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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. miR-181b-5p Modulates Cell Migratory Proteins, Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase 3, and Annexin A2 During In Vitro Decidualization in a Human Endometrial Stromal Cell Line.
    Graham A; Holbert J; Nothnick WB
    Reprod Sci; 2017 Sep; 24(9):1264-1274. PubMed ID: 28256954
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  • 2. MicroRNA-181a is involved in the regulation of human endometrial stromal cell decidualization by inhibiting Krüppel-like factor 12.
    Zhang Q; Zhang H; Jiang Y; Xue B; Diao Z; Ding L; Zhen X; Sun H; Yan G; Hu Y
    Reprod Biol Endocrinol; 2015 Mar; 13():23. PubMed ID: 25889210
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  • 3. MicroRNA-145 targets Smad1 in endometrial stromal cells and regulates decidualization in rat.
    Sirohi VK; Gupta K; Kapoor R; Dwivedi A
    J Mol Med (Berl); 2019 Apr; 97(4):509-522. PubMed ID: 30729278
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  • 4. Increased Expression of NDRG3 in Mouse Uterus During Embryo Implantation and in Mouse Endometrial Stromal Cells During In Vitro Decidualization.
    Yang Q; Zhang X; Shi Y; He YP; Sun ZG; Shi HJ; Wang J
    Reprod Sci; 2018 Aug; 25(8):1197-1207. PubMed ID: 29096585
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  • 5. Preeclampsia: a defect in decidualization is associated with deficiency of Annexin A2.
    Garrido-Gomez T; Quiñonero A; Dominguez F; Rubert L; Perales A; Hajjar KA; Simon C
    Am J Obstet Gynecol; 2020 Apr; 222(4):376.e1-376.e17. PubMed ID: 31738896
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  • 6. miRNA-149 targets PARP-2 in endometrial epithelial and stromal cells to regulate the trophoblast attachment process.
    Soni UK; Chadchan SB; Gupta RK; Kumar V; Kumar Jha R
    Mol Hum Reprod; 2021 May; 27(6):. PubMed ID: 34051087
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  • 7. MiR-135a-5p regulates window of implantation by suppressing pinopodes development and decidualization of endometrial stromal cells.
    He Y; Ju Y; Lei H; Dong J; Jin N; Lu J; Chen S; Wang X
    J Assist Reprod Genet; 2024 Jun; 41(6):1645-1659. PubMed ID: 38512656
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  • 8. miR-21 reverses impaired decidualization through modulation of KLF12 and NR4A1 expression in human endometrial stromal cells†.
    Yan Q; Yan G; Zhang C; Wang Z; Huang C; Wang J; Zhou J; Liu Y; Ding L; Zhang Q; Zhen X; Jiang Y; Sun H
    Biol Reprod; 2019 May; 100(5):1395-1405. PubMed ID: 30772912
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  • 9. Decidualization Differentially Regulates microRNA Expression in Eutopic and Ectopic Endometrial Stromal Cells.
    Aoyagi Y; Nasu K; Kai K; Hirakawa T; Okamoto M; Kawano Y; Abe W; Tsukamoto Y; Moriyama M; Narahara H
    Reprod Sci; 2017 Mar; 24(3):445-455. PubMed ID: 27412773
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  • 10. miRNA and target gene expression in menstrual endometria and early pregnancy decidua.
    Lv Y; Gao S; Zhang Y; Wang L; Chen X; Wang Y
    Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol; 2016 Feb; 197():27-30. PubMed ID: 26699100
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  • 11. Micro-RNA miR-542-3p suppresses decidualization by targeting ILK pathways in human endometrial stromal cells.
    Qu X; Fang Y; Zhuang S; Zhang Y
    Sci Rep; 2021 Mar; 11(1):7186. PubMed ID: 33785768
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  • 12. miR-200 Regulates Endometrial Development During Early Pregnancy.
    Jimenez PT; Mainigi MA; Word RA; Kraus WL; Mendelson CR
    Mol Endocrinol; 2016 Sep; 30(9):977-87. PubMed ID: 27533790
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  • 13. Proteomic analysis of the human receptive versus non-receptive endometrium using differential in-gel electrophoresis and MALDI-MS unveils stathmin 1 and annexin A2 as differentially regulated.
    Domínguez F; Garrido-Gómez T; López JA; Camafeita E; Quiñonero A; Pellicer A; Simón C
    Hum Reprod; 2009 Oct; 24(10):2607-17. PubMed ID: 19556289
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  • 14. Role of osteopontin in decidualization and pregnancy success.
    Wang XB; Qi QR; Wu KL; Xie QZ
    Reproduction; 2018 May; 155(5):423-432. PubMed ID: 29420252
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  • 15. Hsa-miR-222 is involved in differentiation of endometrial stromal cells in vitro.
    Qian K; Hu L; Chen H; Li H; Liu N; Li Y; Ai J; Zhu G; Tang Z; Zhang H
    Endocrinology; 2009 Oct; 150(10):4734-43. PubMed ID: 19589872
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  • 16. [Differential expression of microRNA in eutopic endometrium tissue during implantation window for patients with endometriosis related infertility].
    Wang Y; Ma CH; Qiao J
    Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi; 2016 Jun; 51(6):436-41. PubMed ID: 27356479
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  • 17. Endometrial stromal cell miR-19b-3p release is reduced during decidualization implying a role in decidual-trophoblast cross-talk.
    Menkhorst E; So T; Rainczuk K; Barton S; Zhou W; Edgell T; Dimitriadis E
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne); 2023; 14():1149786. PubMed ID: 37008948
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  • 18. MicroRNA-342 Promotes the Malignant-Like Phenotype of Endometrial Stromal Cells via Regulation of Annexin A2.
    Sun D; Wang Y; Wang L; Guo X
    Anal Cell Pathol (Amst); 2021; 2021():1328682. PubMed ID: 34055578
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  • 19. Peritoneal fluid modifies the microRNA expression profile in endometrial and endometriotic cells from women with endometriosis.
    Braza-Boïls A; Salloum-Asfar S; Marí-Alexandre J; Arroyo AB; González-Conejero R; Barceló-Molina M; García-Oms J; Vicente V; Estellés A; Gilabert-Estellés J; Martínez C
    Hum Reprod; 2015 Oct; 30(10):2292-302. PubMed ID: 26307093
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  • 20. Targeting YAP1 ameliorates progesterone resistance in endometriosis.
    Lin SC; Li WN; Lin SC; Hou HT; Tsai YC; Lin TC; Wu MH; Tsai SJ
    Hum Reprod; 2023 Jun; 38(6):1124-1134. PubMed ID: 37071897
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