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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Autocrine interleukin-23 promotes self-renewal of CD133+ ovarian cancer stem-like cells.
    Wang D; Xiang T; Zhao Z; Lin K; Yin P; Jiang L; Liang Z; Zhu B
    Oncotarget; 2016 Nov; 7(46):76006-76020. PubMed ID: 27738346
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  • 2. Interleukin-17 produced by tumor microenvironment promotes self-renewal of CD133+ cancer stem-like cells in ovarian cancer.
    Xiang T; Long H; He L; Han X; Lin K; Liang Z; Zhuo W; Xie R; Zhu B
    Oncogene; 2015 Jan; 34(2):165-76. PubMed ID: 24362529
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  • 3. hPaf1/PD2 interacts with OCT3/4 to promote self-renewal of ovarian cancer stem cells.
    Karmakar S; Seshacharyulu P; Lakshmanan I; Vaz AP; Chugh S; Sheinin YM; Mahapatra S; Batra SK; Ponnusamy MP
    Oncotarget; 2017 Feb; 8(9):14806-14820. PubMed ID: 28122356
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  • 4. Ovarian cancer stem-like cells differentiate into endothelial cells and participate in tumor angiogenesis through autocrine CCL5 signaling.
    Tang S; Xiang T; Huang S; Zhou J; Wang Z; Xie R; Long H; Zhu B
    Cancer Lett; 2016 Jun; 376(1):137-47. PubMed ID: 27033454
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  • 5. Characteristics of CD133-Sustained Chemoresistant Cancer Stem-Like Cells in Human Ovarian Carcinoma.
    Liu CL; Chen YJ; Fan MH; Liao YJ; Mao TL
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 Sep; 21(18):. PubMed ID: 32899775
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  • 6. CD133
    Liu K; Hao M; Ouyang Y; Zheng J; Chen D
    Sci Rep; 2017 Jan; 7():41499. PubMed ID: 28134312
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  • 7. Coexpression of gene Oct4 and Nanog initiates stem cell characteristics in hepatocellular carcinoma and promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition through activation of Stat3/Snail signaling.
    Yin X; Zhang BH; Zheng SS; Gao DM; Qiu SJ; Wu WZ; Ren ZG
    J Hematol Oncol; 2015 Mar; 8():23. PubMed ID: 25879771
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  • 8. Truncated Bid Overexpression Induced by Recombinant Adenovirus Cre/LoxP System Suppresses the Tumorigenic Potential of CD133
    Long Q; Zhu W; Zhou J; Wu J; Lu W; Zheng C; Zhou D; Yu L; Yang R
    Oncol Res; 2017 Apr; 25(4):595-603. PubMed ID: 27760587
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  • 9. Ultrasound microbubbles mediated miR-let-7b delivery into CD133
    Yang C; Li B; Yu J; Yang F; Cai K; Chen Z
    Biosci Rep; 2018 Oct; 38(5):. PubMed ID: 30126854
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  • 10. A rational approach for cancer stem-like cell isolation and characterization using CD44 and prominin-1(CD133) as selection markers.
    Lee YJ; Wu CC; Li JW; Ou CC; Hsu SC; Tseng HH; Kao MC; Liu JY
    Oncotarget; 2016 Nov; 7(48):78499-78515. PubMed ID: 27655682
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  • 11. Cervical Cancer Stem Cells Selectively Overexpress HPV Oncoprotein E6 that Controls Stemness and Self-Renewal through Upregulation of HES1.
    Tyagi A; Vishnoi K; Mahata S; Verma G; Srivastava Y; Masaldan S; Roy BG; Bharti AC; Das BC
    Clin Cancer Res; 2016 Aug; 22(16):4170-84. PubMed ID: 26988248
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  • 12. Cucurbitacin I inhibits tumorigenic ability and enhances radiochemosensitivity in nonsmall cell lung cancer-derived CD133-positive cells.
    Hsu HS; Huang PI; Chang YL; Tzao C; Chen YW; Shih HC; Hung SC; Chen YC; Tseng LM; Chiou SH
    Cancer; 2011 Jul; 117(13):2970-85. PubMed ID: 21225866
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  • 13. Non-CSCs nourish CSCs through interleukin-17E-mediated activation of NF-κB and JAK/STAT3 signaling in human hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Luo Y; Yang Z; Su L; Shan J; Xu H; Xu Y; Liu L; Zhu W; Chen X; Liu C; Chen J; Yao C; Cheng F; Zhang C; Ma Q; Shen J; Qian C
    Cancer Lett; 2016 Jun; 375(2):390-399. PubMed ID: 27000993
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  • 14. Human non-small cell lung cancer expresses putative cancer stem cell markers and exhibits the transcriptomic profile of multipotent cells.
    Zakaria N; Yusoff NM; Zakaria Z; Lim MN; Baharuddin PJ; Fakiruddin KS; Yahaya B
    BMC Cancer; 2015 Feb; 15():84. PubMed ID: 25881239
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  • 15. Description of the CD133+ subpopulation of the human ovarian cancer cell line OVCAR3.
    Guo R; Wu Q; Liu F; Wang Y
    Oncol Rep; 2011 Jan; 25(1):141-6. PubMed ID: 21109969
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  • 16. S100B Mediates Stemness of Ovarian Cancer Stem-Like Cells Through Inhibiting p53.
    Yang T; Cheng J; Yang Y; Qi W; Zhao Y; Long H; Xie R; Zhu B
    Stem Cells; 2017 Feb; 35(2):325-336. PubMed ID: 27501952
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  • 17. Cancer stem-like cells can be isolated with drug selection in human ovarian cancer cell line SKOV3.
    Ma L; Lai D; Liu T; Cheng W; Guo L
    Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai); 2010 Sep; 42(9):593-602. PubMed ID: 20705681
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  • 18. Cisplatin induces stemness in ovarian cancer.
    Wiechert A; Saygin C; Thiagarajan PS; Rao VS; Hale JS; Gupta N; Hitomi M; Nagaraj AB; DiFeo A; Lathia JD; Reizes O
    Oncotarget; 2016 May; 7(21):30511-22. PubMed ID: 27105520
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  • 19. Ethyl-p-methoxycinnamate enhances oct4 expression and reinforces pluripotency through the NF-κB signaling pathway.
    Ai H; Qin H; Li J; Niu C; Song Z; Bao Y; Sun L; Zheng L; Li Y
    Biochem Pharmacol; 2020 Jul; 177():113984. PubMed ID: 32311348
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  • 20. Targeting signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 pathway by cucurbitacin I diminishes self-renewing and radiochemoresistant abilities in thyroid cancer-derived CD133+ cells.
    Tseng LM; Huang PI; Chen YR; Chen YC; Chou YC; Chen YW; Chang YL; Hsu HS; Lan YT; Chen KH; Chi CW; Chiou SH; Yang DM; Lee CH
    J Pharmacol Exp Ther; 2012 May; 341(2):410-23. PubMed ID: 22328572
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