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  • 1. The relationship between cardio-ankle vascular index and subclinical atherosclerosis evaluated by cardiac computed tomographic angiography.
    Matsumoto S; Nakanishi R; Luo Y; Kim M; Alani A; Nezarat N; Dailing C; Budoff MJ
    Clin Cardiol; 2017 Aug; 40(8):549-553. PubMed ID: 28272814
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  • 2. Coronary artery volume index: a novel CCTA-derived predictor for cardiovascular events.
    Benetos G; Buechel RR; Gonçalves M; Benz DC; von Felten E; Rampidis GP; Clerc OF; Messerli M; Giannopoulos AA; Gebhard C; Fuchs TA; Pazhenkottil AP; Kaufmann PA; Gräni C
    Int J Cardiovasc Imaging; 2020 Apr; 36(4):713-722. PubMed ID: 31894527
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  • 3. Relationship between airflow obstruction and coronary atherosclerosis in asymptomatic individuals: evaluation by coronary CT angiography.
    Kim JJ; Kim DB; Jang SW; Cho EJ; Chang K; Baek SH; Youn HJ; Chung WS; Seung KB; Rho TH; Jung JI; Hwang BH
    Int J Cardiovasc Imaging; 2018 Apr; 34(4):641-648. PubMed ID: 29139033
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  • 4. Characteristics of coronary artery disease in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism: evaluation using coronary artery computed tomography angiography.
    Zhou XZ; Shi R; Wang J; Shi K; Liu X; Li Y; Gao Y; Guo YK; Yang ZG
    BMC Cardiovasc Disord; 2021 Jun; 21(1):303. PubMed ID: 34130657
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  • 5. Relationship of exercise to coronary artery disease extent, severity and plaque type: A coronary computed tomography angiography study.
    Feuchtner G; Langer C; Barbieri F; Beyer C; Dichtl W; Bonaros N; Cartes-Zumelzu F; Klauser A; Schachner T; Friedrich G; Plank F; Senoner T
    J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr; 2019; 13(3):34-40. PubMed ID: 30837117
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  • 6. A prospective two-center study on the associations between microalbuminuria, coronary atherosclerosis and long-term clinical outcome in asymptomatic patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: evaluation by coronary CT angiography.
    Kim JJ; Hwang BH; Choi IJ; Choo EH; Lim S; Koh YS; Lee JM; Kim PJ; Seung KB; Lee SH; Cho JH; Jung JI; Chang K
    Int J Cardiovasc Imaging; 2015 Jan; 31(1):193-203. PubMed ID: 25281423
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  • 7. Does coronary CT angiography improve risk stratification over coronary calcium scoring in symptomatic patients with suspected coronary artery disease? Results from the prospective multicenter international CONFIRM registry.
    Al-Mallah MH; Qureshi W; Lin FY; Achenbach S; Berman DS; Budoff MJ; Callister TQ; Chang HJ; Cademartiri F; Chinnaiyan K; Chow BJ; Cheng VY; Delago A; Gomez M; Hadamitzky M; Hausleiter J; Kaufmann PA; Leipsic J; Maffei E; Raff G; Shaw LJ; Villines TC; Cury RC; Feuchtner G; Plank F; Kim YJ; Dunning AM; Min JK
    Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging; 2014 Mar; 15(3):267-74. PubMed ID: 23966421
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  • 8. Relation between cardio-ankle vascular index and coronary artery calcification or stenosis in asymptomatic subjects.
    Park JB; Park HE; Choi SY; Kim MK; Oh BH
    J Atheroscler Thromb; 2013; 20(6):557-67. PubMed ID: 23524474
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  • 9. The Association of Secondhand Tobacco Smoke and CT Angiography-Verified Coronary Atherosclerosis.
    Yankelevitz DF; Cham MD; Hecht H; Yip R; Shemesh J; Narula J; Henschke CI
    JACC Cardiovasc Imaging; 2017 Jun; 10(6):652-659. PubMed ID: 27852512
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  • 10. Diffuse coronary artery disease among other atherosclerotic plaque characteristics by coronary computed tomography angiography for predicting coronary vessel-specific ischemia by fractional flow reserve.
    Rizvi A; Hartaigh BÓ; Danad I; Han D; Lee JH; Gransar H; Szymonifka J; Lin FY; Min JK
    Atherosclerosis; 2017 Mar; 258():145-151. PubMed ID: 28168977
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  • 11. Prognostic implications of coronary CT angiography-derived quantitative markers for the prediction of major adverse cardiac events.
    Tesche C; Plank F; De Cecco CN; Duguay TM; Albrecht MH; Varga-Szemes A; Bayer RR; Yang J; Jacks IL; Gramer BM; Ebersberger U; Hoffmann E; Chiaramida SA; Feuchtner G; Schoepf UJ
    J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr; 2016; 10(6):458-465. PubMed ID: 27522574
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  • 12. Body mass index as a predictor of the presence but not the severity of coronary artery disease evaluated by cardiac computed tomography.
    Dores H; de Araújo Gonçalves P; Carvalho MS; Sousa PJ; Ferreira A; Cardim N; Carmo MM; Aleixo A; Mendes M; Machado FP; Roquette J; Marques H
    Eur J Prev Cardiol; 2014 Nov; 21(11):1387-93. PubMed ID: 23774273
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  • 13. The additive effect of essential hypertension on coronary artery plaques in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients: a coronary computed tomography angiography study.
    Jiang Y; Li Y; Shi K; Wang J; Qian WL; Yan WF; Pang T; Yang ZG
    Cardiovasc Diabetol; 2022 Jan; 21(1):1. PubMed ID: 34983514
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  • 14. Serial coronary computed tomography angiography-verified coronary plaque progression: comparison of stented patients with or without diabetes.
    Shi R; Shi K; Yang ZG; Guo YK; Diao KY; Gao Y; Zhang Y; Huang S
    Cardiovasc Diabetol; 2019 Sep; 18(1):123. PubMed ID: 31551077
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  • 15. Relationship between cardio-ankle vascular index and obstructive coronary artery disease.
    Birudaraju D; Cherukuri L; Kinninger A; Chaganti BT; Haroun P; Pidikiti S; Lakshmanan S; Hamal S; Flores F; Dailing C; Shaikh K; Roy SK; Budoff MJ
    Coron Artery Dis; 2020 Sep; 31(6):550-555. PubMed ID: 32168051
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  • 16. Subclinical coronary atherosclerosis in young adults: prevalence, characteristics, predictors with coronary computed tomography angiography.
    Jin KN; Chun EJ; Lee CH; Kim JA; Lee MS; Choi SI
    Int J Cardiovasc Imaging; 2012 Dec; 28 Suppl 2():93-100. PubMed ID: 23111407
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  • 17. Association of flow mediated vasodilation and burden of subclinical atherosclerosis by coronary CTA.
    Lakshmanan S; Shekar C; Kinninger A; Birudaraju D; Dahal S; Onuegbu A; Cherukuri L; Hamal S; Flores F; Dailing C; Roy SK; Budoff M
    Atherosclerosis; 2020 Jun; 302():15-19. PubMed ID: 32413792
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  • 18. Sex differences in coronary atherosclerosis progression and major adverse cardiac events in patients with suspected coronary artery disease.
    Gu H; Gao Y; Wang H; Hou Z; Han L; Wang X; Lu B
    J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr; 2017; 11(5):367-372. PubMed ID: 28754436
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  • 19. Carotid plaque burden as a measure of subclinical atherosclerosis: comparison with other tests for subclinical arterial disease in the High Risk Plaque BioImage study.
    Sillesen H; Muntendam P; Adourian A; Entrekin R; Garcia M; Falk E; Fuster V
    JACC Cardiovasc Imaging; 2012 Jul; 5(7):681-9. PubMed ID: 22789936
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  • 20. Association of tobacco use and cessation with coronary atherosclerosis.
    Cheezum MK; Kim A; Bittencourt MS; Kassop D; Nissen A; Thomas DM; Nguyen B; Glynn RJ; Shah NR; Villines TC
    Atherosclerosis; 2017 Feb; 257():201-207. PubMed ID: 27993385
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