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  • 1. Anti-müllerian hormone levels and evolution in women of reproductive age with breast cancer treated with chemotherapy.
    Fréour T; Barrière P; Masson D
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Mar; 74():1-8. PubMed ID: 28135602
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  • 2. Predicting Ovarian Activity in Women Affected by Early Breast Cancer: A Meta-Analysis-Based Nomogram.
    Barnabei A; Strigari L; Marchetti P; Sini V; De Vecchis L; Corsello SM; Torino F
    Oncologist; 2015 Oct; 20(10):1111-8. PubMed ID: 26341758
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  • 3. Prospective evaluation of serum anti-Müllerian hormone dynamics in 250 women of reproductive age treated with chemotherapy for breast cancer.
    Dezellus A; Barriere P; Campone M; Lemanski C; Vanlemmens L; Mignot L; Delozier T; Levy C; Bendavid C; Debled M; Bachelot T; Jouannaud C; Loustalot C; Mouret-Reynier MA; Gallais-Umbert A; Masson D; Freour T
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Jul; 79():72-80. PubMed ID: 28463758
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  • 4. Pretreatment anti-Müllerian hormone predicts for loss of ovarian function after chemotherapy for early breast cancer.
    Anderson RA; Rosendahl M; Kelsey TW; Cameron DA
    Eur J Cancer; 2013 Nov; 49(16):3404-11. PubMed ID: 23968732
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  • 5. Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels in premenopausal breast cancer patients treated with taxane-based adjuvant chemotherapy - A translational research project of the SUCCESS A study.
    Trapp E; Steidl J; Rack B; Kupka MS; Andergassen U; Jückstock J; Kurt A; Vilsmaier T; de Gregorio A; de Gregorio N; Tzschaschel M; Lato C; Polasik A; Tesch H; Schneeweiss A; Beckmann MW; Fasching PA; Janni W; Müller V
    Breast; 2017 Oct; 35():130-135. PubMed ID: 28732324
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  • 6. Pretreatment serum anti-müllerian hormone predicts long-term ovarian function and bone mass after chemotherapy for early breast cancer.
    Anderson RA; Cameron DA
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 2011 May; 96(5):1336-43. PubMed ID: 21325458
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  • 7. Undetectable antimüllerian hormone levels and recovery of chemotherapy-induced ovarian failure in women with breast cancer on an oral aromatase inhibitor.
    Dieudonné AS; Vandenberghe J; Geerts I; Billen J; Paridaens R; Wildiers H; Neven P
    Menopause; 2011 Jul; 18(7):821-4. PubMed ID: 21326118
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  • 8. Ovarian reserve in breast cancer: assessment with anti-Müllerian hormone.
    Hamy AS; Porcher R; Cuvier C; Giacchetti S; Schlageter MH; Coussieu C; Gronier H; Feugeas JP; Adoui N; Lacorte JM; Poirot C; Habdous M; Espié M
    Reprod Biomed Online; 2014 Nov; 29(5):573-80. PubMed ID: 25246112
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  • 9. Reduced ovarian reserve in young early breast cancer patients: preliminary data from a prospective cohort trial.
    Wenners A; Grambach J; Koss J; Maass N; Jonat W; Schmutzler A; Mundhenke C
    BMC Cancer; 2017 Sep; 17(1):632. PubMed ID: 28877720
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  • 10. Influence of adjuvant chemotherapy on anti-Müllerian hormone in women below 35 years treated for early breast cancer.
    Perdrix A; Saint-Ghislain M; Degremont M; David M; Khaznadar Z; Loeb A; Leheurteur M; Di Fiore F; Clatot F
    Reprod Biomed Online; 2017 Oct; 35(4):468-474. PubMed ID: 28652099
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  • 11. The Clinical Value and Interpretation of Anti-Müllerian Hormone in Women With Cancer.
    Anderson RA; Su HI
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne); 2020; 11():574263. PubMed ID: 33117288
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  • 12. [Anti-Müllerian hormone as a new marker of the ovarian reserve function preservation by goserelin during (neo)adjuvant chemotherapy for young breast cancer patients].
    Wang SY; Wang S
    Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban; 2019 Jun; 51(3):536-541. PubMed ID: 31209428
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  • 13. Anti-Müllerian hormone as a marker of ovarian reserve and premature ovarian insufficiency in children and women with cancer: a systematic review.
    Anderson RA; Cameron D; Clatot F; Demeestere I; Lambertini M; Nelson SM; Peccatori F
    Hum Reprod Update; 2022 May; 28(3):417-434. PubMed ID: 35199161
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  • 14. Adverse reproductive health outcomes in a cohort of young women with breast cancer exposed to systemic treatments.
    Silva C; Ribeiro Rama AC; Reis Soares S; Moura-Ramos M; Almeida-Santos T
    J Ovarian Res; 2019 Oct; 12(1):102. PubMed ID: 31672154
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  • 15. Evaluation of Anti-Mullerian Hormone Levels, Antral Follicle Counts, and Mean Ovarian Volumes in Chemotherapy-Induced Amenorrhea among Breast Cancer Patients: A Prospective Clinical Study.
    Ünal Ç; Ordu Ç; Özmen T; İlgun AS; Çelebi F; Baysal B; Özkurt E; Duymaz T; Erdoğan İyigün Z; Kurt S; Öztürk MA; Pilancı KN; Alço G; Yararbaş K; Kayan Tapan T; Güven DC; Soybir G; Özmen V
    Curr Oncol; 2023 Oct; 30(10):9217-9229. PubMed ID: 37887566
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  • 16. Ovarian reserve assessment in users of oral contraception seeking fertility advice on their reproductive lifespan.
    Birch Petersen K; Hvidman HW; Forman JL; Pinborg A; Larsen EC; Macklon KT; Sylvest R; Andersen AN
    Hum Reprod; 2015 Oct; 30(10):2364-75. PubMed ID: 26311148
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  • 17. Serum anti-müllerian hormone levels in evaluation of chemotherapy effect on ovarian reserve in women with breast cancer. A follow-up study.
    Al-Rawi SA; Saleh BO; Al-Naqqash MA
    Saudi Med J; 2018 Jul; 39(7):733-735. PubMed ID: 29968900
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  • 18. Anti-Mullerian hormone: determination of ovarian reserve in early breast cancer patients.
    Bozza C; Puglisi F; Lambertini M; Osa EO; Manno M; Del Mastro L
    Endocr Relat Cancer; 2014 Feb; 21(1):R51-65. PubMed ID: 24292601
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  • 19. Pretreatment anti-Mullerian hormone-based nomogram predicts menstruation status after chemotherapy for premenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer.
    Xue C; Wei W; Sun P; Zheng W; Diao X; Xu F; Huang J; An X; Xia W; Hong R; Jiang K; Huang R; Yuan Z; Wang S; Li A; Zou R; Shi Y
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2019 Feb; 173(3):619-628. PubMed ID: 30392113
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  • 20. The effects of chemotherapy and long-term gonadotrophin suppression on the ovarian reserve in premenopausal women with breast cancer.
    Anderson RA; Themmen AP; Al-Qahtani A; Groome NP; Cameron DA
    Hum Reprod; 2006 Oct; 21(10):2583-92. PubMed ID: 16820385
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