 1.5 T magnetic fields on the overall robustness of pencil-beam scanning proton radiotherapy plans for prostate cancer.
    Kurz C; Landry G; Resch AF; Dedes G; Kamp F; Ganswindt U; Belka C; Raaymakers BW; Parodi K
    Phys Med Biol; 2017 Oct; 62(21):8470-8482. PubMed ID: 29047455
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  • 15. A multi-institutional analysis of a general pelvis continuous Hounsfield unit synthetic CT software for radiotherapy.
    Yu VY; Keyrilainen J; Suilamo S; Beslimane I; Dresner A; Halkola A; Van der Heide UA; Tyagi N
    J Appl Clin Med Phys; 2021 Mar; 22(3):207-215. PubMed ID: 33616303
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  • 16. Deep learning approaches using 2D and 3D convolutional neural networks for generating male pelvic synthetic computed tomography from magnetic resonance imaging.
    Fu J; Yang Y; Singhrao K; Ruan D; Chu FI; Low DA; Lewis JH
    Med Phys; 2019 Sep; 46(9):3788-3798. PubMed ID: 31220353
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  • 17. Investigating deformable image registration and scatter correction for CBCT-based dose calculation in adaptive IMPT.
    Kurz C; Kamp F; Park YK; Zöllner C; Rit S; Hansen D; Podesta M; Sharp GC; Li M; Reiner M; Hofmaier J; Neppl S; Thieke C; Nijhuis R; Ganswindt U; Belka C; Winey BA; Parodi K; Landry G
    Med Phys; 2016 Oct; 43(10):5635. PubMed ID: 27782706
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  • 18. Dosimetric evaluation of synthetic CT for head and neck radiotherapy generated by a patch-based three-dimensional convolutional neural network.
    Dinkla AM; Florkow MC; Maspero M; Savenije MHF; Zijlstra F; Doornaert PAH; van Stralen M; Philippens MEP; van den Berg CAT; Seevinck PR
    Med Phys; 2019 Sep; 46(9):4095-4104. PubMed ID: 31206701
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  • 19. Feasibility of MRI-based reference images for image-guided radiotherapy of the pelvis with either cone-beam computed tomography or planar localization images.
    Korhonen J; Kapanen M; Sonke JJ; Wee L; Salli E; Keyriläinen J; Seppälä T; Tenhunen M
    Acta Oncol; 2015 Jun; 54(6):889-95. PubMed ID: 25233439
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  • 20. Dose evaluation of MRI-based synthetic CT generated using a machine learning method for prostate cancer radiotherapy.
    Shafai-Erfani G; Wang T; Lei Y; Tian S; Patel P; Jani AB; Curran WJ; Liu T; Yang X
    Med Dosim; 2019 Winter; 44(4):e64-e70. PubMed ID: 30713000
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