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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Anaerobe-Inspired Anticancer Nanovesicles.
    Qian C; Feng P; Yu J; Chen Y; Hu Q; Sun W; Xiao X; Hu X; Bellotti A; Shen QD; Gu Z
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl; 2017 Mar; 56(10):2588-2593. PubMed ID: 28140504
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  • 2. Hypoxia-activated prodrugs and redox-responsive nanocarriers.
    Zeng Y; Ma J; Zhan Y; Xu X; Zeng Q; Liang J; Chen X
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2018; 13():6551-6574. PubMed ID: 30425475
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  • 3. Sonodynamic and sonomechanical effect on cellular stemness and extracellular physicochemical environment to potentiate chemotherapy.
    Sheng D; Liu T; Qian L; Chen J; Wei Y; Chen H; Chang C
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2024 Jun; 22(1):358. PubMed ID: 38907270
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  • 4. Clinical Advances of Hypoxia-Activated Prodrugs in Combination With Radiation Therapy.
    Mistry IN; Thomas M; Calder EDD; Conway SJ; Hammond EM
    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys; 2017 Aug; 98(5):1183-1196. PubMed ID: 28721903
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  • 5. Physicochemical Considerations of Tumor Selective Drug Delivery and Activity Confinement with Particular Reference to 1,2-Bis(Sulfonyl)-1- Alkylhydrazines Delivery.
    Penketh P; Williamson H; Shyam K
    Curr Drug Deliv; 2020; 17(5):362-374. PubMed ID: 32342817
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  • 6. Relay Drug Delivery for Amplifying Targeting Signal and Enhancing Anticancer Efficacy.
    Hu Q; Sun W; Qian C; Bomba HN; Xin H; Gu Z
    Adv Mater; 2017 Apr; 29(13):. PubMed ID: 28160337
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  • 7. Conjugated polymer nanomaterials for theranostics.
    Qian CG; Chen YL; Feng PJ; Xiao XZ; Dong M; Yu JC; Hu QY; Shen QD; Gu Z
    Acta Pharmacol Sin; 2017 Jun; 38(6):764-781. PubMed ID: 28552910
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  • 8. Tumor-Penetrating Nanoparticles for Enhanced Anticancer Activity of Combined Photodynamic and Hypoxia-Activated Therapy.
    Wang Y; Xie Y; Li J; Peng ZH; Sheinin Y; Zhou J; Oupický D
    ACS Nano; 2017 Feb; 11(2):2227-2238. PubMed ID: 28165223
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  • 9. Hybrid cell membrane-coated nanoparticles: A multifunctional biomimetic platform for cancer diagnosis and therapy.
    Chen HY; Deng J; Wang Y; Wu CQ; Li X; Dai HW
    Acta Biomater; 2020 Aug; 112():1-13. PubMed ID: 32470527
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  • 10. Erythrocyte-cancer hybrid membrane-camouflaged melanin nanoparticles for enhancing photothermal therapy efficacy in tumors.
    Jiang Q; Liu Y; Guo R; Yao X; Sung S; Pang Z; Yang W
    Biomaterials; 2019 Feb; 192():292-308. PubMed ID: 30465973
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  • 11. Erythrocyte-Cancer Hybrid Membrane Camouflaged Hollow Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles for Prolonged Circulation Life and Homotypic-Targeting Photothermal/Chemotherapy of Melanoma.
    Wang D; Dong H; Li M; Cao Y; Yang F; Zhang K; Dai W; Wang C; Zhang X
    ACS Nano; 2018 Jun; 12(6):5241-5252. PubMed ID: 29800517
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  • 12. Polymeric Nanoparticles with a Glutathione-Sensitive Heterodimeric Multifunctional Prodrug for In Vivo Drug Monitoring and Synergistic Cancer Therapy.
    Zhang F; Ni Q; Jacobson O; Cheng S; Liao A; Wang Z; He Z; Yu G; Song J; Ma Y; Niu G; Zhang L; Zhu G; Chen X
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl; 2018 Jun; 57(24):7066-7070. PubMed ID: 29624828
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  • 13. Microfluidic Electroporation-Facilitated Synthesis of Erythrocyte Membrane-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Enhanced Imaging-Guided Cancer Therapy.
    Rao L; Cai B; Bu LL; Liao QQ; Guo SS; Zhao XZ; Dong WF; Liu W
    ACS Nano; 2017 Apr; 11(4):3496-3505. PubMed ID: 28272874
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  • 14. A self-charging salt water battery for antitumor therapy.
    Huang J; Yu P; Liao M; Dong X; Xu J; Ming J; Bin D; Wang Y; Zhang F; Xia Y
    Sci Adv; 2023 Mar; 9(13):eadf3992. PubMed ID: 37000876
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  • 15. Recent advancement of bioinspired nanomaterials and their applications: A review.
    Wu G; Hui X; Hu L; Bai Y; Rahaman A; Yang XF; Chen C
    Front Bioeng Biotechnol; 2022; 10():952523. PubMed ID: 36159672
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  • 16.
    Chen SX; Zhang J; Xue F; Liu W; Kuang Y; Gu B; Song S; Chen H
    Bioact Mater; 2023 Mar; 21():86-96. PubMed ID: 36093330
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  • 17. Enhancing cancer chemo-immunotherapy by biomimetic nanogel with tumor targeting capacity and rapid drug-releasing in tumor microenvironment.
    Shang L; Jiang X; Yang T; Xu H; Xie Q; Hu M; Yang C; Kong L; Zhang Z
    Acta Pharm Sin B; 2022 May; 12(5):2550-2567. PubMed ID: 35646526
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  • 18. Clinical developments of antitumor polymer therapeutics.
    Parveen S; Arjmand F; Tabassum S
    RSC Adv; 2019 Aug; 9(43):24699-24721. PubMed ID: 35528643
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  • 19. Nanocarrier cancer therapeutics with functional stimuli-responsive mechanisms.
    Kaushik N; Borkar SB; Nandanwar SK; Panda PK; Choi EH; Kaushik NK
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2022 Mar; 20(1):152. PubMed ID: 35331246
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  • 20. An amphiphilic dendrimer as a light-activable immunological adjuvant for in situ cancer vaccination.
    Wang Y; Gong N; Ma C; Zhang Y; Tan H; Qing G; Zhang J; Wang Y; Wang J; Chen S; Li X; Ni Q; Yuan Y; Gan Y; Chen J; Li F; Zhang J; Ou C; Zhao Y; Liu X; Liang XJ
    Nat Commun; 2021 Aug; 12(1):4964. PubMed ID: 34400628
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